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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lost and found chapter 4

The only thing that I find strange about living on the ocean, or in this case the Gulf of Mexico, is the constant sound of the water, the only constant sound in Wisconsin is the wind whipped snow hitting the windows. Anyway that was the first sound that I heard as I was waking up. The first thing that I felt was Michael's chest hair under my hand and the overall warmth of his body. As the first light of the morning began to enter the room I was staring at the back of Michael's head, some strands of his hair were still in my mouth. The color of his hair is kind of a dark medium brown, a warm color, it matches his nature, he's a warm, loving guy.

My mind wanders back to last night, to fucking Michael and my cock immediately begins to harden. It was incredible! And Michael was right, it does somehow change things, it must be genetic --- you fuck someone and then you feel protective of them. At least that's how I felt toward Michael, course I felt that way before the fuck but it intensified the feeling. He was safe here, here in my arms, it's where he belongs. His hair smells so good, a combination of the shampoo that William sends me, and underlying smell that is the real smell of Michael, a smell that is almost electric and intensely masculine. My hardening cock is pressed between the hard mounds of Michael's butt.

"Kiss the back of my neck." Michael was mumbling into his arm, his voice still thick with sleep. I did as I was told and he pushed his butt back against my cock.

Michael sighed. "Ohhh, damn it feels good when you do that!" He wrapped his arm around mine and pulled it tighter to his chest. "My butt feels...............warm.........from last night."

I spoke very softly. "It was wonderful, better even then I had dreamed it would be and I've dreamt about it a lot. You sure you feel okay?"

Michael was silent for so long that I was beginning to get concerned. Then finally he spoke, obviously more awake now than before. "It's scary Jeff...........a little anyway." He half turned his head towards me and then laid it back down. "It was so great........but like I could see myself needing it. I guess it's just the whole falling in love thing.......and last night kicked it to a whole new level. Like on some level some part of my brain is screaming, "Don't get used to it, maybe he'll stop loving you!" But yet the real me, the normal me tells me that I love you and you love me and I've gotta take the chance." He kissed my arm and said. "Don't stop loving me Jeff."

Like I could! Like I would! Like that could ever be fucking possible! "No fucking chance, Michael!"

Michael reached back and wrapped his fingers around my hard cock and laughed. "So you still like me huh?"

"Yeah, I'm thinking that I do." I kissed his shoulder. "And my cock has really fallen for you too."

Michael laughed. "Well, after last night, I'm pretty much liken it too."

I climbed between his legs and slid my knees under his thighs our cocks are pressed together. I leaned forward and wrapped him in my arms my hands lightly holding his face. I spoke very softly. "Don't panic on me Michael." I ran my fingertips over his temples. "I know that commitment.........can be scary. But, well, I just don't want you to freak. Cause baby..........there's no fucking way that I'm changing my mind." I lifted my hands slightly in frustration and then start playing with Michael's hair. "You know..........the whole idea of me changing my mind implies that you've left me with free will, that I have the ability to change my mind." I turned my head slightly and then kissed the base of Michael's neck. He made a little "unn" sound. I leave my face buried in his neck and speak softly.

"How could I ever stop loving you? I can't even stop thinking about you. I don't wanna work cause when I do I'm away from you. Everything that happens in between our kiss goodbye in the morning and kiss hello at night is like a total waste to me because I'm not with you." I lifted my head and smiled at him. "You're driving me fucking nuts you know."

Michael was staring up into my eyes and didn't say anything for a few moments. Then he stretched his arm out and grabbed the tube of lube on the nightstand and handed it to me.

"I need you to fuck me." He pulled my face down to his and kissed me. "Need and want." He gave me a crooked smile and his hazel eyes flashed. "I hope you know what you've started."

I pushed his knees up and told him. "Hold these." He hooked his hands under his knees and I jumped out of bed and ran naked for my suitcase. I tore it open, grabbed what I wanted and ran back and jumped into bed. I scooted forward until I was in the exact same position that I was in before. Michael lowered his legs back down until they were draped over my thighs again.

His head was raised and he was staring at my hands. "Whadya go get?"

It suddenly dawned on me that this might freak him out too but I gone too far to stop and wait. I set the small red and gold box on his chest. He lifted it and stared at the cover.


"It's for us. Open it but please don't freak!"

Michael picked up the little box like it's nitro and I really began to worry. "Oh fuck Michael! This is probably something we should have done together. God I'm an asshole!"

Michael still hadn't opened the box but he looks up and me and laughs. "Will you fucking relax, Jeff! I was truly pissed about you making decisions for me but this is different." He shook the box. "I'm assuming this isn't a pearl necklace?"

Michael opened the box but let it continue to rest on his chest. He laid his head back down on the pillow and looked up at me. He spoke softly. "I'm not sure that we're supposed to do this while we're fucking."

"We're not fucking yet. I thought maybe...........you know..........we'd like........put on the rings...........and then...............well............fuck."

Michael lifted his head and looked in the box again. "Oh...........well.....yeah........that'd be okay." His hands were hovering over the box but he wasn't touching the rings. He gave me a little boy look. "You're sure?"

I reached forward and took one of the rings out of the box. "Gimme your right hand." He does and I slip the triple gold band over the third finger of his hand. "There! That wasn't so bad. Was it?" I picked up the other ring but Michael stopped me.

"Let me do that, Jeff." He pulled my right hand to his face and kissed the palm slowly and then slipped the ring on the third finger. He looked up at me and said. "You've lost your hardon."

I leaned over him, my face just a fraction of an inch from his, I could feel his breath on my face. "I know how to get it back but first.......this is okay? You're okay with this?"

Michael smiled up at me. "Baby, I'm so much more than okay with this that I don't even know how to tell you, at least not yet anyway." He pulled my face down while he raised his head up to meet me in a kiss. "You're getting hard again."

I kissed the bridge of his nose. "Yeah, and I know just what to do with it." I was beginning to slowly thrust forward, the tip of my cock pressing lightly against Michael's butt. I moved the head of my cock slowly around his asshole allowing my precum to get it good and wet, then applying just the very slightest pressure I began to penetrate him. He had been holding his head up trying to watch, the muscles in his neck standing out but as the head of my dick popped through Michael's head fell back against the pillow as he let out a low moan.

Then we were joined by the head of my dick in his ass and separated by the six additional inches of my cock that was between us and while the precum had been enough lube in the beginning I knew that we'd need more now. I took the small bottle and turning it over allowed a small stream of lube to drop on Michael's perineum, where it ran down onto my cock, and then ran a stream of it along the top of my cock.

I moved my cock forward and inch or so and waited. "More!" Michael said his voice sounded throaty. "I can take more, Jeff, you don't have to be so gentle."

"Okay." I leaned forward to kiss him and all the while I did my cock was moving deeply into his ass. Underneath me his body was in constant motion, his pelvis tilting up and down, his stomach contracting and releasing, his hand grasping and releasing my thighs and his head moving from side to side. I held his head steady and then kissed him deeply.

"Fuck me hard, Jeff! I wanna feel the way that I did this morning. I wanna know that your cock has been in me that you fucked the crap outta me. I wanna be able to feel it all day."


"You gonna shave?" Michael was drying himself off after we had gotten out of the shower.

"I gotta, it drives me nuts if I don't but you don't have to if you don't want to, if we go to lunch or something you'll just look fashionable." I smiled at him in the mirror.

He picked up the shaving cream. "Well I sure as fuck don't want to look fashionable! My mom says that you should always try to look clean."

"Well, mom's probably know best about that sort of thing." I laughed. "I don't always agree with them about butt fucking but when it come to clean mom is probably dead on."

When I finished shaving I stepped behind Michael and wrapped my arms around him while he shaved. "God you feel good!" I ran my hands lightly up his chest.

"You pinch my nipples and I'll end up cutting my throat." He was shaving his upper lip.

I moved my hands to his narrow hips. "What happens if I rim you?"

He laughed. "Come on now! I'll cut myself! I'm really bad with sharp stuff anyway. Every time I pick up a chef's knife I cut myself."

"How about coffee? Can you drink coffee with anything terrible happening? I'll hide the knives."

Michael wiped his face of with the washcloth and then turned and pulled me to him. He tilted his head as I tilted mine and we kissed lightly at first and then tongues got involved.

He pulled away from me and held my face in his hands. "Thank you. This weekend, the ring..............you." My eyes were tearing up and I laid my chin on his shoulder, my arms were wrapped tight around him, his beating heart between my hands and my chest.

I mumbled into his ear. "Why don't we get that coffee before I turn into a blubbering idiot." I lifted my head off of his shoulder, took his hand and pulled him into the kitchen.

The coffee was ready and I pouring each of us a cup.

The phone rang.

"Michael will you get that, it's probably Rosie." Then as an afterthought. "Check the caller........................ I never got a chance to finish.

Michael had snapped up the phone. "Rosie! For once we're not naked when you're calling."

Michael's face seemed to freeze and then shatter but a moment later it was a mask. "Mr Caldwell.............Brian!" Michael lowered himself slowly onto the chair at the kitchen table while raising his left hand to his forehead. "Ye, ye, yes.......yes he's here." Then moments later. "Since the boy died. Yeah, we do get along." Michael seemed to be deflating before my eyes.

He looked over at me with deer in the headlight eyes. "Jeff, it's Brian Caldwell. He wants to talk to you about the boy."

While Brian Caldwell was telling me basically what Michael had already told me Michael had laid his head on his arms on the table and was slowly shaking it.

I said goodbye to Brian and slowly walked over to Michael and put my hands on his shoulders. "You okay?"

Michael lifted his hands and then dropped them in defeat. "I knew they had to be told. I, I just hoped that I could do it in my own time."

"Who will Brian tell?"

"Officially nobody. But he and Joe are both partners and you're Joe's biggest client. Hell, you're the firms biggest client! No way he's not telling him." He leaned all the way back in the chair and ran his fingers through his hair. "Fuck!"

I sat down next to Michael. "And you feel?"

Michael shook his head slowly and laughed without humor. "Oh let's see, embarrassed, ashamed, stupid, vulnerable, afraid, and a million other things"

I reached forward to take his hand and he almost pulled it away but then didn't. "Pretty fuckin scary isn't it?"

Michael nodded yes but there were tears starting to form in his eyes. "I feel like I'm letting you down."

"Baby, you're not letting me down. You're just going through something that you didn't expect and have never experienced." I squeezed his hand a little tighter. "What hasn't hit you yet is the reality of us as a couple. When you're just by yourself you're vulnerable in so many ways, both financially and emotionally. But now that you're part of an us," I reached up and lightly touched his face, "you're so much stronger............but you have to realize it...............and you haven't yet."

Michael looked at me. "Why do I feel so afraid? How can they do that to me?"

"The nature of the fucking world. Want me to fix it?"

"Whatdya mean?" He looked questioningly at me.

"You're half of an us. My half of the us can fix it, just like if I had a legal problem, your half of the us could fix it. So, ya want me to? I mean it pretty much has to be done anyway."

"Whatdya gonna do?"

"Watch, it'll be a surprise." I picked up the phone and called Joe Callin's private line."

"Hi Joe. I'm good. Calling from Florida. Yeah the weathers great. Joe, you probably already know this but Michael Worthington and I have become partners, well, actually, lovers and the thing is that neither Michael nor I want this to affect my relationship with the firm. Right Joe, Michael wants to just continue to do his thing like this relationship doesn't exist. I guess that I just want to make sure that you feel that that's possible. Great Joe, great. I'll call you when I get back. Bye Joe."

I smiled at Michael. "You're bullet proof."

"What you really mean is that they can't say anything cause their afraid of loosing your account. It's not like they really want me there."

"Michael, you're a good lawyer and for whatever reason they keep you you're going to continue to turn out the fine work that they expect. And another thing, Joe Callin is many things, including being a first rate attorney and an ornery son-of-a-bitch but also, I believe, an honorable guy. When my ex-wife outted me Joe and I were working on the divorce one night and finally went out to get some dinner. At some point during the meal I asked Joe how he felt about all of this, I mean me being gay and all. He looked at me and said." "Jeff as long as I don't have to sleep with ya I really don't give a damn."

"Michael, there's no doubt in my mind that that's how Joe feels about this. He's a businessman and his main concern is the bottom line."

Michael looked up at me. "He wants to keep you happy."

"Yeah Michael, there's some of that, maybe even a lot of that but I really think that he's one of those straight guys that just doesn't give a fuck. And, I don't think that there's any way that he's gonna let the information out to the rest of the firm."

I pulled him up into my arms. "Nothing bad is gonna happen, Michael." I wrapped my arms tight around him while he rested his chin on my shoulder. I spoke very softly. "Why don't we go out onto the patio and finish our coffee by the pool? Naked."

There was a smile in Michael's voice. "You just wanna look at my dick."

I laughed and pulled Michael's towel loose and let it drop to the floor. "Not just your dick sweetheart, that fantastic butt of yours too."

We sat side by side on a double chaise lounge that hadn't been there the last time that I had been to the house. God love her, Rosie at work! The sun was just beginning to get the patio warm and there was still a bit of mist rising off of the heated pool.

I reached down and took Michael's hand. "Warm enough babe?"

"Yeah I'm good. How warm is it supposed to get today?"

"Been hitting the high seventies but it'll be warmer here because we're protected from any breeze." I was playing with Michael's fingers.

"Michael, let's talk about money and get it the fuck out of the way." I could feel him tense. "Okay, okay! Stay calm! It's just that...........well first I totally agree with why you were mad at me for not discussing the plane with you."

He looked at me very seriously. "Do you really understand?"

I lifted his hand and kissed it. "I didn't give you a chance to make a decision. I tried to take that away from you. But let me ask you a question. Were you opposed to the idea of the plane too or just the fact that I tried to con you?"

Michael swung his left leg over my waist and sat straddling me, he reached down and interlaced his fingers through mine.

"The manipulation pissed me off. The plane...........well.........I have no point of reference for the plane, it's beyond anything I ever really considered. I guess from my point of view it seems excessive." He smiled. "But it sure is cool."

I spread my arms, which caused him to lean forward and then I raised my head and kissed him. "The thing is, if I had been making this trip by myself, I would have done it the same way. It's not like you being along increased the cost or anything." Michael's naked ass was directly on top of my cock, which was reacting with a mind of its own.

Michael tilted his head to the side and smiled at me. "Jeff, sweetheart, you're so full of shit. Why don't you just tell me where you goin with this and we'll save a lot of time."

I laughed. "I don't want you to pay me for anything and still let me shower you with gifts."

Michael was slowly beginning to move his butt very slightly back and forth. He laughed out loud. "What kinda gifts?"

I laughed. "Well, like tiara's and shit. No, just stuff, like the plane............and stuff..........it's just that you've got me afraid to do anything." An idea popped into my head.

"How about we use your fellow attorneys and let them work this out?" He started to speak but I held up my hand to silence him. "Really, think about it. You get Brian, he already knows that you're gay, and I'll use Joe and let them work out some reasonable arrangement that we both can live with." He started to speak but then stopped and I knew that I had him.

"You won't pressure them?"

"Honest to god I won't, Michael. Whatever they come up with is fine with me.

"I promise that I'll tell Joe exactly what happened and how I would like this to work out but beyond that nothing. Whatever they come up with, they come up with." Michael's ass was becoming slick with my precum as he gently moved his ass forward and back.

I grinned up at Michael. "You can't possibly be ready to get fucked again?

He bent down and kissed me. "I told ya that you were starting something."

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