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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lost and found chapter 5

Michael and I walked out of the conference room with his attorney, Brian, and my attorney, Joe Callin. We stood together in the hallway while both Joe and Brian took off for their offices.

Michael was wearing a very light gray Glenn plaid suit with a gold tie and no underwear. The finely woven light wool material had molded itself perfectly to his ass when he turned earlier to hang up his suit coat. That was something that kept going in and out of my mind all during the meeting we had just concluded.

I was standing with my hands in my pockets and kept my face as expressionless as possible because I knew that we were being watched, even if we couldn't be heard.

I smiled at Michael. "I wanna fuck you."

He grinned at me. "Now, how would you like your mother to hear you talking like that?"

"Well, it's not like she's a regular mom. More like a Cruella DeVille mom. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if she had a Dalmation coat buried in one of her closets." I leaned against the door jamb with my hands still in my pockets.

I asked him. "Does this agreement satisfy you? Can you really live with it?"

Michael was lightly kicking the carpet with the toe of his shoe. "You're not gonna, like, start buying me all kinds a things are you?"

I smiled. "You don't like German cars?"

He smiled back and then kinda ducked his head. "They're okay, maybe a little pushy." He glanced quickly down the corridor at the secretaries beyond. "It's just that the thing I really like..........really, really like, is free." He glanced up at me and his hazel eyes flashed and then he smiled. "Okay, maybe one BMW."

"I wanna kiss you." I was staring deeply into his beautiful eyes.

"They're all watching, ya know?"

"I still wanna kiss you." I held up my hands. "I know, I know, I won't. I could buy you lunch, though."

"No such luck. I'm lunching with a client and then working my fucking ass off on the acquisition that I'm trying to talk them into making."

"Well, I guess that means I have to go back to work myself." I wanted so to touch him. See ya at home later. Bye, Hun."


Walking past Rosie's desk she handed me a stack of opened letters, most with yellow stickem notes attached.

"Geez, Rosie, you been saving these for a slow day? "

"You're just popular, Boss. How did the meeting go?"

I stopped walking and thought for a moment, reliving the bits of the meeting. "Good, Michael seemed happy, and that was the whole point of the thing. And Joe and Brian had really worked this out, really given it some thought. I was impressed. There was a lot of stuff that I had never even considered, much less put a price on. But the important thing is that what they came up with is fair, for the both of us."

"Boss, I set a list of appointments on your desk. I didn't figure you'd be back this early, so they don't start coming until two o'clock. Ya got some time to think."

I turned back and sat on the edge of Rosie's desk. "Rosie, ya think Ralph is bothered seeing two gay guys? Cause, like, ya know, we don't always wear bathrobes and stuff; lot'sa times we're walking around in our boxers and stuff. I mean, he's never said anything and, knowing him, he never would, but I was wondering if it bothered him."

Rosie smiled evilly and leaned back in her seat, resting her arms on the chair's. "He thinks you two are cute."


"Not my word, Boss, his. You gotta remember that you're someone he's been worrying over for more than thirty years, from the time you was a little boy. He spent a lot a time see'n you unhappy and now he's see'n you the other way, and see'n you happy makes him happy. Plus the fact that I happen to know for sure that he likes Michael."

"He told you that?"

"Yep. Michael has always been polite to Ralph, never treat'n him like a servant; that counts for a lot. Plus the fact that Ralph sees Michael reading. May seem like a simple thing, but Ralph don't have much time for people who don't read books. Truth be told, Boss, boxer shorts or bare ass naked, I don't think you guys are gonna do much to upset Ralph. You know how he is, even better'n me, once he makes up his mind about a thing or a person, he don't change it much. He thinks you guys are cute and, anything short of your committ'n an axe murder, he's gonna keep on think'n you're cute."

"Well.............that's a relief. It's just that it's not always easy to know what people are thinking." I got up and started to walk to my office. "How are the markets doing?"

"Up and down mostly, Boss. But I'm telling ya, we gotta start buying gold. I know you don't think much of it, Boss, but just remember the basics. The commercials are short three and a half years of production. Gold keeps edge'n up and, eventually, they're gonna have to cover those short positions."

"How would you handle it, Rosie?"

"Boss, we been need'n a precious metal sector fund for a while now, and I can't think of a better time."

"Get some people on it, Rosie. Gimme a proposal." I started to turn toward my office.

I could hear the smile in Rosie's voice even without looking. "It's on your desk, Boss."

I kept walking but had to smile.


Michael was lying on our bed on his stomach wearing only gray, knit gym shorts that were riding up his beautiful butt; his back and shoulders flaring out in a "v" from the waistband. He was reading the rough draft of a contract for a client and wearing small black-rimmed reading glasses that made him look even more adorable than usual. I was reading Rosie's proposal, there was nothing on TV, and around nine o'clock we just ended up in bed, both of us cleaning up loose ends from work.

Michael pulled his glasses off, folded them carefully and put them on his nightstand.

I looked at him. "Done working?"

"Yep. I been reading contracts from nine this morning, and the words are beginning to run together. That can't be good for our clients." He swiveled his body around and laid his head on my stomach, his right arm lying across my hips.

I reached down and gently ran my hand over his hair. "Tough day?"

"Nah, tedious. A let's-negotiate-every-fucking-word day. Wears me out, but at least that part is finished." Michael cupped my cock and balls, which at the moment were encased in boxer briefs.

I laid Rosie's proposal on the night stand and tugged at Michael's shoulders until he came up on the bed and shoved his left arm under me and laid his head on my shoulder. I lifted his chin with my left hand and looked into his eyes and then lightly kissed him.

I laughed.


"You look like a little boy tonight."

"Now what on earth makes you say that?"

"I dunno. Sometimes you just get a kinda little boy look to you. Actually, it's sexy as hell." I scrunched down and pulled his right leg over me. "By the way, Rosie tells me that Ralph thinks we look cute and doesn't give a fuck about us walking around in our skivvies. That was something I was kinda wondering about."

Michael lowered his head, ran his tongue over my nipple and then looked up. "Actually, I knew that."

I pushed his head lightly down to my nipple again. "How did you know that?"

Michael smiled up at me. "I asked him. Subtle, huh?" I laughed and he went back to my nipple.

"What'dya mean? How did you ask him?" Michael was pushing his hand down into my briefs and playing with my cock, squeezing it and running his thumb around the head.

"I just asked him if having a couple of gay guys running around half-naked all the time weirded him out. He said he was just happy that we were comfortable with him here and that we were happy. We had a nice talk. He's a really smart guy. Kinda reminds me of my grandfather."

I shoved my hand down the back of Michael's shorts and played with his ass. "Yeah, he is a smart guy." I buried my face in his neck and kissed and nibbled. "Wanna fuck?"

Michael pulled my head back to his neck. "Yeah, but do that to my ear some more. That's fantastic. Ohh fuck, yes." His skin was so smooth and warm.

After a while he pulled away and rolled onto his back and, lifting his legs, pulled off his shorts and tossed them off the bed. He swung his right leg over my waist.

"I wanna ride it." His cock was so hard that it was practically flat against his stomach.

I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube and handed it to Michael. "You do the honors."

He raised up while he lubed his ass and then reached back and lubed my cock. I wrapped my hand around his dick; it was so hard I had to laugh. "I'm afraid that I'm gonna break this thing. You got any blood left going to your brain?"

"Oh, yeah, I can think and fuck at the same time, well...........mostly."

He settled back down onto my cock, pausing for a moment until it broke through the anal ring, and then let it move totally into him. I was studying his face as he took my cock and watched his expression change from need to concentration, to some pain and, then, to satisfaction.

"Feel good, Babe?" Even though he was all the way down on my cock I could still feel his butt adjusting itself to my dick.

He tilted his head all the way back and then swung his head forward, dropping his chin to his chest. "How can that feel sooooo good? Am I some kind of a fucking slut that I can't get enough of your dick up my ass?"

I ran my hands slowly up his thighs to his waist. "No! You've just got a normal sex drive and a really handsome boyfriend. If you were down at the docks somewhere, trying to lure sailors off of ships, that might be something else." I began to slowly fuck upwards into him, just a few millimeters at a time and, moments later, Michael was moving counter to me and pushing his ass down on my upcoming cock and steadily making an "Ah, ah, ah" sound. I watched his face as he got lost in the fuck and moved into whatever fantasy made him feel best. I was very lightly stroking his cock, my fingers barely touching it. The precum was beginning to flow in a steady stream, and I let it run over my fingers and the back of my hand.

When he looked down at me, I brought my precum covered hand to my mouth, smiled and then licked it clean. His eyes widened and he said, "Oh, fuck!" Then I wrapped my hand back around his cock, but firmer this time, and I began to work the precum around, slicking him up.

Michael was picking up the pace, rising and falling faster and faster on my cock while his ass was clamping tight one moment and releasing the next.

I was getting close and I was pretty sure that he was, too, so I twisted my precum soaked hand around the head of his cock and then began beating him off hard.

His head was thrown back and he was whispering, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," as his knees gripped my hips and his butt rotated back and forth.

He looked down at me with a look almost of panic. "Cum in me, Jeff! Shoot in my fucking ass!" Then he gasped and made almost a gurgling sound just before he started shooting. He clamped down unbelievably tight on my cock and this, along with his hips also rotating, pulled me over the edge and I did as he had asked and began shooting in his ass.

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