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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cumz coming out

I love to climb. People always ask me why I climb mountains and of course, I give them the standard answer. “Because it’s there.” I like it most because of the strength and agility it takes to climb these magnificent pieces of earth. When I get to the top of them, I feel like I could conquer the world. The view is spectacular and the colors are just amazing. You can see forever.

I’ve been climbing mountains for ten years. I have not made it up Mt. Everest or K2 yet, but I plan on making it to the summit of Mt. Everest next year. Until then, I climb other mountains for practice and training. Last weekend, I packed up and started to climb again. It was unsure if I would be able to go or not. They were predicting a storm but then it was said that it passed over, so I began to climb the mountain with my best friend, Zack.

Zack isn’t quite as into climbing as I am, but he likes the challenge of making it up to the top with me. He doesn’t go with me all the time but once in awhile, he does make it “Come on. You can make it,” I yelled to Zack after a few hours of climbing. It wasn’t a terribly tall mountain, but it was a good challenge for us.

I’m coming,” he said.

“Look at the clouds. I think they were wrong about the weather. We have to make it to the shelter before it hits,” I told him. Now I wished that I wouldn’t have come on the trip. Those stupid meteorologists were wrong all the time. I should have gone with my own instincts.

“I know that. I’m hurrying,” Zack said. We were both exhausted, and Zack more than I, but if we wanted to make it, we had to hurry. It could very well be a matter of life and death. Because of the cold, it was getting harder to climb all the time.

“I see it!” I yelled. It wasn’t far now. We were nearly there. The snow was starting to come down now, and it was very cold. The closer we got, the harder the snow fell but our adrenaline was rushing through us to get us there. “We made it. Hurry inside,” I said. There was already snow on the mountain. A couple of feet of it, I think. So anymore snow would be detrimental to our survival if we didn’t get inside.

“I’m so glad we are here. We should have listened to the weather people,” he said.

“Yes, we should have but since we didn’t, we might as make the best of it now.

“Let me help you,” he said.

“Help me with what?” I asked, and grinned.

“Anything you want,” Zack said. He started to help me off with my pack, gear, and coat.

“Keep going,” I said. Zack seemed only too happy to oblige. He slowly took off my clothing and even though it was cold, I let him. There was a small heater inside the shelter that kept it from being as cold as it could have been. I still wanted Zack and the cold wasn’t going to stop us.

He took my cock into his hands and began to stroke just the way I liked it. He seemed to know just what to do and gave me the indication that this wasn’t his first time. He licked my balls for me, brushing my inner thighs with the backs of his hands now and then. Tingles ran through my body.

"That feels good. Stroke my cock more," I said, in a forward tone.

He stroked me slow, then ran his fingertips over my lower body. Again and again, he stroked me. With each time, it became faster. Then he would run his fingertips ticklishly over my lower body.

"You are driving me nuts," I said.

"Good," Zack said.

He lowered his head to my hard shaft. His tongue seemed to beg to taste me. I ached for him. He took my cock in and out of his mouth. I could feel him circle the head, then slide wetly down to the base. I gasped for air. I couldn't stop what I was feeling. Wondering about other hikers vanished from my mind. There was only pleasure now. Sucking madly and touching my balls and inner thighs was all I could handle. I moaned as my cock lurched forward, cumming into his mouth.

"Yes, suck my cock," I said. He sucked harder and faster, touching my body all over. My cum dripped down his throat. He swallowed twice taking all of the cream from my body. It was such an awesome feeling.

I took his clothes off and crawled onto a bunk with him. I touched his body lightly: his balls, inner thighs, then up over his cock. He moaned, so I knew it felt good to him.

"Put your mouth around me," he said. I did just as he asked. His cock slid down my throat. I got horny all over again and reached down to stroke my cock. I knew that I would cum with him. Tickling his balls and up over his hips made him squirm while he thrust into my mouth deeply. I could barely concentrate on one hand touching him, one touching me, my mouth sucking him, but I did, and with pleasure.

"I’m going to cum. Swallow me," he moaned.

I was cumming, too, all over his leg. It felt so damn good. He burst into my mouth so I could swallow all of his pleasure.

He grabbed onto my head so I couldn’t get up until every ounce of his cum had been swallowed.

"I didn’t know really that you like men, too,” He asked, when he could talk again.

"I’m gay." I told him honestly. I had a feeling he was, too, all this time but was never sure.

"Me, too." He got under a sleeping bag to keep warm, and he took me into his arms and held me until we could both breathe again. Once we were ready and horny, we began to fuck all over again. It was a night I will never forget and in the morning, the weather was better, so we climbed back down so we could be together at his place.

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