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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lost and found chapter 9

When it's spring in the Midwest the thing that I'm always aware of is the fecundity of the earth. Even if you never leave the house the smell of the earth, its richness and fertility are like a humming in the background. The land is coming alive before your eyes. This morning a large part of that hum was the chirping of birds.

I was lying in bed with Michael who had had a restless night. Finally around four he fell into a deep sleep and now at six the sunlight and the birds hunting for mates were threatening to wake him up.

I slid out of bed as carefully as possible and walked to the windows and pulled the drapes closed. That helped with the sunlight but not the birds. Well, you can't control everything. I grabbed my bathrobe and quietly left the room. A nurse was sitting outside of the door reading a magazine. She looked up at me.

"Is Mr. Worthington okay?" She asked softly.

I kept my voice low. "Yes, he's fine but he didn't really get to sleep until around four so we probably should leave him alone for awhile. Is there any medication that he needs to take?"

"Is he in pain?"

I shoved my hands into the pockets of my robe. "If he is he's hiding it well. He didn't talk about pain. Would he be in pain? I mean I never thought to ask him...........but surely he would have said." God I'm stupid! Of course he's in pain! How the fuck wouldn't he be in pain, everything's broken?

I looked at the nurse in panic. "So what do you give em if he's in pain? I mean like pills, shots?"

The nurse stood up and took my arm. "If he's asleep he's not in pain. Later if we need to we'll give him something." She smiled at me. "Stop worrying we won't let anything happen to him." I gotta get a grip.

Something occurred to me as I was walking away and I stopped and turned back to the nurse. "I'll give him his sponge bath."

She opened her mouth, closed it and then smiled. I forced myself not to grin. "He's very shy!"

She went back to her magazine but muttered. "Yes, Mr. Palmer." Fuck it! The whole world thinks that I'm a perv anyway.


I was sitting crosslegged on the bed next to Michael. He was naked under the covers and I was wearing boxers and a tee shirt. There was a tray straddling his lap with breakfast on it, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon and toast. I had basically the same thing on a tray next to me. I was watching Michael eat and kinda picking at my own food.

I smiled at him. "You're doing pretty good."

He took a bite of toast, looked down, then up and grinned. "You gonna do this every day?"


He glanced over at the nightstand. "It's ten o'clock in the morning. You're usually at work by eight."

"Keep eating!" I ate a piece of my bacon, I guess to show him how. God I'm a fucking idiot. "Besides I gotta give you a bath."

"Jeff, you can't do this every day. You've got a company to run, Rosie needs you."

I laughed. "The only thing that Rosie needs is permission and I can give her that from here." I reached over and lightly held the side of his face in my hand. "I want to do this. I especially want to bathe you." He smiled at me and I smiled back.

"You are such a perv! You know that I can't move so you wanna have your way with me."

I nodded while I chewed. "Something like that." We had kinda planned on having sex last night but ended up holding hands and falling asleep, at least I did. Michael slept a little and then fidgeted and at one point even seemed to be crying. I didn't know what to do so I just held his hand. I know, it doesn't seem like enough.

He laughed. "Cool! Sooooo like what are ya gonna do to me?"

"Nothing until you finish your breakfast. You know that it takes calories to repair all the damage that's been done to your body. So eat!"

He took a bite of eggs and spoke while he chewed. "Yes, Mom." He put his fork down and said. "Oh fuck! My parents...............I didn't tell them! Jeff, what am I gonna do? My mom will be soooo pissed!"

"Calm down, Babe! You want me to call em. Wait...........why tell them at all?"

"I gotta tell em!"

"Why? What can they do? Are you gonna heal any faster knowing that your mom is worried sick about you?"

"Jeff, you can say that but it doesn't matter. If I don't tell them she will totally freak when she does find out. My dad would probably understand but mom would go into orbit." My relationship with Michael's parents was okay bordering on good. It wasn't the life they would have picked for him but they could deal with the reality. I knew how they felt. I liked them. They were hard working straightforward people who wanted the best for their son.

"Michael, give it a week. Cause as soon as your mom hears she's gonna be up here and in a week you're gonna look lots better."

"You don't think that I should call my mom?"

"I'm just saying lets wait.........just a little while."

"What do I tell her when she finds out how long I waited?"

"Tell her that I wouldn't let you call, that I didn't want her to worry. I'll back you up. She can be mad at me."

"No........that wouldn't be fair. I mean I think that you're right about waiting but I'm not laying it off on you. She wouldn't believe it anyway."

He finished up his breakfast like a good boy and then glanced around the room.

"Did you lock the door?"


"Then I want my bath." He looked up at me. "You do understand that by bath I mean sex?"

"Okay but before I get you dirty I wanna get you clean."

He looked at me with some trepidation. "What are you gonna do?"

I climbed out of bed very aware of my erection tenting out the front of my boxers. "Soap and water, basic stuff, nothing to be afraid of. I promise not to hurt you." I walked around the bed wrapped him in my arms and kissed him deeply and marveled for the million time that he was mine. "I think that maybe I can make you feel really good."

As our kiss broke his mouth followed mine reluctant to separate. He called after me. "You always make me feel good."

I went into the bathroom and came back with a plastic pan about half filled with warm water. Soap towels and wash clothes were under my arm.

I looked at him and grinned. "I was figuring on starting at the top and working my way down."

"Wouldn't it be better if I stood? I mean I've got the one good leg and then everything would be more accessible." He glanced up at me and saw me smiling. "You shit head you're fucking enjoying this! I gotta stand here and let you wash my ass and you're fucking enjoying it."

I leaned over the bed and kissed him. "Okay..........I am but not for bad reasons, at least I don't think that there bad. It's just that I get to do this for you." I wasn't sure how to put this into words but I knew that I could easily fuck it up.

"It's like a gift really, not from me to you but from you to me. Michael, you don't need me to do this. The nurse could come in and do it. But your letting me do it is a gift. It's an opportunity to show you how much I love you. I don't mind washing your ass. There's nothing about you that's dirty or bad to me. I love every part of you at all times." I reached out and ran the back of my knuckles over his face. "I know that you feel uncomfortable and probably exposed and vulnerable.........I would too. I wanna show you that no matter what....that you can count on me."

He gave me a crooked grin. "You talk good."

I smiled. "I gotta. I got this lover who is sooooo difficult and such a pain in the butt and I always have to answer his lame-ass questions so that I just gotta be good at talking."

"Smartass! Help me outta bed. This'll work better with me standing."

With my help Michael slid gently from the bed and stood next to it naked. My hands were on his waist and shoulder steadying him as he leaned back against the bed. He looked at my tee shirt and boxers.

"It'd help if you were naked too. Maybe I wouldn't feel so exposed."

"You mean you wanna look at my dick?"

Michael smiled. "Yeah.........something like that."

I stripped off and tossed my underwear on the bed. My cock was pointing at the ceiling. Michael reached out tentatively and wrapped his hand around my cock.

He looked up at me and smiled. "I've really missed this guy."

"Lemme clean you up and then he's all yours, whatever you want you've got."

I soaped up one of the washcloths and starting with his face running the soapy washcloth slowly over his forehead. I said, "Close your eyes." He did and I washed his whole face and then rinsed out the washcloth and cleaned off the soap. He hated it, I would too but he stood for it. He lifted his good arm and I washed his armpit while he made a face at me. I lifted his bad arm and did the same. I washed his chest and stomach slowly and carefully and then dried them. His cock was hard but I ignored it and lifted his balls and washed them and then his cock. He told me not to spend too much time on it because he'd cum if I did so I didn't.

I got down on my knees and kissed his cock. He yelped, "Unnnnn! I'll cum!"

"Calm down. I just couldn't resist. You know it's not like I've had a string of callboys running through here while you were in the hospital. I'm horny too."

I washed his legs and then washed the part of his good foot that I could reach. I stood up and said, "Okay let's get you turned around." He grunted but we did a slow pivot thing that left him facing the bed.

Michael's back was a broad vee that tapered to a narrow waist and the prettiest butt on the planet. I soaped down the back of his neck and then washed his whole back in broad strokes and cleaned up the soap with a fresh damp washcloth.

"Oh now the good part."

Michael said, "Jeff, I can sense you laughing."

"No you can't."

"I can."

"As a patient you sure are a pain in the butt. Speaking of butts," I separated his muscular ass cheeks with the warm soapy cloth, "yours is a work of art."

He gasped, "Holy fuck that feels good!" I couldn't resist and slid my finger into his chute.

It was my turn to gasp, "Ohhhhhh damn!"

Michael is one tough guy. He'll fight with anyone about anything and nobody, including me, gets him to do anything that he doesn't want to do but when he wants to be topped he gets this aura about him and makes a soft little sound in the back of his throat that taps into my brain and floods me with emotions and need.

I can feel my hands shaking. I ask him, "Can I? You don't have to say yes, Michael. I wouldn't hurt you for the world."

"I need you, Jeff!" There's a panic in his voice.

"You've got me...........forever! You want me to do this?"

"Jeff, if you don't fucking do it I'm gonna cum before you get in me!"

I line up behind him and push my cock down so that I can line it up with where it needs to go. Moving forward I touch it to his asshole and he moans. There's so many places on his body that can't be touched but finally I move my right arm around him and hold him with the palm of my hand against his abs. My cock moves slowly forward and I penetrate him slightly and then back off. Then move forward again and move about an inch into his hot ass.

He gasps and shoots his load his asshole clenching the head of my cock like a pulsing vice. His whole body is vibrating and he cries out. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!"

I'm still holding him tight and I whisper in his ear, "Guess you were horny." I kiss the back of his neck and move my hand down to his cock. It's still pretty hard and getting harder. "Ohhhhh you are a horny boy!"

"Put it in, Jeff."

"I haven't taken it out."

"All the way! Come on! Fuck me! Please, Jeff...........I really need this."

"So do I Mikey, so do I."


The room had been cleaned up and we had been cleaned up and drained. Michael was tucked into bed and I was dressed and about to head out to the office. I climbed into bed with him he turned to face me and his beautiful hazel eyes had a sleepy post coital quality to them. I laid my head next to his and stared into his eyes.

I moved my head an inch and kissed him. My voice was a whisper. "Hot man."

His good hand reached out and touched my forehead. "You called me Mikey."

I stopped to think. "Oh........yeah...........I guess that I did. Sorry, I didn't think about it."

He smiled at me in almost a vulnerable little boy way. "I liked it." He turned his head and looked at the ceiling. "Dumb huh?"

I put my hand on his neck and pulled him into another kiss. "Nothing about you is dumb."


In the driveway Paul held open the door of the limo and mumbled a good morning even though we were approaching noon. The guy riding shotgun looked like a hundred miles of bad road. The suit and tie somehow didn't work for him. I could picture him in some sort of uniform with a gun in his hand. I nodded at him and he nodded back.

As we pulled out of the driveway the telephone in the car rang, it was Fred Garagan.

"I think that I have the answers, Mr. Palmer or at least some of them."

"Tell me."

"While Mr. Parthing did indeed hit your...........friend, but he didn't kill that boy that you found."

""How do you know?"

"Mr. Parthing is...............staying with me."

"Has he been.............hurt?"

"No sir! Mr. Parthing has seen the error of his ways. I'm a little surprised that you don't recognize the name. He was your ex mother-in-laws gardener."

"Oh you're fucking kidding! Why didn't I think of that bitch? What was he after?"

"It seems that your ex-wife was concerned that with Mr. Worthington in the picture that if anything should happen to you that your children might not get all that she felt that she was entitled to."

"Was she going to make sure that something happened to me?"

"Ahh.......that has yet to be determined. It's possible but we may never know."

"Will he put this all in writing?"

"If we move him. I told him that we would be willing to move him to his sister's place in Idaho. He would need enough to buy a trailer and a few other things."

"Do you know Prendergast and Thane?"

"The trial attorneys?"

"Yes. I need you to bring him to their offices. We'll give him everything that he wants but I want a deposition with plenty of witnesses."

"When would you like him there?"

"Gimme an hour."

I hung up with Fred and called Rosie. "Sweetheart, I need you to lean on Bill Prendergast."

I could sense Rosie shifting her weight and putting a hand on her hip. "Want me to hurt em?"

I laughed. "No, Rosie, you only do that to people who aren't on our side."

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Lost and found chapter 8

We looked like a caravan. In front, a Suburban full of security guys followed up by Michael and I in an ambulance with nurses following behind us and behind them more security guys. Too much security? Maybe...............maybe not.

It feels like too much and yes I know that I'm probably overreacting.................and yet.......there's something out there. Anyway, whether it's out there or not it's not getting Michael.............or me!

Ralph greeted this band of interlopers with his usual aplomb, shunting the security guys into the kitchen where they could plan assignments, Michael, I and the nurses went into the downstairs bedroom suite. Hey, way to go Rosie! A new king size adjustable bed was in the downstairs bedroom

"I don't think that you should ever be allowed to leave the house again." I had kicked everyone out of our bedroom and climbed, fully dressed, into bed with Michael. I leaned on my left elbow and watched his face. Normally he would be on the other side of the bed but this allowed me to be next to him without coming into contact with the damaged bits.

"Jeff, it was just an accident! A stupid accident." Yeah? Maybe. "Besides, I gotta work."

"You got a broken arm, a broken leg, multiple contusions and an addled brain. I hope that you're not drawing up contracts for my business."

He turned his head slowly on the pillow to face me. "Will I ever be well? I mean, it takes fucking forever for all this shit to heal."

I wanted to scream that I didn't care, that as far as I was concerned it could take ten years. He was safe with me, safe here in our house and that was all that mattered.

I pushed myself up and leaned over his face. I slowly lowered mine until our lips met and then I pushed my tongue into his mouth as he drew me in and sucked on my tongue. Slowly I broke the kiss and then spoke softly to him, trying to convince. "You don't need to worry about any of that stuff. You just gotta relax and get well. Who the fuck cares how long it takes for you to heal. Hmmm? You got the tv, your computer and any fucking thing on earth that you want. All you gotta do is rest and get well." It sounded logical to me. "Okay, so you gotta put up with me too but when you get a little better we can take off for anywhere on earth that you want to go. You can heal just as well on the beaches of Key West you know or Spain, you'd fucking love Spain."

Michael was looking at me with an indulgent smile on his face. "I'm not running!"

"Running? Who the fuck said anything about running? You know...........there's nothing to run from in the first place. This isn't about running, this is about healing. This is about warm tropical breezes blowing through open windows while we make love on clean white sheets and drink gin and tonics while we play gin rummy to while away the hours."

"Two things. First of all, Bullshit! Second of all, I'm not running!"

God, this is so irritating! Why can't people just do what I want them to do? "Oh God!' I dropped my head back on the pillow in frustration. "So you're gonna work? You're not healthy enough to work."

"I can still type. I can still talk on the phone."

"Michael, how the fuck are you gonna type, you've got a broken arm!"

He pointed at his left arm. "I can prop it up! I know.........I know I can." He dropped his arm and sagged back against the pillows. "I'm just tired right now."

I spoke softly. "Michael, you can't even get up to take a dump by yourself, be realistic."

Michael rubbed his eyes with the fingers of his right hand. "I know." Then he turned his head to me. "So will you help me?"

I hadn't even thought of it before but I answered quickly. "Of course! Whenever you need me to." He looked at me strangely and I asked. "You mean now?"

Michael gave me a lopsided grin. "I didn't have to go until you started talking about it! Anyway, I just need you to help me get up and then gimme one of those crutches." He nodded towards a pair of them that someone had leaned against the wall.

I shook my head. "I don't think so! There's no way that you can support yourself on a crutch. The arm that has to be used is broken." I jumped out of bed and grabbed the wheelchair.

"This is your best shot." I walked over to the other side of the bed and gently helped Michael turn so that he was sitting up.

His left arm and leg were pretty much useless and before taking my hand he looked up at me and said. "I'm sorry. Ah...........really, you didn't bargain for this."

I held his hand tightly. "Don't be a fucking idiot! You think that I care about this, that you need a little help? Don't ever say that again!" Michael opened his mouth and then shut it.

"Okay, when I pull you up we're gonna pivot you on your right foot and sit you down in the wheelchair. Got it?"

"Okay, yeah. But take it a little easy." One smooth pull up and Michael was standing. I pivoted him with one arm while positioning the wheel chair with the other and then slowly lowered him into it.

We just made it through the door of the bathroom, thanks mainly to the fact that when the house was being designed I was thinking of the problems my dad had experienced during his final days.

I wheeled Michael into the bathroom and over to the toilet and locked the wheels. "Okay, we'll do the same pivot thing. Just brace yourself on me."

I opened his robe and peeled it off of him and then pulled him up and while he balanced himself with a hand on my shoulder I opened his hospital gown pulled it forward and let it drop away. He's so beautiful, even beat up like this he's gorgeous. I reach forward and wrap my fingers around his cock.

Michael tenses up. "Oh God, be careful............you better not, I'm too fucking horny and I have to take a dump too bad."

I laughed. "Okay, when you get back to bed and things quiet down we can take care of that. What do you want me to do now?"

"Two things, help me down to the toilet and then make yourself scarce." While lowering him I decided to get someone in here later today to put in hand railings so that Michael would feel more secure and could even do this by himself if he had to. I would have hated being in his position of having to rely on someone for this.

"You got it, Babe, holler when you're ready." I ducked out of the bathroom closing the door behind me.

I called Rosie about the hand railings. She said that she'd have them up by the afternoon and asked about Michael.

"He's fine, he's..................in the john right now but he's fine." There was a soft knocking on the bedroom door and then a nurse poked her head in.

I waved at her. "Not now, I'll call you, he's in the john."

She pointed at the bathroom and whispered. "I should go help."

I put my hand on her arm. "No, leave him." I guided her toward the door while Rosie on the phone was in my other hand. "Give him time to adjust and we, he and I, need time together."

I sighed and put the phone to my ear. "He'll be okay, Rosie but, of course, he's frustrated and embarrassed. I mean, who the hell wouldn't be when you can't even take a crap by yourself?"

Rosie sounded disbelieving. "And you're helping him?"

"Of course I am. Why? You don't think that I can do this do you?"

"Welllllll, I guess it's just that I never seen it before. Boss you freaked out about that little boy who was in the office last week with a runny nose."

"Rosie, that was really disgusting! Anyway this is different! And don't ask me how the hell it's different it just is!"

She laughed and I was sure that she was shaking her head even if I couldn't see it. "If you say so, Boss." She shifted her tone of voice. "That guy called, that guy that has all those big machines and he wanted to know what you wanted him to do with the buildings on the old Halverson land. He says you told him to level it all but he figured he better make sure he heard you right. Says there's some decent buildings there."

"Down to the bare ground, Rosie. Tell him to do it just like we talked about."

"You got it, Boss."

Michael was calling me. "Gotta go, Rosie!"

He was standing, naked, holding on to the wheelchair but afraid to pivot. I ran over to him grabbing his robe on the way. I wrapped my arm around him and helped him put on the robe. Then I lowered him slowly into the wheel chair.

"Everything work out?"

He laughed. "Yeah...........it did. Actually it was all easier than I thought that it might be."

I helped him back into bed and I sat on the edge. I took his fingers in mine and held them. "You will get well you know. A week from now and most of this'll be just a bad memory."

"I won't be well in a week."

"No...........you won't but you'll be one hell of a lot better than you are now." I bent over and kissed him. I spoke softly. "Your career will still be there, people will still be suing each other, and I'll still love you! You will survive and a year from now you'll barely remember this."

It's funny how you can be having a conversation with someone and be totally into it and yet somewhere in the back of your brain there's like twenty brain cells working on another problem.

"I gotta call Rosie." I leaned over and stretching was able to grab the phone and punch in the numbers.

Seconds later. "Yes, Boss."

"Howdya know it was me?"

She answers. "You kiddin, right?"

I laugh, a bit confused. "Cash, Rosie, I want us to be thirty percent in cash by the end of the week."

"Boss, you do that and people gonna be pissed."

"Competitors, Rosie, screw em, this market is over it just doesn't know it yet."

Rosie said slowly. "Thirty percent?"

"Can you do it?"

"Sure...............just takes some doin is all. I'll start dribbling orders out in the Australian market, then a bunch in Japan and so on, yeah I can do it."

"And, Rosie, check with Fred Garagan and see what he's turned up. I haven't heard from him and with him that usually means he's on to something."

"I will boss. I'd rather talk to that man on the telephone than have to be in the same room with em."

"He won't bite, Rosie." Even I didn't believe that.

"Boss, he bites me an I give em back his teeth one at a time."

After hanging up with Rosie I turned back to Michael. "The guys are on their way to put in hand rails so that if you want to take a dump without the rest of the world waiting outside the door you can."

He turned his head on the pillow and tried to smile but it wasn't very convincing. "Thanks, Jeff."

I got on my knees on the bed and took his hand. "Baby, don't get all discouraged and nuts. I love you. This'll get better." I bent forward and kissed him. "It kills me to see you unhappy."

He smiled up at me grimly. "You're ruining the crease in the pants of my favorite suit."

My arms are braced on either side of his head and I bend down and kiss him again more slowly this time. I whisper to him. "I love you in this suit. I love the way your cock looks in this suit. But then I love you."

He looks at me with big eyes. "Jeff, I'm feeling really sorry for myself right now and if you say stuff like that I'm gonna start crying or some shit and I might not stop."

I sit back on my haunches. "Well I got some info for you that ought to straighten that mood out." I climb off of the bed and begin moving for the door. "The nurses have been chomping at the bit to get at you." I open the bedroom door. "He's all yours ladies." Three of them come pouring in and rush to Michael's bedside while he drops his head resignedly back against the pillows.


Ralph was in the kitchen cooking and looking past him through the kitchen window I could see a small trailer that had been set up near the end of the driveway as a type of command post for the security guys.

I nodded towards the trailer and asked Ralph. "They behaving themselves?"

Ralph chuckled. "Pretty much. Anyway I'm used to em. Your daddy used to have them from time to time. You makin decision about other peoples money and somebody's always mad."

I grabbed a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter as Ralph continued.

"He was managing a bunch of money for some mob guy back in the seventies. Well, course your daddy didn't know that the guy was with the mob, not that it woulda made any difference. The thing was that all during the seventies when the market was totally in the garbage your daddy was able to earn a steady eight percent return, not only for this dude but for all his clients but it wasn't enough for the gangster and he was always threatening your dad."

I was surprised I had never heard this. "Ralph, my dad never told me about that. I don't remember anything happening."

Ralph laughed. "You was too little and besides your dad didn't want his family knowing about stuff like that but there was plenty of security. You and your momma was followed everyplace. Anyway, it only means that I'm used to it."

Ralph lifted the heavy cover of a large cast iron pot and stirred the contents. "I'm makin a beef stew for you boys. I figure with only one hand that he can use it'd be better for Mr. Worthington. Man would get tired pretty quick of havin other people feed him."


Later that evening I made it clear to the nurses that Michael and I were going to be sleeping together and that if we needed them I would call them. They can't help it. They're programmed to be constantly checking on their patients.

But not tonight, tonight was my first night really alone with Michael since the accident and I didn't want any interruptions. Michael was lying in bed watching television as I walked around turning off all the lights except one coming from the bathroom.

After that I started taking off my clothes and I saw that Michael was watching my every move. When I was naked I climbed into bed with him and pulled back the covers while I knelt and sat on my heels looking down at his battered body.

He reached over with his one good hand, his right and gently wrapped it around my hard cock. I leaned forward and gently, holding his chin in my hand, pressed my lips to his and when they parted sucked his tongue into my mouth. He groaned and at the same time I saw tears forming in his eyes.

I whisper to him. "Don't fucking cry, Baby. It kills me to see you cry."

Michael let go of my dick and wiped the tears away. He tried to laugh. ‘It's just that it feels so good to hold your cock again and," He started to choke up again. "to have you kiss me." He reached out and touched my face with the tips of his fingers and then wiped away more tears.

"I thought...................I thought, when I was lying there in the hospital that there was no fucking way that you bargained for this, that you might just as soon be rid of me." I started to speak but he stopped me by pressing his fingers to my lips.

He spoke in a rush the words spilling out. "I know that it was stupid. I know that you'd never do that. But when I was lying there in the ICU and the fucking pain was really bad and then there were a lot of drugs that stopped the pain but really messed with my head. And all that I could think of was what would I do if you just never showed up. And the more that I thought about it the more that it seemed logical. Why would you want me? Your young, your handsome, your rich, you can have anyone. Why would you want a broken boyfriend?"

I understood what Michael was saying but I the same time it made me nuts. I straddled his one good leg and let my still hard cock bounce against it.

"You know, Michael, you're young and you're handsome and as you've pointed out before you're an attorney which is not exactly dog meat." I pushed my cock down against his leg and gently thrust my cock back and forth.

"I didn't say that there was any sense to it, Jeff. And by the way you're driving me crazy with that cock."

I leaned forward again and kissed him softly and then whispered to him. "I love you and while you were worrying about that stuff I was worrying that you were gonna die." I smiled at him. "I guess that were both jerks."

I grinned at him. "So you're probably horny?"

He laughed and it made me feel wonderful. "You have no fucking idea!"

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Lost and found chapter 7

Nobody likes Fred Garagan. He's way overweight with a large head and sagging pendulous jowls and a hangdog look that belies just how cruel he can be. Rosie hates him.

My dad didn't much like him either but there are times, times when you really need to know things, when you gotta use someone like Fred. I met him in the middle of my office, frankly not wanting him to sit in one of the chairs. It's like he leaves some weird sort of residue, a lingering sense of him.

He didn't try to shake hands; he seems to know that no one will want to touch him.

"You heard about the accident my boyfriend was involved in?" He didn't actually smirk, not at least that you could see, it was more something that I could feel.

"I heard."

"James Parthing...........here's his name, address, etcetera. I want everything but Fred............hurt no one!" He seemed disappointed.

He shifted his bulk from one leg to the other. "How deep you want me to go?"


Fred grinned. Not a pretty sight. "Can I ask why you think that he might have done something"

I decided to lie rather than explain. "No, there's nothing to tell, at least as far as I know but if I'm missing something I want you to find it."

"And if I find something?" A sickening grin.

"If you find something bring it to me. Again...............hurt no one!" Strangely enough Fred is obedient. I've never known him to go against my dad's wishes or mine.

Fred waddled out of my office and Rosie edged in as soon as the elevator door closed on Fred. "Boss, you makin a mistake usin that man. He's some kind of a piece of work. Why you use him? I coulda gotten you all the info you need on the guy that hit Michael."

"I know, Rosie, I know that you can." But, of course, she couldn't, not all the info. I walk over to her and wrapped my arms around her and laid my head on her shoulder. "I heard something at the police station, something that was out of place. When I was talking to the Chief there was something that I heard in the background, something that one of the cops said and for the life of me I can't remember it. All that I could think of was getting back to Michael and now it's gone. But it was something about James Parthing something that didn't sound right, that was out of place."

I let go of Rosie and start cramming papers into a briefcase. "I'm going to the hospital, I'll take the limo." I was so tired, tired on to death, the thought of any kind of physical exertion seemed odious. As I was walking out of the office I turned to Rosie and lifted my hand to my forehead. "Rosie, maybe we better............."

She beat me to it. "I already done it boss! Security at the hospital and the house."

I stare at her. "Am I being nuts, is this too much?"

"The thing is, Boss..............we don't know, let's hope so." She walked over and touched my arm. "You need to spend some time with Michael. He shouldn't be alone now."


We almost never need security. Well, maybe like once a year or so some nutjob will call us with a threat and fortunately we have a really good little security company in our area, mostly a bunch of retired cops and FBI guys. Since they're the only high-end security company in the area everyone who needs security uses them. They own their market.

There was one guy in the lobby watching people and another standing next to the door to Michael's room. The guy in front of the room was wearing a stethoscope around his neck but I recognized him from a job he did for us the year before.

I walked up to him. "Hi Tommy. You look like a doc."

"Oh hi, Mr. Palmer. That's the general idea, blend in." He didn't really blend in but then how could he, he looked like a retire cop. He would have blended in at a retired cop convention.

"Tommy, everything that we know about this says that it was an accident and that Michael is in no danger whatever." I stared into his gray eyes for a moment. "But something is nagging at me, my instincts tell me that there's more goin on here, that there's something we don't know." His stocky body shifted. "This takes priority over everything, Tommy. If you need more men call em in. I don't care if it takes a fucking army but I want Michael protected." I didn't tell him about what I couldn't remember hearing at the police station.

Tommy shoved his hands in his pockets. "You think somebody's after him, that they'd try to get him here?"

I stared at the floor for a moment and then looked up at him. "Yeah. I'm not sure..................they may be trying to get at me through him..............or who the fuck knows. I just want coverage."

"Well," Tommy said, "if you really want coverage we should have a guy outside and a guy near the main nurses station on this floor."

"Do it." I turned towards the door to Michael's room and then turned back to Tommy. "How is he?"

Tommy smiled. "Mad.............mad that it happened, mad that he feels like shit, mad that they won't let him work...............just fucking mad."

I grinned at him. "He pissed at me?"

"He's been wondering where you were at." That could mean anything.

How could I explain that I was afraid, not afraid for my safety or anything like that but afraid that I might lose him? That he might die and I wouldn't be able to stop it.

I grunted and pushed open the door to Michael's room.

Michael was sitting up in bed and turned his head towards me as I opened the door.

"Where the fuck have you been?" His left arm had a cast on it and there were some bandages on his neck. Nobody had bothered to comb his hair.

He looked so battered. I walked slowly over to the side of his bed. I reached out and touched his face with the back of my knuckles. "There was stuff, stuff about the accident that had to be taken care of." His look softened. "I shoulda called you but it's not like you were, well...............alert." I bent down and slowly pressed my mouth to his. After a moment I could feel something inside of him give way and he parted his lips and let my tongue inside. He made a little sound at that back of his throat.

I pulled away and looked into his eyes. "Don't fucking cry! If you start I'll start and I might not fucking stop."

Michael lay back in bed, blinked and smiled up at me. "Nice to know that that sensitive exterior is backed up by a sloppy soft interior." He was holding my hand.

I held his hand but had to look away for a moment. "Oh fuck! You scared me so fucking bad."

"I didn't mean to, Jeff."

"No...........I know." I lifted up the covers and then slowly lifted the side of his gown and looked at his body. "Jesus!" I know, it was a gasp but I couldn't help it, he was one big dark ugly bruise.

Michael grabbed the edge my jacket with his broken arm and tugged at it until I sat on the bed. His voice was soft. "It's not as bad as it looks, Jeff." I wanted to wrap him up in my arms and just hold him but he was so battered that I was afraid to touch him.

"Oh no..............I'm sure you're feeling just great!" I put the heels of my hands to my eyes and rubbed them and then turned back to Michael.

"This guy that hit you...............you think that he meant to?"

"Jeff, why the hell would anyone want to smash their car into me.............or into anything?"

"No...............I don't suppose anyone would."

"Besides, Jeff, it really was the fault of the guy in front of me, he's the one that stopped short."

There was a quiet knocking on the door and I walked over and pulled the door open.

"Ralph! What are you doing here?"

"Mr. Palmer, Rosie thought that you and Mr. Worthington might enjoy having dinner together this evening and I'm certain that the food in the hospital can't be all that good."
He was walking slowly into the room carrying a large picnic basket. I wondered that they would let him in with food but then Ralph was a man of immense dignity and would only get stopped by the bravest nurse or doctor.

"Ralph how'd you get in with the food?"

He laughed quietly. "Sir, you always have to remember to factor in Rosie. Most institutions have found that it's much easier just to say yes to her." He walked over to the side of Michael's bed.

Looking down at Michael he said. "Sir, I hope that you like roast duck." There were tears forming in the corners of Michael's eyes.

Ralph reached out slowly and touched his arm. "Now, Sir, don't you worry about anything. You need to save your strength for getting well and you're gonna have a lotta folks helping you."

Dinner started with a pecan and Rocquefort salad and was followed by crispy roast duck with sweet potato's that had been mashed and mixed with caramelized onions and bacon. For something green there was also steamed and sauteed haricots verts.

Ralph said. "This, of course, should have a wine with it but I thought that I might be pushing my luck."

Michael looked at Ralph with tears still in his eyes and his mouth full. "It's wonderful, Ralph. This is the best meal I've ever eaten." He was pathetic, eating with one hand and constantly wincing.

I heard Rosie when she was probably still fifty feet away. All that I heard was, "You ain't telling me what I can do. Don't you EVEN try to go there!"

She banged through the door and made straight for Michael. "My Lord! They makin you try and eat with your one good arm?" She shot me a dirty look.

It took her less than a minute to get things organized to her liking and Michael was really eating without having to lift anything. Rosie never stopped talking.

"You scared the crap outta him you know. Not that he don't deserve it. Probably takes you for granted. Don't have to tell me, I know the name of that tune. He'd have me working twenty-four hours a day I givem the chance. Not that he don't have his good side cause he does, though sometimes yall gotta strain to see it. Anyway, he was plenty worried...........plenty."

Michael was chewing, swallowing and looking up at Rosie. Once she got her rhythm going he couldn't have talked if he had to.

I walked over and stood next to her. "Rosie, I was thinking.................."

"I already took care of it, Boss. When yall are done eating they gonna move you to a private suite upstairs. You'll be able to stay too. I already had fresh clothes put up there for you."

"What about going.........................................?"

"Tomorrow, as long as he keeps getting better. I already arranged for nurses to come to the house. But you can't be fussin with him too much tonight cause they wantin him all rested before they gonna let em go."

I smiled at Michael and winked. "Hear that, no fussin! You know how you get."

Then it dawned on me what Michael had said earlier.

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Lost and found chapter 6

I staggered into the bathroom with my eyes barely open and even rebelling at that modest effort. Somehow I found the toilet, lifted the lid aimed my cock and began to piss. Halfway through, Michael wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and laid his head on my shoulder.

His voice was thick with sleep and his chest warm against my back. "Want me to hold your dick?"

"Nope, you'll make me pee on my foot." There was something comforting about the sound of the heavy steam of urine hitting the water.

I turned my head slightly and kissed Michael's head. He seemed dead asleep but then mumbled. "How come we're up so early?"

I was fighting to keep my eyes open. "Dunno. "How," I yawned and shuddered, "how early is it?"

"Like five." He tightened his grip around my waist until I grunted. "What woke you up?"

I was too tired to move so we just stood there, me with my dick in my hand leaning back against Michael who was leaning forward against me. "Phone...................think that I thought I heard the phone..............I dunno..........maybe that."

Michael snuggled his chin into my neck and mumbled. "We ever movin off this spot?"

I squeezed my eyes shut and then forced them open. "Shower.........we could do that."

He kissed the side of my neck and muttered. "S'all the way over there."

My eyes were closing. "Five feet, Michael, just five feet.............I know that we can do this."

We kinda duckwalked over to the shower and I leaned forward and turned it on. The shower is automatically set to 101 degrees and then rises slowly to 103.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Michael leaned against the shower wall and let the hot water wash over him. His hair looked almost black when wet and his hazel eyes were flashing. "That feels fucking wonderful!"

I put my hands on either side of his head and leaned in and kissed him. "You feel fucking wonderful." Michael's hands were holding my butt and then his fingers were playing with my asshole.

"Hmmmmmm, feels good but what about you being a confirmed bottom?" I leaned forward and kissed his nose as the water pounded against us.

"Well........your dick in my ass is my favorite thing but.......well........you have a really great ass."

I started kissing my way down Michael's jawline to the spot right under his right ear. "I think that I need you in me............but go slow."

He got a little boy gleam in his eyes and the next thing that I knew he was fucking me. He was gentle and slow and sensuous and it felt soooooo good. I shot up against the tile wall a few seconds after I felt Michael's contractions that pumped his semen into my ass.


"What should I wear with this suit? Burgundy tie?" He was standing in our bedroom wearing just the pants of a charcoal gray suit. The pants were open and I could just see the top line of his dark pubic hair and then through the thin fabric the bulge of his cock.

I handed him a mug of steaming hot coffee. "Blue shirt, gold tie." I smiled and shook my head slowly. "You just do that cause ya know that I'll be thinking about it all day."

He said. "Whadya mean?" Then he smiled.

"You know exactly what I mean. Before you met me I bet you never in your whole life went to work without wearing underwear."

Michael walked over to me and laid his arms on my shoulders and snuggled my neck and whispered in my ear. "Sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk I start thinking about how my cock and balls feel crushed between my leg and the fabric of this suit and then I think about how much I'd love to have you fucking me at that very moment. To feel your balls slapping my ass."

I leaned my head against his and sighed. "You're killing me, Michael."

"He turned his head and kissed the side of my neck. "Eeeeeze my job!" He laughed and then rubbed his forehead against mine. "I'm suppose to keep you horny." He pulled his head back and his eyes were glistening. He spoke softly. "I don't want you forgetting how much I love you."

I pulled on a pair of slacks and leaned over and kissed him. "Could I interest you in some breakfast?"

Michael slid his hands down the front of my pants and grabbed my cock through the material. "You could interest me in some cock."

"No, I think that you've already had your share of that, at least for this morning. But let's go downstairs and have something to eat."

I love seeing Michael all dressed in the morning, looking like a new penny with his crisp white shirts and his beautiful hair all perfectly in place. He's such a perfect male, handsome and smart and zero attitude. When I look at his hard butt as he's pouring us both coffee I'm overwhelmed once again by the thought that he's mine. I love every part of him, every mood, from the elation of completing a complicated legal brief, to the tears that fill his eyes when we're watching a sad movie. They're all part of the man that is Michael, the man who's handing me my morning coffee.

"Gonna be a bitch today! Your buddy Joe is going to be sitting in on my presentation to a client today. Like I wouldn't be nervous enough."

"That was what you were working on last night?"

"Yeah, it started out being a fairly straightforward purchase of this small company. It was gonna be for cash, which simplifies things, and it all was gonna be just...........well, tidy. But now their accountant has told them to set it up as a limited partnership with them as the general partner and while that's certainly not unusual they've never done it before so I'm gonna get like a million questions."

Minutes later I was kissing him goodbye. I kissed him and then pressed my face to his, his eyelashes fluttering against my cheek.


I was dressed and even in my top coat and was just finishing my last cup off coffee when the long black limo pulled into my driveway. It was ours. Well, anyway, it belonged to the company. I never used it and couldn't even remember the last time that I had been in it. The driver, Paul, was an excon. Paul had gone to jail for being a bad boy with a baseball bat. Rosie said that he was a professional driver, like in getaway cars but that since he'd found Jesus he was perfect for me because of the unlikely event that someone might try to nab me. Frankly, I chalked it up to Rosie owing someone a favor and I'd learned long ago not to mess with Rosie's web.

I was about to open the front door and yell to Paul asking him what he was doing here when my cell phone rang.

It was Rosie. "Now Boss I want you to get a grip! Just try to stay calm."

I knew that tone and my body went rigid. "Tell me!"

"Michael had an accident." Her voice was so soft.

"Tell me!! Tell me all of it!!" Not Michael!!! Not that innocent man!! Take me! Take fucking me! I'm guilty of fucking everything!

"He's hurt bad, Boss but they've taken him to the hospital. I sent the limo cause you sure shouldn't be drivin. You just let Paul take care a you. Okay? Just let Paul do it."

I opened the front door while talking to Rosie and Paul stepped in and picked up my briefcase sitting by the front door. I was leaning against the wall and staring at the floor. I looked down at my hand and saw that the phone was turned off.

Oh fucking Jeff! Get it fucking together! Act! Paul touched my arm. "We should go now, Sir." I let my self be put into the back seat of the limo and then I seemed to click into gear.

"How fast can we get to the hospital?"

Paul started to answer but I dumped a handful of cash onto the front seat of the car. "Make it faster." The car leapt forward.

I grabbed the car phone and pushed the button for Rosie. "Okay, I got a grip, now tell me."

Rosie said. "He was turning onto the highway just south of Madison, the other guy just plowed into him. Broken left leg, broken left arm, broken ribs, skull fracture and something with his heart, that's the bad one. It's the bad one cause we don't know exactly what's wrong."

"Who's on it, Rosie?"

"Everybody, Boss. I got somebody at the hospital and they just told me they finished setting his arm and leg but they want him to recover a bit before they do anything with the heart."

"Find the best, Rosie. Get em here. Call whoever ya gotta call but get em.


The sheet felt cool against my face, cool and slightly stiff with starch. I was sitting in a chair next to Michael's bed in the ICU, the fingers of his right hand were intertwined with mine. His hand was warm but unmoving, still. I didn't open my eyes but turned my head and kissed his fingers.

When I looked up I could see Rosie three panes of glass away yelling at somebody. She had a way of strutting and tossing her head as she talked. Somebody was getting a tongue lashing. Rosie liked people to do as she asked.

He looked dead. That was the problem. Not the reality but just the way he looked. Sometimes we can know a thing for sure, no doubts at all but somehow it looks different and it's the looks we believe, deep down anyway.

Broken leg, broken arm, broken ribs, the whole head thing, concussion I guess and then the heart thing. I know that it's not sane but I kept thinking. "He's only got a thirty inch waist, he's tiny! How the fuck do you expect him to deal with all that? Huh, God? Just how's he suppose to heal all that shit?" I felt a tear run down my face. It went all the way down my cheek over my jaw down my neck and into the collar of my shirt.

On the far side of the room, on the wall, was a crucifix. Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe a bribe was possible. I'd build a church! No! A cathedral! The biggest fucking cathedral that the whole fucking world had ever seen! What's the catch you say? Well, God, I just want you to deal with this little matter of healing Michael. Nothing for you! A snap of the fingers! Just point at him and say, "Rise!" Simple! You did basically the same thing in the Sistine Chapel. Okay, okay, so you got a really nice mural outtta that. I can do that! I've got money, God! Pope Gregory has nothing on me!

The coma was freaking me out. Okay, maybe it wasn't technically a coma. I don't really know what a coma is but he wasn't waking up. Well we would wake up for like seconds but then his eyes would close like it was all more than he could deal with and he'd be gone for hours. Fucking hours!

Suddenly I heard. "Water." In this rigid, filtered little voice that sounded like it was coming from somewhere else. "Water."

Suddenly the room was filled with nurses and doctors and I got pushed outta the way. I've never felt so tired as I walked over to the wall and slumped against it.

"Boss?" It was Rosie touching my arm. "I got the info, Boss."

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Lost and found chapter 5

Michael and I walked out of the conference room with his attorney, Brian, and my attorney, Joe Callin. We stood together in the hallway while both Joe and Brian took off for their offices.

Michael was wearing a very light gray Glenn plaid suit with a gold tie and no underwear. The finely woven light wool material had molded itself perfectly to his ass when he turned earlier to hang up his suit coat. That was something that kept going in and out of my mind all during the meeting we had just concluded.

I was standing with my hands in my pockets and kept my face as expressionless as possible because I knew that we were being watched, even if we couldn't be heard.

I smiled at Michael. "I wanna fuck you."

He grinned at me. "Now, how would you like your mother to hear you talking like that?"

"Well, it's not like she's a regular mom. More like a Cruella DeVille mom. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if she had a Dalmation coat buried in one of her closets." I leaned against the door jamb with my hands still in my pockets.

I asked him. "Does this agreement satisfy you? Can you really live with it?"

Michael was lightly kicking the carpet with the toe of his shoe. "You're not gonna, like, start buying me all kinds a things are you?"

I smiled. "You don't like German cars?"

He smiled back and then kinda ducked his head. "They're okay, maybe a little pushy." He glanced quickly down the corridor at the secretaries beyond. "It's just that the thing I really like..........really, really like, is free." He glanced up at me and his hazel eyes flashed and then he smiled. "Okay, maybe one BMW."

"I wanna kiss you." I was staring deeply into his beautiful eyes.

"They're all watching, ya know?"

"I still wanna kiss you." I held up my hands. "I know, I know, I won't. I could buy you lunch, though."

"No such luck. I'm lunching with a client and then working my fucking ass off on the acquisition that I'm trying to talk them into making."

"Well, I guess that means I have to go back to work myself." I wanted so to touch him. See ya at home later. Bye, Hun."


Walking past Rosie's desk she handed me a stack of opened letters, most with yellow stickem notes attached.

"Geez, Rosie, you been saving these for a slow day? "

"You're just popular, Boss. How did the meeting go?"

I stopped walking and thought for a moment, reliving the bits of the meeting. "Good, Michael seemed happy, and that was the whole point of the thing. And Joe and Brian had really worked this out, really given it some thought. I was impressed. There was a lot of stuff that I had never even considered, much less put a price on. But the important thing is that what they came up with is fair, for the both of us."

"Boss, I set a list of appointments on your desk. I didn't figure you'd be back this early, so they don't start coming until two o'clock. Ya got some time to think."

I turned back and sat on the edge of Rosie's desk. "Rosie, ya think Ralph is bothered seeing two gay guys? Cause, like, ya know, we don't always wear bathrobes and stuff; lot'sa times we're walking around in our boxers and stuff. I mean, he's never said anything and, knowing him, he never would, but I was wondering if it bothered him."

Rosie smiled evilly and leaned back in her seat, resting her arms on the chair's. "He thinks you two are cute."


"Not my word, Boss, his. You gotta remember that you're someone he's been worrying over for more than thirty years, from the time you was a little boy. He spent a lot a time see'n you unhappy and now he's see'n you the other way, and see'n you happy makes him happy. Plus the fact that I happen to know for sure that he likes Michael."

"He told you that?"

"Yep. Michael has always been polite to Ralph, never treat'n him like a servant; that counts for a lot. Plus the fact that Ralph sees Michael reading. May seem like a simple thing, but Ralph don't have much time for people who don't read books. Truth be told, Boss, boxer shorts or bare ass naked, I don't think you guys are gonna do much to upset Ralph. You know how he is, even better'n me, once he makes up his mind about a thing or a person, he don't change it much. He thinks you guys are cute and, anything short of your committ'n an axe murder, he's gonna keep on think'n you're cute."

"Well.............that's a relief. It's just that it's not always easy to know what people are thinking." I got up and started to walk to my office. "How are the markets doing?"

"Up and down mostly, Boss. But I'm telling ya, we gotta start buying gold. I know you don't think much of it, Boss, but just remember the basics. The commercials are short three and a half years of production. Gold keeps edge'n up and, eventually, they're gonna have to cover those short positions."

"How would you handle it, Rosie?"

"Boss, we been need'n a precious metal sector fund for a while now, and I can't think of a better time."

"Get some people on it, Rosie. Gimme a proposal." I started to turn toward my office.

I could hear the smile in Rosie's voice even without looking. "It's on your desk, Boss."

I kept walking but had to smile.


Michael was lying on our bed on his stomach wearing only gray, knit gym shorts that were riding up his beautiful butt; his back and shoulders flaring out in a "v" from the waistband. He was reading the rough draft of a contract for a client and wearing small black-rimmed reading glasses that made him look even more adorable than usual. I was reading Rosie's proposal, there was nothing on TV, and around nine o'clock we just ended up in bed, both of us cleaning up loose ends from work.

Michael pulled his glasses off, folded them carefully and put them on his nightstand.

I looked at him. "Done working?"

"Yep. I been reading contracts from nine this morning, and the words are beginning to run together. That can't be good for our clients." He swiveled his body around and laid his head on my stomach, his right arm lying across my hips.

I reached down and gently ran my hand over his hair. "Tough day?"

"Nah, tedious. A let's-negotiate-every-fucking-word day. Wears me out, but at least that part is finished." Michael cupped my cock and balls, which at the moment were encased in boxer briefs.

I laid Rosie's proposal on the night stand and tugged at Michael's shoulders until he came up on the bed and shoved his left arm under me and laid his head on my shoulder. I lifted his chin with my left hand and looked into his eyes and then lightly kissed him.

I laughed.


"You look like a little boy tonight."

"Now what on earth makes you say that?"

"I dunno. Sometimes you just get a kinda little boy look to you. Actually, it's sexy as hell." I scrunched down and pulled his right leg over me. "By the way, Rosie tells me that Ralph thinks we look cute and doesn't give a fuck about us walking around in our skivvies. That was something I was kinda wondering about."

Michael lowered his head, ran his tongue over my nipple and then looked up. "Actually, I knew that."

I pushed his head lightly down to my nipple again. "How did you know that?"

Michael smiled up at me. "I asked him. Subtle, huh?" I laughed and he went back to my nipple.

"What'dya mean? How did you ask him?" Michael was pushing his hand down into my briefs and playing with my cock, squeezing it and running his thumb around the head.

"I just asked him if having a couple of gay guys running around half-naked all the time weirded him out. He said he was just happy that we were comfortable with him here and that we were happy. We had a nice talk. He's a really smart guy. Kinda reminds me of my grandfather."

I shoved my hand down the back of Michael's shorts and played with his ass. "Yeah, he is a smart guy." I buried my face in his neck and kissed and nibbled. "Wanna fuck?"

Michael pulled my head back to his neck. "Yeah, but do that to my ear some more. That's fantastic. Ohh fuck, yes." His skin was so smooth and warm.

After a while he pulled away and rolled onto his back and, lifting his legs, pulled off his shorts and tossed them off the bed. He swung his right leg over my waist.

"I wanna ride it." His cock was so hard that it was practically flat against his stomach.

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube and handed it to Michael. "You do the honors."

He raised up while he lubed his ass and then reached back and lubed my cock. I wrapped my hand around his dick; it was so hard I had to laugh. "I'm afraid that I'm gonna break this thing. You got any blood left going to your brain?"

"Oh, yeah, I can think and fuck at the same time, well...........mostly."

He settled back down onto my cock, pausing for a moment until it broke through the anal ring, and then let it move totally into him. I was studying his face as he took my cock and watched his expression change from need to concentration, to some pain and, then, to satisfaction.

"Feel good, Babe?" Even though he was all the way down on my cock I could still feel his butt adjusting itself to my dick.

He tilted his head all the way back and then swung his head forward, dropping his chin to his chest. "How can that feel sooooo good? Am I some kind of a fucking slut that I can't get enough of your dick up my ass?"

I ran my hands slowly up his thighs to his waist. "No! You've just got a normal sex drive and a really handsome boyfriend. If you were down at the docks somewhere, trying to lure sailors off of ships, that might be something else." I began to slowly fuck upwards into him, just a few millimeters at a time and, moments later, Michael was moving counter to me and pushing his ass down on my upcoming cock and steadily making an "Ah, ah, ah" sound. I watched his face as he got lost in the fuck and moved into whatever fantasy made him feel best. I was very lightly stroking his cock, my fingers barely touching it. The precum was beginning to flow in a steady stream, and I let it run over my fingers and the back of my hand.

When he looked down at me, I brought my precum covered hand to my mouth, smiled and then licked it clean. His eyes widened and he said, "Oh, fuck!" Then I wrapped my hand back around his cock, but firmer this time, and I began to work the precum around, slicking him up.

Michael was picking up the pace, rising and falling faster and faster on my cock while his ass was clamping tight one moment and releasing the next.

I was getting close and I was pretty sure that he was, too, so I twisted my precum soaked hand around the head of his cock and then began beating him off hard.

His head was thrown back and he was whispering, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," as his knees gripped my hips and his butt rotated back and forth.

He looked down at me with a look almost of panic. "Cum in me, Jeff! Shoot in my fucking ass!" Then he gasped and made almost a gurgling sound just before he started shooting. He clamped down unbelievably tight on my cock and this, along with his hips also rotating, pulled me over the edge and I did as he had asked and began shooting in his ass.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lost and found chapter 4

The only thing that I find strange about living on the ocean, or in this case the Gulf of Mexico, is the constant sound of the water, the only constant sound in Wisconsin is the wind whipped snow hitting the windows. Anyway that was the first sound that I heard as I was waking up. The first thing that I felt was Michael's chest hair under my hand and the overall warmth of his body. As the first light of the morning began to enter the room I was staring at the back of Michael's head, some strands of his hair were still in my mouth. The color of his hair is kind of a dark medium brown, a warm color, it matches his nature, he's a warm, loving guy.

My mind wanders back to last night, to fucking Michael and my cock immediately begins to harden. It was incredible! And Michael was right, it does somehow change things, it must be genetic --- you fuck someone and then you feel protective of them. At least that's how I felt toward Michael, course I felt that way before the fuck but it intensified the feeling. He was safe here, here in my arms, it's where he belongs. His hair smells so good, a combination of the shampoo that William sends me, and underlying smell that is the real smell of Michael, a smell that is almost electric and intensely masculine. My hardening cock is pressed between the hard mounds of Michael's butt.

"Kiss the back of my neck." Michael was mumbling into his arm, his voice still thick with sleep. I did as I was told and he pushed his butt back against my cock.

Michael sighed. "Ohhh, damn it feels good when you do that!" He wrapped his arm around mine and pulled it tighter to his chest. "My butt feels...............warm.........from last night."

I spoke very softly. "It was wonderful, better even then I had dreamed it would be and I've dreamt about it a lot. You sure you feel okay?"

Michael was silent for so long that I was beginning to get concerned. Then finally he spoke, obviously more awake now than before. "It's scary Jeff...........a little anyway." He half turned his head towards me and then laid it back down. "It was so great........but like I could see myself needing it. I guess it's just the whole falling in love thing.......and last night kicked it to a whole new level. Like on some level some part of my brain is screaming, "Don't get used to it, maybe he'll stop loving you!" But yet the real me, the normal me tells me that I love you and you love me and I've gotta take the chance." He kissed my arm and said. "Don't stop loving me Jeff."

Like I could! Like I would! Like that could ever be fucking possible! "No fucking chance, Michael!"

Michael reached back and wrapped his fingers around my hard cock and laughed. "So you still like me huh?"

"Yeah, I'm thinking that I do." I kissed his shoulder. "And my cock has really fallen for you too."

Michael laughed. "Well, after last night, I'm pretty much liken it too."

I climbed between his legs and slid my knees under his thighs our cocks are pressed together. I leaned forward and wrapped him in my arms my hands lightly holding his face. I spoke very softly. "Don't panic on me Michael." I ran my fingertips over his temples. "I know that commitment.........can be scary. But, well, I just don't want you to freak. Cause baby..........there's no fucking way that I'm changing my mind." I lifted my hands slightly in frustration and then start playing with Michael's hair. "You know..........the whole idea of me changing my mind implies that you've left me with free will, that I have the ability to change my mind." I turned my head slightly and then kissed the base of Michael's neck. He made a little "unn" sound. I leave my face buried in his neck and speak softly.

"How could I ever stop loving you? I can't even stop thinking about you. I don't wanna work cause when I do I'm away from you. Everything that happens in between our kiss goodbye in the morning and kiss hello at night is like a total waste to me because I'm not with you." I lifted my head and smiled at him. "You're driving me fucking nuts you know."

Michael was staring up into my eyes and didn't say anything for a few moments. Then he stretched his arm out and grabbed the tube of lube on the nightstand and handed it to me.

"I need you to fuck me." He pulled my face down to his and kissed me. "Need and want." He gave me a crooked smile and his hazel eyes flashed. "I hope you know what you've started."

I pushed his knees up and told him. "Hold these." He hooked his hands under his knees and I jumped out of bed and ran naked for my suitcase. I tore it open, grabbed what I wanted and ran back and jumped into bed. I scooted forward until I was in the exact same position that I was in before. Michael lowered his legs back down until they were draped over my thighs again.

His head was raised and he was staring at my hands. "Whadya go get?"

It suddenly dawned on me that this might freak him out too but I gone too far to stop and wait. I set the small red and gold box on his chest. He lifted it and stared at the cover.


"It's for us. Open it but please don't freak!"

Michael picked up the little box like it's nitro and I really began to worry. "Oh fuck Michael! This is probably something we should have done together. God I'm an asshole!"

Michael still hadn't opened the box but he looks up and me and laughs. "Will you fucking relax, Jeff! I was truly pissed about you making decisions for me but this is different." He shook the box. "I'm assuming this isn't a pearl necklace?"

Michael opened the box but let it continue to rest on his chest. He laid his head back down on the pillow and looked up at me. He spoke softly. "I'm not sure that we're supposed to do this while we're fucking."

"We're not fucking yet. I thought maybe...........you know..........we'd like........put on the rings...........and then...............well............fuck."

Michael lifted his head and looked in the box again. "Oh...........well.....yeah........that'd be okay." His hands were hovering over the box but he wasn't touching the rings. He gave me a little boy look. "You're sure?"

I reached forward and took one of the rings out of the box. "Gimme your right hand." He does and I slip the triple gold band over the third finger of his hand. "There! That wasn't so bad. Was it?" I picked up the other ring but Michael stopped me.

"Let me do that, Jeff." He pulled my right hand to his face and kissed the palm slowly and then slipped the ring on the third finger. He looked up at me and said. "You've lost your hardon."

I leaned over him, my face just a fraction of an inch from his, I could feel his breath on my face. "I know how to get it back but first.......this is okay? You're okay with this?"

Michael smiled up at me. "Baby, I'm so much more than okay with this that I don't even know how to tell you, at least not yet anyway." He pulled my face down while he raised his head up to meet me in a kiss. "You're getting hard again."

I kissed the bridge of his nose. "Yeah, and I know just what to do with it." I was beginning to slowly thrust forward, the tip of my cock pressing lightly against Michael's butt. I moved the head of my cock slowly around his asshole allowing my precum to get it good and wet, then applying just the very slightest pressure I began to penetrate him. He had been holding his head up trying to watch, the muscles in his neck standing out but as the head of my dick popped through Michael's head fell back against the pillow as he let out a low moan.

Then we were joined by the head of my dick in his ass and separated by the six additional inches of my cock that was between us and while the precum had been enough lube in the beginning I knew that we'd need more now. I took the small bottle and turning it over allowed a small stream of lube to drop on Michael's perineum, where it ran down onto my cock, and then ran a stream of it along the top of my cock.

I moved my cock forward and inch or so and waited. "More!" Michael said his voice sounded throaty. "I can take more, Jeff, you don't have to be so gentle."

"Okay." I leaned forward to kiss him and all the while I did my cock was moving deeply into his ass. Underneath me his body was in constant motion, his pelvis tilting up and down, his stomach contracting and releasing, his hand grasping and releasing my thighs and his head moving from side to side. I held his head steady and then kissed him deeply.

"Fuck me hard, Jeff! I wanna feel the way that I did this morning. I wanna know that your cock has been in me that you fucked the crap outta me. I wanna be able to feel it all day."


"You gonna shave?" Michael was drying himself off after we had gotten out of the shower.

"I gotta, it drives me nuts if I don't but you don't have to if you don't want to, if we go to lunch or something you'll just look fashionable." I smiled at him in the mirror.

He picked up the shaving cream. "Well I sure as fuck don't want to look fashionable! My mom says that you should always try to look clean."

"Well, mom's probably know best about that sort of thing." I laughed. "I don't always agree with them about butt fucking but when it come to clean mom is probably dead on."

When I finished shaving I stepped behind Michael and wrapped my arms around him while he shaved. "God you feel good!" I ran my hands lightly up his chest.

"You pinch my nipples and I'll end up cutting my throat." He was shaving his upper lip.

I moved my hands to his narrow hips. "What happens if I rim you?"

He laughed. "Come on now! I'll cut myself! I'm really bad with sharp stuff anyway. Every time I pick up a chef's knife I cut myself."

"How about coffee? Can you drink coffee with anything terrible happening? I'll hide the knives."

Michael wiped his face of with the washcloth and then turned and pulled me to him. He tilted his head as I tilted mine and we kissed lightly at first and then tongues got involved.

He pulled away from me and held my face in his hands. "Thank you. This weekend, the ring..............you." My eyes were tearing up and I laid my chin on his shoulder, my arms were wrapped tight around him, his beating heart between my hands and my chest.

I mumbled into his ear. "Why don't we get that coffee before I turn into a blubbering idiot." I lifted my head off of his shoulder, took his hand and pulled him into the kitchen.

The coffee was ready and I pouring each of us a cup.

The phone rang.

"Michael will you get that, it's probably Rosie." Then as an afterthought. "Check the caller........................ I never got a chance to finish.

Michael had snapped up the phone. "Rosie! For once we're not naked when you're calling."

Michael's face seemed to freeze and then shatter but a moment later it was a mask. "Mr Caldwell.............Brian!" Michael lowered himself slowly onto the chair at the kitchen table while raising his left hand to his forehead. "Ye, ye, yes.......yes he's here." Then moments later. "Since the boy died. Yeah, we do get along." Michael seemed to be deflating before my eyes.

He looked over at me with deer in the headlight eyes. "Jeff, it's Brian Caldwell. He wants to talk to you about the boy."

While Brian Caldwell was telling me basically what Michael had already told me Michael had laid his head on his arms on the table and was slowly shaking it.

I said goodbye to Brian and slowly walked over to Michael and put my hands on his shoulders. "You okay?"

Michael lifted his hands and then dropped them in defeat. "I knew they had to be told. I, I just hoped that I could do it in my own time."

"Who will Brian tell?"

"Officially nobody. But he and Joe are both partners and you're Joe's biggest client. Hell, you're the firms biggest client! No way he's not telling him." He leaned all the way back in the chair and ran his fingers through his hair. "Fuck!"

I sat down next to Michael. "And you feel?"

Michael shook his head slowly and laughed without humor. "Oh let's see, embarrassed, ashamed, stupid, vulnerable, afraid, and a million other things"

I reached forward to take his hand and he almost pulled it away but then didn't. "Pretty fuckin scary isn't it?"

Michael nodded yes but there were tears starting to form in his eyes. "I feel like I'm letting you down."

"Baby, you're not letting me down. You're just going through something that you didn't expect and have never experienced." I squeezed his hand a little tighter. "What hasn't hit you yet is the reality of us as a couple. When you're just by yourself you're vulnerable in so many ways, both financially and emotionally. But now that you're part of an us," I reached up and lightly touched his face, "you're so much stronger............but you have to realize it...............and you haven't yet."

Michael looked at me. "Why do I feel so afraid? How can they do that to me?"

"The nature of the fucking world. Want me to fix it?"

"Whatdya mean?" He looked questioningly at me.

"You're half of an us. My half of the us can fix it, just like if I had a legal problem, your half of the us could fix it. So, ya want me to? I mean it pretty much has to be done anyway."

"Whatdya gonna do?"

"Watch, it'll be a surprise." I picked up the phone and called Joe Callin's private line."

"Hi Joe. I'm good. Calling from Florida. Yeah the weathers great. Joe, you probably already know this but Michael Worthington and I have become partners, well, actually, lovers and the thing is that neither Michael nor I want this to affect my relationship with the firm. Right Joe, Michael wants to just continue to do his thing like this relationship doesn't exist. I guess that I just want to make sure that you feel that that's possible. Great Joe, great. I'll call you when I get back. Bye Joe."

I smiled at Michael. "You're bullet proof."

"What you really mean is that they can't say anything cause their afraid of loosing your account. It's not like they really want me there."

"Michael, you're a good lawyer and for whatever reason they keep you you're going to continue to turn out the fine work that they expect. And another thing, Joe Callin is many things, including being a first rate attorney and an ornery son-of-a-bitch but also, I believe, an honorable guy. When my ex-wife outted me Joe and I were working on the divorce one night and finally went out to get some dinner. At some point during the meal I asked Joe how he felt about all of this, I mean me being gay and all. He looked at me and said." "Jeff as long as I don't have to sleep with ya I really don't give a damn."

"Michael, there's no doubt in my mind that that's how Joe feels about this. He's a businessman and his main concern is the bottom line."

Michael looked up at me. "He wants to keep you happy."

"Yeah Michael, there's some of that, maybe even a lot of that but I really think that he's one of those straight guys that just doesn't give a fuck. And, I don't think that there's any way that he's gonna let the information out to the rest of the firm."

I pulled him up into my arms. "Nothing bad is gonna happen, Michael." I wrapped my arms tight around him while he rested his chin on my shoulder. I spoke very softly. "Why don't we go out onto the patio and finish our coffee by the pool? Naked."

There was a smile in Michael's voice. "You just wanna look at my dick."

I laughed and pulled Michael's towel loose and let it drop to the floor. "Not just your dick sweetheart, that fantastic butt of yours too."

We sat side by side on a double chaise lounge that hadn't been there the last time that I had been to the house. God love her, Rosie at work! The sun was just beginning to get the patio warm and there was still a bit of mist rising off of the heated pool.

I reached down and took Michael's hand. "Warm enough babe?"

"Yeah I'm good. How warm is it supposed to get today?"

"Been hitting the high seventies but it'll be warmer here because we're protected from any breeze." I was playing with Michael's fingers.

"Michael, let's talk about money and get it the fuck out of the way." I could feel him tense. "Okay, okay! Stay calm! It's just that...........well first I totally agree with why you were mad at me for not discussing the plane with you."

He looked at me very seriously. "Do you really understand?"

I lifted his hand and kissed it. "I didn't give you a chance to make a decision. I tried to take that away from you. But let me ask you a question. Were you opposed to the idea of the plane too or just the fact that I tried to con you?"

Michael swung his left leg over my waist and sat straddling me, he reached down and interlaced his fingers through mine.

"The manipulation pissed me off. The plane...........well.........I have no point of reference for the plane, it's beyond anything I ever really considered. I guess from my point of view it seems excessive." He smiled. "But it sure is cool."

I spread my arms, which caused him to lean forward and then I raised my head and kissed him. "The thing is, if I had been making this trip by myself, I would have done it the same way. It's not like you being along increased the cost or anything." Michael's naked ass was directly on top of my cock, which was reacting with a mind of its own.

Michael tilted his head to the side and smiled at me. "Jeff, sweetheart, you're so full of shit. Why don't you just tell me where you goin with this and we'll save a lot of time."

I laughed. "I don't want you to pay me for anything and still let me shower you with gifts."

Michael was slowly beginning to move his butt very slightly back and forth. He laughed out loud. "What kinda gifts?"

I laughed. "Well, like tiara's and shit. No, just stuff, like the plane............and stuff..........it's just that you've got me afraid to do anything." An idea popped into my head.

"How about we use your fellow attorneys and let them work this out?" He started to speak but I held up my hand to silence him. "Really, think about it. You get Brian, he already knows that you're gay, and I'll use Joe and let them work out some reasonable arrangement that we both can live with." He started to speak but then stopped and I knew that I had him.

"You won't pressure them?"

"Honest to god I won't, Michael. Whatever they come up with is fine with me.

"I promise that I'll tell Joe exactly what happened and how I would like this to work out but beyond that nothing. Whatever they come up with, they come up with." Michael's ass was becoming slick with my precum as he gently moved his ass forward and back.

I grinned up at Michael. "You can't possibly be ready to get fucked again?

He bent down and kissed me. "I told ya that you were starting something."

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lost and found chapter 3

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The phone was ringing. I knew this to be true but was unable to move to answer it because I was really still asleep but it just wouldn't stop.

Finally I felt Michael sit up and reach over me to the nightstand. He picked up the phone and said. "Callin & Callin, can I help you?" Then. "Oh fuck! Oh shit, what am I saying?" He fumbled around and finally turned on the light. "I'm so sorry! I was asleep. This isn't Callin & Callin." Then plaintively. "Can I help you?"

"Oh hi Rosie. Jeff is right here. Well of course he is, this is his house. Hang on Rosie."

I was approaching consciousness due mainly to Michael shaking me and calling my name.

"Jeff! Jeff! It's Rosie! On the phone! God she must think I'm a moron!" Michael handed me the phone and then fell back against the pillow with his hands over his face.

I sat up, shielding my eyes from the light on the nightstand and took the phone.

"You ever sleep Rosie?"

"Hardly ever boss. You fellas sure are smooth, first thing in the morning."

"I thought I was doing great, although I don't think that Michael's a morning person."

Michael had rolled over onto his stomach and covered his head with the pillow. His voice was muffled. "Tell her I'm not usually this dumb!"

"Michael says to tell you that he's not usually this dumb."

Rosie was laughing. "Boss, when you look like Michael, it just don't matter. Actually with his looks he could get away with bein a whole lot dumber."

I laughed. "Rosie, I hope you didn't call at 5:30 in the morning to flirt with my boyfriend."

"Nope boss. I got a call a couple of hours ago from that dude that I always talk to in Australia. Well anyway, he tells me he's seein big buy orders comin through from the big houses. So I wanted to see if it was gonna continue, you know like when they started trading in Europe and it did at first and then it stopped but now it's started again and I'm thinking you might wanna cover you short positions before this hits New York."

She had my total attention now. "How big Rosie?"

"Huge Boss, this ain't speculators, this is the big houses. Futures are up almost twenty points on Globex."

"You got the buy orders ready Rosie?"

"Boss, I just gotta push the button."

"No sense in being greedy, do it Rosie."

"Orders are in Boss. Want me to call you with the fill prices?"

"No, I'll be in later. We can go over it all then. I'm thinking of going short Crude, think about and we'll talk later."

She laughed. "You think they jiven us about this war?"

I yawned and ran my right hand over Michael's shoulders. "I'm thinking maybe. Ask Henry to put together a strategy." I lifted the covers and peaked at Michael's butt. He pulled the covers back around him and mumbled. "Pervert!"

There was an aggravated tone to Rosie's voice. "If he ever gets his lazy butt in here."

"Now, now, Rosie. Not everyone is an insomniac." Then quickly. "No, no, don't even say it! You can leave as soon as New York closes. Hell, earlier if you want. Aaaaannnnddd a bonus!"

"Now you're talkin my language Boss!"

"So then it's okay if I go back to playing with my boyfriend?"

Rosie was laughing. "Boss honey, you give that boy a big kiss for me."

"Well, if you insist Rosie, I may just do that very thing."

After hanging up I slid down and pulled Michael to me. He rolled over and laid his head on my right shoulder and his arm over my chest. "She's gonna tell everybody in your office that you're married to an idiot."

I laughed. "She thinks you're cute, real cute actually." I kissed his forehead. "I do too." Michael moved his right leg over mine, his upper thigh lightly pressing against my cock.

Michael whispered into my chest. "I don't want to go to work. I don't ever want to leave this room."

I put my hand on the side of Michael's head and lightly ran my fingers through his hair. I kissed him again. "I feel like you're safe in my arms, that we're safe together, warm and safe. Well, maybe warm, safe and horny."

Michael giggled into my chest and then sighed. "Is it fucking snowing out?"

"Can't tell but probably."

An idea began to form but I decided to take it slowly. "What? You don't like the snow? You're supposed to love it, you live in Wisconsin."

"God Jeff, I hate it when it's like this, cold, dreary."

I rubbed Michael's back. "Think you could get tomorrow off?"

"I don't know. Why? You know, come to think of it, I've never asked for a day off."

"It'd be a long weekend. We could go someplace warm, someplace we could lie naked in the sun."

Michael lifted his head off of my chest. "Where? You know we'd never get tickets. This time of year you can't just call and expect to leave the next day, besides, the drive to Milwaukee, it's all just so far."

"Well, first things first. You think there's a chance of getting the day off, then we could leave tonight when you get off work?"

Michael was obviously getting into the idea of taking off for someplace warm. He sat up and then swung his leg over so that he was straddling my lap. "You know, I just might be able to. If I can get off I'll have my secretary start calling around for tickets."

I held my hand up for a second and then lightly touched Michael's arm. "No babe, let Rosie take care of it. You're right, it'll be hard to get tickets and Rosie wrote the book on this sorta stuff." The ice was getting very thin.

Michael's knees were squeezing me in excitement. "Okay, so where are we goin?"

"I've got a house in Florida...Naples. My dad bought the property back in the sixties and built the house just before he died. Janet tried getting it in the divorce but my dad had set it up in a trust that she couldn't break. He never did like her."

"What about your mom? Won't she be there?"

I laughed. "Oh god! Leave Palm Beach? No fucking way! Anyway, I'm sure she's convinced that when I'm there it's just one big gay orgy after another. She'd never come near the place." I smiled up at Michael. "You're excited."

Michael looked like a little boy. "You bet I am. It's just that this endless winter drags me down and................well the whole thing about the boy, Scott. Not exactly designed to chase away the winter blues." He smiled down at me and then laid his head next to mine and stretched his legs out so that he was lying on top of me. "I wanna be naked with you. Someplace where it's warm enough to be naked. Just you and me, together, in the sun. God I hope Rosie can find tickets!"

I kissed Michael's forehead. "Count on it. Rosie never fails." Then covering my ass. "I'll tell her to do whatever she's gotta do." I was lying to my boyfriend and at some point in the next eight hours I was gonna have to undo it. I........I just didn't want to freak him out. He's sensitive about the difference in our financial situations and I don't blame him, I would be too if our positions were reversed.


I rammed the car through the snow bank that had built up at the entrance to the private part of the airport, the wheels spinning uselessly for a second and then catching. In the distance it looked like the huge yellow snowplows were just finishing up the job of clearing the runways, their overhead lights flashing and casting a strange, pulsing glow across the piles of snow around the runway.

Michael was yelling. "I should be fucking mad at you! I don't mow fucking lawns for a living! I'm a fucking attorney!" Michael turned his head quickly and glared at me. "I can pay my own way!"

"I know! I know you can." As we were approaching the guardhouse I slowed down and glanced at Michael. "Look! I fucked up!" Then softly. "I love you. Don't be mad."

The guard looked hard at my car and then, recognizing me, waved me through. I speeded up and swung a bit to the right and headed to the hangar.

Michael turned slightly in his seat. "This doesn't have anything to do with my love for you." He turned back so that he was facing forward and spoke softly. "I love you too.......and that isn't going to change. But Jeff, you should have told me. Maybe I wouldn't have wanted to go but maybe I would. The fact is that you didn't want me to make that decision."

"Baby, I fucked up. You're right. You should have had the chance to say no. And you're right that I thought you might say no, so I tried to take that decision away from you." I reached for Michael's hand and he didn't pull it away. His fingers were warm and dry. "I'll never do it again! I promise that I won't make your decisions for you. I do respect you. You know that don't you?" The plane was directly in front of us, its lights rotating and flashing rhythmically, the captain, Jim Walderson standing by the stairs with a younger man in a parka. "We don't have to go now. Just say the word and we can go back home or drive to Milwaukee and catch a commercial flight."

Michael looked at me seriously. "I'm paying for half of this. And you're taking the check. No bullshit!"

I was totally guilty of everything that Michael had accused me of. A person can get used to making the decisions............for everyone. But I never should have done that with Michael. He was right, I treated him like I didn't trust him to make the right decision and now I was terrified that I had damaged a relationship that was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

"Does that mean that you forgive me?" I tried the slightest of smiles.

Michael gave me a despairing look. "Of course I forgive you! I fucking love you!" He reached over and took my face in his hands and spoke softly. "Love you." Then even more softly. "I didn't fall in love with you for the day, or the weekend and I didn't do it thoughtlessly, and it isn't going to change. The only thing that I ask, is that you respect me, as much as I respect you."

"I promise Michael. Really, I promise." Then a long second later. I looked down and then back up at him. "I need you to kiss me."

And then his lips were on mine, his arms around my neck, a little sound coming from the back of his throat. His breath was warm and clean tasting as I inhaled it and I could feel a faint stubble on his face. As we were breaking the kiss I could see Walderson over by the plane, staring at his feet.

"Hun, we better get on board. If that's what you really want. But," I nodded towards the plane, "we're keeping the crew waiting."

Michael smiled. "Florida! Let's go!"

I waved at the captain and he immediately sent the younger man over to help us with our luggage and he then took my car and pulled it into the hangar. Michael and I walked towards the plane. I held my hand out to the captain.

"Jim, this is my partner Michael Worthington." Jim Walderson is probably the calmest, most unflappable, man that I've ever known, a great quality in a pilot.

Jim and Michael extended their hands simultaneously. "Nice to meet you Mr. Worthington."

Michael smiled. "Just Michael, Jim." He laughed. "Too cold for formality."

Jim started to steer us towards the plane. "Well fellas, I can help you with the cold part. Hop on board and I'll have you in seventy degree weather in a few hours." Then pointing at the doorway. "Bill is in there. He'll fix you boys up with a couple of drinks and a nice dinner.

We climbed into the plane and Bill, the steward, came over and helped us off with our coats, which he then hung up. Terry, the co-pilot wave to us from the cockpit as we walked past it.

Bill had a tendency to fill every empty second with conversation and while that's a trait that normally aggravates me with Bill it just seems funny.

Bill said. "God, when you think about it, this is just like White Christmas in reverse. Instead of going north for the snow we're going south for the sun. Well, if you guys are Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, I quess that means that I must be either Rosemary Clooney or Vera Ellen." Bill had just gotten us seated on either side of a table facing each other and as he turned to walk towards the front of the plane. "Great chow tonight Mr. Palmer. I raided Lufthansa."

The planes engines revved high and then settled down and we began to roll slowly towards the main runway, the wing tips of the plane flapping gently. The phone on the table buzzed and Jim asked me if we were ready to go. "The sooner the better, Jim."

Michael was looking around and slowly shaking his head. He looked at me and laughed.

"Holy shit!" He rubbed the bridge of his nose and then looked at me again. "I see that you're not exactly a new customer."

I reached out and took his hand in mine, not sexually or even romantically but just a contact. "It's not really any different than a sky box at a football stadium. We deal with people who handle huge amounts of money, sometimes you need things like this. We used to have our own but now we just use Jim's company. They've got four of these Falcon 900's and they can take you about anywhere."

"The last couple of years before my dad died he used them a lot, private planes that is, not this company. He was so sick at times that he just couldn't deal with a commercial flight and also I think that when he was in Florida he felt he could be however he wanted to be. He didn't have to put up a brave front if he didn't feel like it. Nobody knew him there."

The phone buzzed again just as we were making the turn onto the main runway. It was Bill. "Mr. Palmer, I figure you want you usual martini but I was wondering what Mr. Worthington would like."

I looked up at Michael. "Martini?" He nodded yes.

"Make it two, Bill."

"Just as soon as we're airborne Mr. Palmer. Just another couple of minutes."

The plane completed its swing and the engines revved up to what seemed almost impossible power and then we were hurtling down the runway. A few seconds later and the nose came up and we were away.

The relatively few lights of the mostly dormant airport were quickly disappearing beneath us and then we were climbing above farmhouses in the countryside with porch lights casting yellow circles on the snow. The plane began to level off around thirty thousand feet and Bill came aft with a pitcher of Martini's.

"Gentlemen, if you would like to have these drinks back in the lounge I'll set the table for dinner while you're relaxing." We got up and followed Bill back to an area with a sofa and cocktail table.

I pulled Michael down next to me. He sprawled on the sofa, leaning against me, our heads touching. Bill headed off to the galley area and I put my arm around Michael's neck and untied his necktie and then pulled it off.

"You've forgiven me." It was a statement.

He turned his head slightly and looked into my eyes. "Of course." He smiled and then touched his forehead to mine. "If I didn't forgive you I wouldn't get to make love to you. And..........if I didn't get to make love to you," he waved his hand, "what would be the point of.............anything?" My arm was stilled draped over Michael's shoulder and I pulled him in for a kiss.

I snuggled my head next to Michael's. "Tell me about your day."

Michael swung his legs up on the sofa and was lying with his back against me and his head resting on the side of my chest. My arm was lying across his chest. He rubbed his hand over his eyes. "Frantic, like always. We're working on a big acquisition for a client and there's like a zillion details to deal with. Oh, by the way, Caldwell said that he was sending you a preliminary report on the boy, Scott. But don't look for too much just yet. It's just gonna be stating what's already known, what we need to find out and how he's gonna go about it. Like a plan."

I suddenly remembered again something that had occurred to me earlier. "Shit! Michael I remembered something today that I never even told the cops. Remind me to email them when we get to the house."

He twisted around in my arms and looked at me. "What?"

"When I was pulling in to that rest area there was an old van pulling out. It was quite a ways away from me but I think it was white or some light color." I sighed. "Doesn't add much does it?"

Michael rolled back around. "No way to know. If we start turning up possibles it could mean a lot. How old you figure it was?"

"Geez, I'm really bad at guessing the age of cars. Five, ten years old. Hell, it coulda been twenty. I'm clueless when it comes to stuff like cars. But if they went in to the john they musta seen the kid and maybe even dropped him there."

Bill suddenly appeared on my left. He hunkered down next to us and spoke quietly, almost conspiratorially. "Fellas, I put your salads on the table and whenever you feel like eating them is fine. We've got plenty of time. When you guys start on them I'll start the other stuff." I knew that Bill was gay and rumor had it that he and the copilot, Terry, were an item. It felt good that he was gay too, like we had someone with us who understood.

As Bill was walking away Michael twisted in my arms so that he was lying with his cock pressed against my leg. God, his butt looked perfect! He looked up at me with those hazel eyes and the softest looking, longest looking eyelashes. He wrapped his arms around my waist and said. "I want you to fuck me this weekend. I wanna feel what it's like." My cock was instantly hard.

I ran my fingers through Michael's hair. "I wanna fuck you bad! But are you sure you're ready?"

"Only one way to find out." He reached down and grabbed my very obvious hardon. "This from the thought of fucking me?"


Michael just smiled and said. "Oh my."

I bent my head down and kissed the top of his. His hair was touching my face. "Whatdya say we eat some dinner?"

Michael pushed himself up off of the sofa and then pulled me up. He had come right from work and was still wearing a white dress shirt that we had managed to wrinkle a bit and dark gray dress pants that were tenting out with his hardon.

We sat down and started eating our salads. Michael glanced up at me and then said. "So, is it gonna hurt?"

I smiled at him. "The salad? I don't think so but eat it slowly."

Michael made a grinning face at me. "Smart ass! You know what I mean. Just how painful is giving you my virginity gonna be?"

From the way he said it I had to laugh. I rested my chin on my hand and tried to look thoughtful. "I'm not sure that technically it's your virginity. Well.........maybe it is. Anyway," I reached forward and ran the back of my knuckles over the back of his hand, "if we're careful and take our time, it doesn't have to be painful and once you get used to it, it's fucking fantastic."

Michael smiled with a mouthful of salad, then after swallowing he said. "How much screaming am I gonna be doing before the fucking fantastic part?"

I laughed. "Not much, anyway, the gag stops most of it."

Michael laughed and then his face turned serious. He reached out with his index finger and touched my hand. "I've been thinking about you inside of me. Sometimes at work it just kinda pops into my head. It's almost like......well.....like a need." He blushed slightly and waved his hand as if to wave the idea away. "I sound like an idiot."

"Michael, in a way it is a need. At least I think that I know what you mean. I don't have a lot more experience than you but I had been fucked before and while it was okay it wasn't like it is with you." I was looking into his eyes and then looked away. "With you it's something more..........it's the love I guess. Anyway, it's way better than before."

We were just finishing our salads and Bill showed up with chicken breasts that had been roasted with slices of truffles under the skin, oven roasted potato's and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. "Were the salads okay guys?"

We both nodded enthusiastically. "They were great Bill."

Michael looked at me and slowly shook his head. "I'm gonna gain a hundred pounds living with you. You always eat like this?"

I tapped the edge of his plate with my fork. "Eat! You're gonna need your strength. You burn a lot of calories moaning."

I took a bite of chicken and then stared over at Michael. "You really do have a gorgeous butt." I laughed, partly because it was embarrassing. "When you put on one of my suits in the morning and you're walking around tying your tie and stuff I watch the way that your butt moves in my pants, the way that the material contours itself to you butt cheeks."

Michael took a sip of wine and said. "How come you never told me you were lusting after my ass?"

"I didn't wanna freak ya out. I was just thrilled that you were fucking me. You're getting pretty good at that you know."

Michael reached over and interlaced his fingers through mine. "I like my work."

Then Michael's face got a bit darker. Any surprises waiting for me in Florida, like a twenty thousand square foot mansion or anything?

I chewed down on one of the tiny roasted potato's. "Nope! I'll give you the whole story. Sometime during the late fifties or sixties my dad started going to Naples instead of Palm Beach. He owned a house in Palm Beach, actually the one my mom lives in now but for some reason he wanted to explore Naples. Anyway, he falls in love with it and buys something like sixty acres on the gulf but for years he didn't do anything with it. Now I know that sixty acres on the water seems like a big deal now, but back then it wasn't. I can remember when I was a little boy and my dad would mention that land, it was like it wasn't a big deal. He figured he got it cheap and finally in the early nineties he built a house on about ten of the acres and sold off the rest."

Michael gave me a wide eyed look. "Still, ten acres on the gulf! How big is the house?

I felt guilty. I always feel guilty about what I have, what's been given to me. "It's about thirty seven hundred square feet and..........it's pretty nice. Two years ago I had it remodeled to kinda bring it up to date."

I touched Michael's arm to get his attention. "Michael, it's really important to me that you understand, because most people don't. All that I was ever taught from the time that I was a little kid was the responsibility that I had, responsibility to employees and responsibility to our investors. I know that there are rich kids who just spend their lives fucking off but I wasn't raised that way. When I wake up in the morning the first thing that hits me is the fear that maybe, somehow, I fucked up, that somehow I did something that might put in jeopardy the future of our investors or employees." I cocked my head and looked at Michael. "You're the only truly happy thing that's happened to me since before my kids decided they hated me."

Michael had been staring at me while I spoke, then he reached out and pulled my head forward and kissed me, then slowly released me and sat back down. He held my eyes for a moment and then ducked his head. I could still feel his lips where they had been pressed to mine. "I do understand, or rather I'm beginning to. I guess at first I didn't understand." He smiled at me. "Some lawyer huh? I make English sound like it's not my first language."

I reached across the table and touched the side of Michael's forehead with the back of my fingers. "It's okay. I understand what you're saying.......and thanks."

Michael smiled at me and laid his head on his hand. "So I guess this means we won't have to sleep in a tent on the beach?"

I got up and pulled Michael back over to the sofa and pulled him down onto my lap. His left arm was around my neck and my arms were around his waist. I could feel the warmth of his body through his shirt. He made me feel so good, just his being there, just his being him.

"No babe, you won't have to sleep in a tent."

Michael turned slightly and laid his head on my shoulder, his mouth was next to my ear and he whispered softly. "I want you in me Jeff. I wanna feel your cock shooting in me, for us to be totally together. I mean, I know we have but for me this'll be different."

I kissed Michael's neck just under his chin. "I wonder if there's anyway we can get em to fly this plane faster?"

Michael slid backward off of my lap onto the sofa. "Doesn't matter, I'll still be hard. I've been hard since we met. My dick must think that I've started making porn movies."


We came in over the Gulf of Mexico and settled slowly to the runway of the Naples Municipal Airport, the engines reversed thrust and soon we were moving to the private part of the airport.

Bill came up to us with our coats that seemed so inappropriate now. "Mr. Palmer, it's been wonderful to see you again and Mr. Worthington wonderful to meet you for the first time."

"Been great to see you again too Bill. You gonna be on the return flight on Sunday?"

Bill was standing with his hands clasped in front of his body. "Yes sir. We're picking a couple of businessmen up in about an hour, dropping them in Chicago and then on to Madison. But will be here Sunday evening to pick you up. Oh, and Mr. Walderson had your car brought over like usual. The keys are under the mat."

After the twenty degree weather that we had just experienced in Wisconsin, the seventy degree, warm, humid air hit as shock. The car that I keep in Florida was sitting about fifty feet from where the plane stopped. Michael stepped off the bottom steps of the stairs and held his arms up in the air.

"Thank fucking all!" He spun around twice and then hugged me hard. "God Jeff, I fucking love it!"

I couldn't stop smiling. Seeing Michael this happy, not in love happy but just joyous, little boy happy, gave me a tremendous thrill. I wanted more than anything to shower him with things he had never experienced, things he had never owned or ever dreamed existed but of course, I couldn't, not yet anyway. I knew that for at least a while there was no way the Michael would ever tolerate that.

I put my hands on his hips and said, "So this means you kinda like this?"

He rested his arms on my shoulders. "Babe, I fucking love it!"

We loaded our little bit of luggage into my dad's old BMW and headed for the house. My house has about three hundred feet of ocean or rather gulf frontage, almost every room faces the water. The master bedroom complex is the southern most room, followed to the north by a small media room, the kitchen, dining room and living room. Then on the east side of the house is a library/office and various utility rooms also the stairway that leads to the second floor, which has another three bedrooms. My dad loved the house and shortly before his death had a pool and patio put in just in front of the living room and dining room. At some point during my dad's trips to the area, somebody had gotten bit by a shark in the gulf and he decided that he wasn't taking any chances.

I use a service that keeps the house clean and when I'm coming down or going back home they go in and either stock up on food and clean the place or pitch the food and clean the place. Yes, it's indulgent and yes I feel guilty about it but I'm working on that. Actually Rosie has been a big help in adjusting my attitude towards these things and since she knows how nutty I get about it, whenever I'm headed down there she'll usually call and make all the arrangements.

Twenty minutes later we were pulling into the driveway. I pulled into the garage and we grabbed our stuff and went through the hallway that led to the kitchen. I was flipping on lights as we went. A dark house that hasn't been lived in feels so dead.

I pulled Michael through a dimly lit living room over to the French doors that led to the patio and pool. I flipped a switch and the pool glowed sapphire blue with tropical fish and turtles done in mosaics of bright yellows and greens, swimming through mosaic seaweed, around the sides of the pool.

Michael looked at me. "Can we go out there?"

"Babe you can do anything you want."

Michael turned to me and laid his chin on my shoulder and put his arms around my waist. "I wanna brush my teeth, take a shower with you and then have sex, also with you."


Michael hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his boxer shorts and pulled them down and then off. I watched as the elastic waistband was stretched over his gorgeous butt and then reformed itself against his thighs as he removed the shorts. I stepped behind him and wrapped my arms around his narrow waist, pulling him back against me. I kissed the back of his neck and then the side of his jaw as he twisted his head. The energy of life was so intense in him, like a sleek racehorse with quivering muscles.

He giggled and then reached behind himself and grabbed my hard cock. "Ya like me, huh?"

I ran my left hand slowly down the front of his body, feeling the rise and fall of his chest, and then wrapped my hand around his cock. "Yep, I'm thinking that I do."

He turned his head slightly again. "You do understand that if you keep slowly jerking me off and poking me in the butt with your dick that I'm probably gonna shoot?"

I smiled and took Michael's hand. "In that case we better get you under running water." I pulled him into the shower. There were eight spray heads shooting warm water at us.

"Wow, great shower!"

We came together in a kiss with the warm water hitting us from all sides, rocking back and forth as we explored each others tongues. I sucking on his and then he on mine and then licking the side of his jaw while he twisted his head back and groaned from the pleasure of it.

I grabbed the shower gel and a sponge and started doing Michael's back. He flexed his shoulders as I rubbed the lather in, my stiff dick swinging and slapping his butt. I reached down and ran a soapy hand between his ass cheeks.

"I'm gonna shove a soapy finger up your butt. Can you handle that?"

Michael turned around and poked me with his dick. "We gotta do something with these or we're gonna put an eye out." I said.

My hand was on Michael hip as he turned. "You're gonna go slow, right?" I moved my hand from his hip to gently cup his balls.

"Real slow, well, as slow as you need." I rested my arms on Michael's shoulders our cocks mashed together. "The point of this is pleasure and I would never hurt you."

Michael's eyes flashed. "Go for it." Then. "Do you want me bent over or anything?"

I turned him toward the wall of the shower, then pulled him away from it about three feet. "Okay, just lean forward with your hands on the wall." I chuckled. "Pretend I'm a cop, it helped me."

I knelt on the floor of the shower with the most beautiful ass that I've ever seen in front of me. I reached forward and soaped Michael's ass thoroughly and then gently began moving just the tip of my little finger into his ass.

"You okay?"

"Feels great, you can do more." With my other hand I reached between Michael's legs and tried to pull his cock backwards between his leg but there was no way that I could even pull it down to horizontal.

"I'm gonna use a bigger finger." I started massaging his butt hole with my middle finger, moving slowly towards the center and then finally pushing it gently into him.

When my finger made it in to the second knuckle Michael said. "Ohhhh!"

"What oh? Good oh or bad oh?"

"More like, oh my fucking god, oh. How far are you in?"

"Second knuckle. Clamp down on my finger as hard as you can."

Michael clamped down. Damn he was tight. I laughed. "Damn you're tight."

"That's good right?"

"Sure is babe. Now I'm gonna lightly massage your prostate with my finger." I moved my finger further into his smooth butt and then started to lightly rub his prostate. He immediately pushed his butt back towards me.

"Oh fuck Jeff!"

I laughed. "You like that?"

"Do it again Jeff........and try two fingers"

My own cock was practically squirting precum and looking between Michael's spread legs I could see a long string of precum running from the head of his dick to the floor of the shower. Periodically his dick would pulse and another glob of it would run down the strand. I reached forward and let some accumulate in my hand and then rubbed it around the head of Michael's cock. His legs immediately tensed up and he began to double over.

"Fuck no Jeff! Man, I am so fucking close to shooting!" I let go of his cock at once.

"Okay babe, just relax. I'm goin in with two." I pushed in the first half inch of my middle finger and then joined it with my index finger. When they first went in together Michael made a little noise, more of surprise than pain.

"All right Michael, now I'm just holding my hand steady and I want you to push back against it. If it hurts, stop." After a few minutes I was able to move freely and more or less painlessly in and out of Michael's butt.

Michael turned his head and looked down at me. "I want......I need you in me Jeff. Now." I reached over and turned the shower off and turned the steam on low.

"Okay, come on down on you hands and knees." Michael got down on the floor of the shower and before facing the wall he kissed me and sucked on my tongue.

Michael smiled. "Okay, I'm ready." Then. "Go slow."

As I touched the head of my dick to Michael's asshole the problem for me was to keep from cumming as soon as I started to enter him. I was concentrating on the memory of seeing my grandmother naked and then before I knew it Michael had pushed halfway back onto my dick. I looked down at his gorgeous butt with my cock sticking halfway into it and further up his body the broad spread of his shoulders. His head was thrown back and he was making an "ennnn, ennnn, ennnn," sound. I pulled my cock back a little and then began the slowest possible fucking motion. His head was turned slightly to the side and the hard line of his jaw was visible with a faint shadow of stubble and his mouth partly open.

When I pull my cock almost all the way out of Michael's ass and his muscles clamp down just behind the head of my dick the sensation is almost overwhelming.

"Oh fuck I love you!" That just came out, outta nowhere, I meant it but it was like my conscious mind wasn't saying it, like it was coming from somewhere deep. "I'm gonna go a little faster. Can you take it?"

"Yeah. I think anyway. Try it. Ahhhh! Are you all the way in?"

I had been slowly pushing forward and now my balls were lying against Michael's. "Yep, I am now. You okay?"

"Fuck Jeff, it's.........it's fucking unreal. By the way, I love you too. Kiss me." Michael rose up with my cock buried to the hilt in him and twisted his head and torso so that we could complete some sort of kiss, my arms were wrapped around his chest.

"Michael let's try this on our sides. Just drop slowly forward and then turn on your side."
My cock fell out on the way down but once I was positioned behind Michael on the floor of the shower I lifted his right leg and crossed my right leg over his left and entered him again. In this position it was easier to kiss and also easier to fuck.

"Oh yeah," Michael said, "this is way easier! Fuck me harder Jeff." Then quickly. "Not real hard but a little bit." He reached back with his right hand and placed it on my hip.

"Guide me with your hand Michael. If you want harder pull and if you want me to slow down just hold me back." My cock was moving smoothly in and out of his ass. Michael was incredibly tight but it was obvious that he was loving this big time and had even begun pushing back against me on my forward stroke.

My left arm was under Michael's head and my right hand was under his right knee, holding his leg up out of the way as I fucked him. I was moving fully into him now, slowly but strongly. Michael was gasping quietly and regularly on each thrust into him. I knew where he was at. It's that point where you're balanced between pain and pleasure, where you don't really think you can stand much more of it but at the same time the sheer physical pleasure is almost overwhelming.

"Oh God, Jeff! Oh fuck, I don't know!" His head was rolling back and forth on my arm.

"You okay babe? Want me to stop?"

"No! Not yet anyway." I let go of his leg and wrapped my hand around his cock, which after going soft right after I entered him, was now rock hard and plastered up against his stomach. I was at the point where I could cum any time that I wanted to and I didn't want this fuck to get to the point where it might turn into a negative thing.

"Feel my hand on your dick?"

"Oh fucking yes!"

I put my mouth right by his ear. "I'm gonna shoot my cum in your ass Michael. A big load of hot creamy white cum just for you babe." As soon as I said the words I could feel Michael's body react, his stomach muscles tightened, his back began to arch and his leg muscles began to tense. He half turned his head to me.

"I'm cumming. Oh fuck I'm cumming" I was just holding his dick when he began to spray his semen up over his upper chest and left shoulder, at the same time I was shooting in his ass. I thought for a moment that I was going to pass out from the steam and the intensity of my orgasm but I laid back on the floor of the shower my dick still draining itself into Michael's ass and tried to catch my breath.

I pulled Michael over so that he was half on top of me, his back to the side of my chest. I looked at him gasping for breath and when I reached over and started to spread his cum over his chest his head just rolled toward me while his stomach muscles went into spasm.

His eyes were half closed but when I started to smear his cum around they flashed open and he said," Oh fuck! "then closed them.

We laid there for a while just listening to our hearts beat and our lungs catch up. I could feel my cock begin to drop out of Michael's butt. He just said. "Oh!"

I laced my fingers through his. "So? Was it what you thought?"

He didn't answer right away but sat up and then turned over so that he was lying with his face on my shoulder and his left leg over my mine. He kissed the side of my jaw. He spoke very softly into the side of my neck.

"I............it was so intense. I could feel you shoot in me." He touched the other side of my face lightly with his fingertips. "Why is that so different? I mean.........when you were fucking me and especially when you came in me...........it changed things."

I kissed the side of his head. "Good change or bad change?"

He answered quickly. "Good change! But..........it's kinda weird...........cause I was totally in love with you before the fuck but I'm even more in love with you now and in kinda a different way."

I was stroking Michael's wet hair. "Different how?"

"I'm not really sure............I guess that I have to think about it but it's a sense of rightness...............maybe a feeling of belonging."

I was beginning to become aware of just how hard a marble floor can be. "Michael, we do have a bed ya know."

We got up at the same time and turned the shower back on. Michael smiled at me. "My ass feels................used." He wrapped his arms around me. "I like it."

A few minutes later we were climbing into our bed. I started to lie on my left side so that Michael could spoon me from behind but he stopped me. "Do that to me...........okay?"
He rolled onto his right side and I molded the front of my body to the back of his, my soft cock pressed against his butt. "Yeah, like that, just like that." He pulled my left arm against his chest.

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