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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rodeo Rough Riders

Hank climbed on the big black bull that was snorting in the pen. He placed his left hand securely under the rope and held on before giving a thumb up with his right hand. The gate opened and the big black bull leaped out of the pen to the cheering of the crowd. Hank focused on staying glued to the raging animal’s back as he rode it around the arena.

The seconds seemed to creep by slowly as the tall and limber rodeo rough rider hung on to back of the big black bull. His body jerked back and forth as the raging animal tried to throw him. When he finally heard the bell that told him that his eight seconds was over, he slipped his left hand out from under the rope and jumped off.

Hank landed hard but he managed not to break anything but his hat went flying off. He quickly got to his feet and starting running towards the nearest fence. The raging animal wasted no time in setting his sights on the rodeo rough rider. Hank pulled himself up and over the fence seconds before the big black bull took a swipe at him.

“That was a great ride,” he heard a familiar voice say.

He smiled at the sight of his best friend and lover, Paul, who was also a rodeo rough rider. His hat was returned by a rodeo clown and he gave his thanks.

“Your ride is going to be tough to beat,” Hank said as the pair waited for the scoring announcement.

They both hugged each other when they heard that his ride put him in second place behind Paul. They wanted the hug to last longer and end with a kiss but they were out in public so they settled for a pat on the back followed by a handshake. They watched the next three rodeo rough riders but none of them stayed on for the entire eight seconds that it took to score.

The pair went on their way to the winner’s circle and accepted the prizes. Hank won five thousand dollars while Paul received ten thousand and a trophy. They pretended to enjoy the scantily clad women that posed with them for the public relations pictures. Only a handful of people knew that the rough riders were gay lovers.

After the festivities of winning wrapped up, the pair went back to their hotel room and helped each other strip off their dusty clothes. Both men were in their early thirties and seen several years of riding the rodeo circuit. Hank had a scar from were a bull’s horn ripped open the skin under his left rib cage. Luckily for him, the horn did not puncture anything and the rip only needed a dozen stitches.

The rough riders were both tall and limber but Paul had a lighter shade of brown eyes and hair. Hank’s skin was also much tanner than that of his best friend and lover. Each of the rough riders kept their hair short and their pubic mounds shaved. Neither of them had very much body hair. The men stepped into the shower and Hank turned on the water. They soaped each other up while checking for bruises.

After rinsing the soap off, they embraced and kissed each other in the shower. Both of the cowboys were well hung and their members began to stiffen. The water was turned off and they stepped carefully out of the shower stall. They toweled each other off and walked to the bed.

Hank pulled the bedspread, blanket and top sheet off the bed. He then sat down on the bed’s edge and looked up into the other man’s light brown eyes.

“Congratulations on your win today,” the rough rider said.

Paul smiled and stepped close to his best friend and gay lover. His smile grew larger as he felt Hank’s lips wrap themselves around his swelling member. He let out a sigh of satisfaction as he received another great blowjob. Today’s win made his fourth one in a row.

Hank managed to take all the rough rider’s eight inch cock into his mouth. As he sucked, his fingers massaged the hairless balls. His throat muscles squeezed the purple glan and made the cock swell ever bigger.

After several moments of sucking Paul’s member, he slid his moist mouth off and climbed on the bed. He got on all fours and wiggled his butt.

“Time for another great ride,” he said with a mischievous grin.

“And this is the better of the two,” Paul said as he climbed on the bed.

He positioned himself behind Hank and spread his buttocks wide. He pressed his spit-covered glan against the quivering anus and gently pushed his way inside. Both of the rodeo rough riders let out a moan of pleasure.

Paul inched his eight inch cock deeper into his gay lover’s ass. He then proceeded to slowly fuck Hank’s asshole slowly. His hard cock went in and out of the anal cavity easily.

Hank’s member, swung freely between his legs. He moaned a few times as the hard cock went in and out of his asshole. He was used to the feeling since he had been on the receiving end for the last fourth wins. His luck would change soon and he would win first place.

Paul felt his pre-cum escape his cock and he increased the speed of his thrusting. He soon exploded deep inside his gay lover’s asshole. His hairless balls drained themselves of the precious fluid.

Hank felt the semen fill his anal cavity moments before his gay lover’s spent cock slipped out. The pair hugged and kissed before he found his hard cock inside his gay lover’s moist mouth.

Paul deep throated the seven inch cock until he felt the pre-cum slip down his throat. He pulled his mouth away just in time for the rough rider to explode on his face. He used his fingers to scoop it all into his mouth.

“Now let’s get a steak,” Hank said.

The rough riders dressed in their best clothes and went to the nearest steak house. They would have to be on the road tomorrow to head to the next rodeo and start the process all over again.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Camping out with Craig and Chris in Amstedam

Craig and Chris came back for a week! To visit a few friends so we decided to go camping out in the woods to be alone and to have fun! This would be the 3rd time that we have done anything sexually: We all slept completed naked! And they made the same joke about my poo pants, which I started to laugh as well! Craig told me that his penis as grown really big since the last time I saw him. Chris's had grown to the same size and mine which was still pretty big but Craig's was at least 3 inches bigger than mine and around 2 inches bigger thank any other dicks I had to this date!

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Craig would not let me suck him off until he had shoved it up my rear end but he did let his brother suck him off! I let them both suck me off before sucking Chris erected penis!

He told me to bend over and shoved it right up my arse! I yelled, since I never had a penis like his before, Craig asked me if I had a poo before I left! I said last one I had was day before yesterday! Knowing this was part of the reason! But he continued really fast after he produced! He took it out and the pain slowly went! Chris went next and filled my arse full of cum! And told me next time I should have a poo before having a penis up my shit hole! After he let his load go they watched me have a shit! After I watched Craig does Chris up the arse before letting me do Chris, which was brilliant? I then did Craig before watching Chris do his brother from behind! We went to sleep naked and near each other!

When we woke up in the morning we decided to go for a walk naked in the woods! We decided to only wear shoes so we would not stand on anything! We had to hide a few times due to other people walking like families and we thought we couldn’t let them see us! Craig spotted a place to rest for a few minutes then Craig asked if he could do me right here! I said yep ok! I enjoyed it especially being in the open. Without me knowing when I was having a poo, Craig had one has well! Had when I got back I asked if I could do him! He told me he just had a poo! So he would end up being really messy, I said it will not be that messy so he said make sure when you get back to the tent to clean your penis then! And I did him and he was correct my penis ended up being a right mess! We walked back and I cleaned my penis on some toilet paper we had and I allowed Chris to clean my bomb, which he did, before rimming me! For well over 5 minutes! Chris and Craig’s parent we coming but I knew they would not be there for at least 5 minutes so we had a 3sum I did Chris and Craig did me!

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