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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The three musketeers

Brock, Chris, and Cory had all been friends since elementary school. They were always close, nicknamed the 3 Musketeers by many of their peers. They each knew which girls the others liked, and they talked about everything. The three of these guys grew up in a small but nice town—one of those towns where the high school football team is the most popular thing around. Brock, Chris, and Cory just happened to be the stars of the team. All three of them had that real all-American, Abercrombie & Fitch look. Dusty blonde hair, tan skin, tall with athletic physiques. Of course, all the girls loved them.

One night it was beautiful weather and the football team had a big game. It was the championships, and it seemed like the whole town turned out to support. The bleachers were filled, and the team ran out on to the field running and screaming, their adrenaline rushing. The game was intense, and in the end, the home team won. Brock was named MVP, and Cory and Chris also received a lot of praise.

After being congratulated, the team headed back to the locker room. Like any typical bunch of guys, the locker room was a place to joke around, have fun, whip each other with towels, and talk about anything-especially sex. The kinds of things people said were “Dude, I went to the Bahamas with Courtney on spring break, and I totally got some hot ass everyday!” or “I was watching this porno, and man, this chick was fucking amazing. I came so hard watching her.” There were also all the guys who always had to brag about how big their dicks were and how small everybody else was.

The showers were definitely the place which all the guys loved most. It wasn’t that the team was gay, but they all knew each other so well they didn’t mind being naked around each other. They would smack each others asses and just do stupid shit like that. That night of the big game, everybody was pretty wiped out and wanted to just head home and sleep. Cory, Brock, and Chris all lived nearby one another, and they carpooled home. Brock’s parents called him though and told him that they were coming home from the city and they were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. They would not get there for over an hour. This was O.K. though—the three guys could just hang out and talk. Plus, this meant that they got extra shower time.

After showering, they wrapped towels around themselves and all took a seat. There were two benches right across from each other, and on one Chris and Brock sat, and on the other sat Cory, so they were all facing each other. The locker room was still filled with steam and it swirled around the guys. The three guys had their towels so that their faint, blonde treasure trails were running down and you could almost see the top of the pubic hair. They began talking, mostly about sports and stuff. Then they started talking about Brock’s girlfriend, and how often they have sex and is it good. They were all getting excited, and could see the tents in the towels start to rise.

Brock was telling them about his girlfriend’s tits and how round they were and the way she rubs them on his dick when she gives him head. “That’s it, I’m so horny” said Chris. Cory agreed. “Man, we still have over an hour to wait…I gotta get home and rub one off!” the other two laughed and nodded and said that what they were going to do too.

Then Brock said, “Hey…don’t get the wrong idea, but we could just jerk it here. I mean, we’ve all seen each others junk before” Cory and Chris both laughed, but then said “Hey, why not?!” They all stood up and took off their towels. Their hard dicks popped up and beads of water rolled down their firm chests, then down their muscular things and round, toned, smooth asses. They then sat again and simply started jerking off. The locker room was filled with moans and groans of pleasure. They started looking at each other, their hands all stroking their cocks up and down. It was getting them all even hotter. After several minute of this, Chris said, “what the hell…” and he got up and walked over to Brock. Brock smirked and took Chris’s cock in his hand. Cory watched, amazed, as Brock jerked off Chris. Then Cory, feeling left out, went over and took Brock’s big dick. “Just don’t tell anybody, and this will be great” said Brock.

They went on like this for a few minutes when finally Brock grabbed Chris’s ass and pulled him forward, shoving his cock into his mouth. Chris threw his head back in pleasure, only to meet Cory’s cock in his face. He replied by taking it in his mouth as well. The three of them remained like that, sucking each other off. Brock loved the feeling of having his mouth filled with a hard, pulsing cock. He felt the pre cum trickle into his mouth and down his throat. Then, overcome by excitement, her pulled Chris’s cock out of his mouth, stood up, and walked behind Chris, who was still blowing Cory. Cory watched as Brock circled behind Chris, his ass flexing when he stepped. With one hand, Brock grabbed Chris’s hip, and with the other he pushed down on Chris’s back, forcing him to bend over. Then he took his hand and spit on it and rubbed his cock with it. he started jerking off and kneeled down so his face was close to Chris’s ass. He spread his cheeks apart and dove his tongue into his asshole. The view of seeing Brocks face digging inside Chris’s hairless, smooth ass drove Cory crazy. Cory all of a sudden blew a load right into Chris’s mouth. Chris swallowed some of it, and the rest dribbled down his chin, neck, and chest.

Brock was still at work on his ass, but then stood up and aligned his dick with Chris’s asshole. He gently pushed forward so his dick head was just pressing into his ass. The, with one swift motion, Brock shoved his whole cock into Chris. Chris moaned…it felt amazing. Them Cory went underneath Chris and started sucking him off. Now Chris was being sucked and fucked. Brock was pounding Chris hard, pulling Chris’s shoulders as he thrust his cock in the tight hole. Then Cory saw Brocks face twist and tighten, and knew he was gonna come. He pushed Brock out of Chris and said, “Hey, not so fast.” Cory led Brock to a bench where Brock layed down on his back, his cock up in the air. Cory straddled Brock and slowly lowered his body until he was sitting on Brocks manhood. Cory bounced up and down with Brock inside him, and Chris straddled Brock’s head so that Brock was tea bagging him. Brock licked Chris’s balls and fucked Cory for a long time. He let his tongue swirl around each of Chris’s nuts and licked the line that runs up the middle of the ball sac. Chris couldn’t take it anymore and exploded cum all over Brock’s face, chest, and Cory’s back.

Once again, Brock’s big hard cock and the feeling of jizz running down his back sent Cory over the edge. He blew a second load onto Brock’s legs and the bench. Then Brock, who had been holding in a huge orgasm, finally screamed and let loose in Cory’s ass. His warm cum filled his ass and when he pulled Cory off him, cum was dripping out of him.

The 3 Musketeers all stood up and looked at each other, each one dripping with sweat and cum. They laughed when they heard Brock’s cell phone ring. “Yeah, we’ll be out in a minute” said Brock into the phone.

“I hope we make it to the championships again next season,” said Cory. They all laughed, got dressed, and walked out of the locker room.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

First time fuck toy

I was 18. I have always had fantasy"s about being picked up by a well endowed, dominant older man and used for sex. His name was Steve, I placed an ad on one of those phone - sex date lines With my stats - White, 18 years old, 6 foot tall, 140 lbs, thin build, 28 inch waist, 36 inch hips, medium length dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, no body hair, 6” cut cock, long thin legs, plump round “bubble” butt, virgin, bottom, love to please, seeking a tall, older, large framed, hung top man for my first time.

He responded ( along with about 20 others ). I picked him because he took charge telling me what he wanted when and how and was very specific (I hate 1 word responses, they demonstrate a lack of enthusiasm to me), was tall (6"6") and well hung (9“). I gave him my # and he called me 2 minutes later (enthusiasm is +++) I had always had fantasy"s about men with big dicks but had never even so much as touched another mans cock.

My fantasy"s mostly included being picked up, teasing the guy, being eyed like a piece of meat, and generally feeling like a slut, having him manhandle and me, hard as a rock, force me down to suck and worship his massive throbbing cock and then variously fuck me 6 ways from Sunday. Sometimes loaning me out as a gift to his big dicked friends and or neighbors for blow jobs or a whole weekend of fucking and sucking, often introducing me as his virginal nephew or stepson, sometimes in groups or taking rotating turns fucking me in the back of a van while the other (s) drive or tied to a bed like some kind of communal fuck toy.

I have always had a fantasy (unfulfilled) about being fucked in a moving vehicle. We arranged to meet at a local train station near my house at around 8pm, he told me to wear a small skirt, no underwear and the smallest tightest white t shirt I could find. I expressed hesitation about wearing a skirt as I had never been interested in cross dressing, but he assured me it was not cross dressing, just role playing. He said he didn’t like cross dressers, he liked boys in short skirts for the “access“, how their ass looked, and the venerability it made them feel and display and besides, I WAS going to do it, so into my sisters closet I went, retrieving her old plaid skirt from a school uniform several years ago and a white t shirt. I was very skinny when I was 18. At 6" and around 140lb with a 28-30” waist. My hips stuck out from my profile, my ass was round as a peach and with my shoulder length blond hair in a ponytail high on the back of my head I probably looked very feminine from behind. The fact that my sisters skirt was from her 5th grade year didn’t help, it was tight on me and way, way too short, so it rode high in the back, draping over my plump little ass in a futile attempt to cover the billowing flesh beneath .

The bottom of my little round cheeks conspicuously poking out below the thin fabric, bouncing ever so slightly as I moved . I stood under a street light near the curb, shivering nervously under my black leather jacket ( Not what he told me to wear, but it was cold ) skin goose bumped. After about a 1/2 hour a very tall, large framed man with a slight belly, big pecks, thick arms and a strong build walked past I could feel him staring at my ass as he approached and he gave me an "I‘d Like to fuck you senseless" look as he passed. I was wondering if he thought I was a girl, other guys had been eyeing me as they walked out of the station and I could feel their gaze on my over exposed cheeks.

My nipples were hard from the cold and the butterflies in my stomach were getting stronger. Exited, but nervous I tried to look sexy, arching my back and crossing my legs slightly as I leaned against a bus stop pole to make my ass stick out. I watched the stranger walk across the lot. He got into a car and drove around to the curb where I was shivering and rolled down the window. Annoyed that I was being stood up, I didn"t realize that this could be my “date” until he called out my name. I nervously walked to the passenger window of his large, dark colored sedan, praying that a security camera wouldn’t see me as my marginally concealed ass became totally exposed when I bent down to the window. “Hi” I said, as flirtatiously as I could, are you Steve? “You must be Matt” he said in a voice deep enough to make my knees wobble.

Eyeing me up and down like a dog eyes a T-bone he said “Why don’t you get in and warm up”. My heart jumped with nervous excitement as I quickly opened the door and stepped forward, eyeing the prominent bulge in his jeans. “Take off the jacket and turn around once so I can get a look at you” he said firmly. I obediently complied, dropping my jacked to the ground and spinning slowly, hoping desperately that he liked what he saw. “Bend down and show me that firm little round ass of yours” he ordered. I gasped slightly and quickly obeyed, the thought of being caught wiped from my mind by arousal, “oh, yeah!” he rumbled, staring at my tiny pink virgin hole. “Get that tight young ass in here”. I picked up my jacket, tugging down on the skirt in a futile attempt to avoid exposing my bare cheeks and giving him a flirtatious look I turned around to sit down in his car and was immediately greeted by a hand, palming my left cheek and staying as I sat down, his hand would squeeze and caressed my ass the whole way to his house.

On the ride to his place it started with him grabbing my hand and placing it on his thigh, I proceeded to rub and caress his inner thigh while resting my head on the seat back next to his shoulder, turned towards him, sideways on the seat with my right leg crossed over and my foot rubbing the inside of his calf. My ass stuck out into the air slightly, only half covered by thin pleated fabric. It drove him crazy. I lightly ran my fingers up his inner thigh and began to tenderly massage and rub the ever-increasing bulge in his pants while at the same time delicately tonguing and blowing in his ear. He almost drove off the road when he took his hand off the wheel to hurriedly undo his jeans, but I happily relieved him of that duty, pouncing on his crotch. I scooted over on the seat and leaned down toward his bulging groin, sliding my soft cheek across his chest as I tugged at the buttons to unwrap what I had been yearning for.

The hand that had been firmly grasping my ass let go now, as my ass was now sticking up in the air, totally uncovered as I half kneeled, half lay on the seat, one leg in the floorboards. If anyone was next to us in the lane they got a great view of my taut rosy ass, trembling in all its unspoiled glory. The hand came back, firmly slapping, then squeezing my bare ass and sliding down my back to my head and grabbing my cheek length, multi colored hair near the back of my head. I had no Idea what I was doing, but I knew that what I sought was behind those jeans. I fumbled with his belt, finally getting it out of the way, buttons undone, I expected it to pop out on its own and when it didn’t I went in after it. Thrusting my hands into his jeans I located the root of his cock and hastily pulled, causing him some discomfort. More gently on the second try I ran my hand down the shaft to the end and gently slid it up out of the jeans. I gasped sharply, exclaiming “Oh my god!”, in that moment his cock was the biggest thing I had ever seen, Eiffel tower eat you heart out !

My eyes were as big as plates, my chest heaved and my breathing turned heavy, drool poured from my lips as I sat awestruck, staring at this monster. He didn’t wait long for me to figure out what to do. Grabbing the back of my head as we swerved between lanes he shoved my mouth onto his cock. “It’s too big, it wont even fit in my mouth” I thought, but undeterred he stretched my little mouth around his throbbing member and thrust it into my throat. I tried not to gag but the reflex was too strong, as he continued to thrust deeper my body went limp. He let up for a second and pushing against his arm I pulled his cock out of my mouth. “You are SOOO big” I said, “I cant take it all at once, let me get used to it a little“.

He objected at first but eventually agreed to stop forcing it in… for now. After wiping my mouth and taking a breath or two I headed back down. It took both of my hands to wrap all the way around his throbbing shaft and I began to gently lick, kiss and suck my way from the tip, down the shaft to his balls, then back up again, squeezing the base with both hands, I liked my lips and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth, running my tongue around the head.

He was thick, my lips stretched so tightly around his shaft that they stung and my jaw started getting sore almost immediately but sucking on his big, hard cock made me so hot, and getting hotter by the minute that I wasn’t going to stop. My own cute little 6” cock was rock hard, throbbing and turning blue pressed against my stomach and rubbing against the corner of the velvety seat when we pulled into his driveway. If he had lived another 15 minutes away I think I would have cum just sucking his cock, I was so hot, I was practically delirious. He pulled my head out of his lap by my hair and forcefully kissed me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and pulling me onto his lap with his free arm. I inhaled sharply and let out a load gasp as I straddled him, ass pressed against the steering wheel, our cocks grinding together under the hiked up skirt.

We kissed and fondled each other in the drivers seat of his car, door half open, middle of the driveway. The thought that the some tall, older, horse hung neighbor of his might be watching as I moaned and writhed on his lap with his tongue down my throat drove me over the edge and I came, followed shortly by him. He pushed me off his lap and as I stood up in his driveway I tried to readjust the skirt, but I was a little premature. He stood up, closed the door to the car, pants still unbuttoned and cock still hard, bouncing as he stood up. He turned towards me, placing his hand on the top of my head, Pushing me down to my knees. He was so strong, and so big, I was a rag doll. He told me to clean his cock with my mouth and don’t miss a drop.

There I was, kneeling in a strangers driveway with my ass hanging out of a stolen skirt, gleaming in the moonlight. He pulled my head closer to his dripping cock, I wondered what his cum would taste like as I moved closer for my first taste. My female friends had told me it was salty which is a taste I like in foods, “like a salt bagel with avocado”. I eagerly wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and … almost gagged. It didn’t taste anything like I thought but I knew by the way Steve carried himself that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so I suppressed the urge to vomit and started lapping up his musky seed. I tried to act like I enjoyed it but he knew, and made me take my time because of it. Once I had thoroughly licked him clean he quickly buttoned up his pants, said “come on” and started walking up the driveway toward the front door of the house. I followed, trying to adjust the skirt to cover both my ass and my half hard cock, which proved impossible.

The thing barely came down past my balls and as I walked my cock would lift up the front so I gave up and walked through the doorway hoping that no one else was home to see me prancing around in a mini skirt too small to cover my ass and a skin tight white T shirt that only came down to the bottom of my ribs. Thankfully, we were alone. Steve walked into the kitchen and offered me a drink which I accepted, not realizing he meant alcohol but I was so nervous that I quickly drank it down anyway, which seemed to please him. He walked toward the large wraparound couch in the living room carrying his drink and said “come over here and have a seat, make yourself comfortable”. I walked toward the couch and as he sat down he hungrily looked me up and down, fixating on my ass, spilling out from under the skirt. He patted his thigh and said “come sit right here”.

I walked over trying to be cute and sexy, sticking my ass out and wiggling it a little as I walked, which he seemed to like despite the fact that I had no Idea what I was doing. I started to sit next to him on the couch but he wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me across his lap sideways. I liked it. He ran his hands up my smooth leg, fingers on my inner thigh, up to my hairless groin and squeezed my thigh. With one hand still fondling my thigh he rubbed my ass with the other which by now was popping from under the skirt and asked me if I wanted to smoke a Joint. I blushed and meekly nodded in agreement. He wrapped one arm around my waist, and holding me on his lap, leaned forward and took a joint and lighter from a box on the coffee table. Leaning back again he lit it, took a deep hit and passed it to me. I inhaled deeply, taking a large hit in an attempt to quash the jitters and coughed, allot. He chuckled and told me to take it easy, we had some time to kill while the hot tub warmed up. He handed me his drink which I gulped down quickly.

We passed the joint back and forth slowly for a while during which Steve continued to fondle my ass and thigh and the bulge beneath my lap continued to grow larger still. I don’t know if it was the rum or the joint or both but within a few minutes I had lost any inhibitions I had. The skirt started to feel strangely arousing, making me feel sexy, almost delicate as his strong hands slid underneath to grasp and squeeze my ass. He told me to stand up and turn around, he wanted me to dance for him and shake my ass in his face. As I spread my legs and stuck out my ass, waving it at him he slapped it hard and I gasped with pleasure. He told me to bend over, calling me a slut and started to kiss and grope my ass. The skirt was good, I felt like a slut, an object, a toy, a piece of ass and I liked it. He turned me around, stuffed my head in his crotch reached over and slapped my ass while I gasped with pleasure and kissed, licked and sucked his cock. I started kissing him all over his neck and fondling his pecks. My shirt was gone, I don’t know how. I was straddling him again with one hand on his cock and the other on the back of his neck, tongue down his throat, grinding against his lap. His hands left my waist and grabbed my ass, pulling me close.

He put his hands under my ass and picked me up. I was so surprised, I let go of his cock and grabbed his shoulders with both hands. He lowered me, sliding down his chest with my groin until I felt the thick tip of his huge cock press against my tight pink asshole. He tried to push it in, but with no lube, a big dick and a very tight hole, it was hopeless. He tried to use spit, to no avail and gravity, tossing me onto the couch with my legs in the air and pressing down with his weight but it wouldn’t go in, so he walked around to the other side, dragged my head over the edge of the couch and fucked my mouth until his cum was running down my chin. Either the rum or the pot had dulled my sense of taste so this time his cum wasn’t bad. I lovingly lapped up every drop until I had licked his cock totally clean, as ordered. He laid down across the couch and took off his shirt, when I crawled on top of him and started to kiss his chest, he pushed my head down to his crotch. We laid like that for a while, I brought him a drink and laid down with my head in his groin and kissed, licked and brushed his cock, balls and stomach while he sipped his drink and watched T.V.

After an hour or so, he got up, went to the bathroom and seeing me sprawled out on the couch with my ass in the air, came over to rub it and started to get noticeably hard. I dutifully rose off the couch and kneeled in front of him, grasping his hardening shaft around the base with both hands. As I started to tongue the head of his cock inside my mouth my jaw started to hurt and I stopped. He suggested we shower and then get into the hot tub to “loosen up my tight muscles”. I had forgotten in my delirium that he wanted to fuck my ass also and didn’t catch the reference. He warmed up the shower and told me to get in while he went to get some towels. I started lathering myself in the hot shower and was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair when I felt something warm, and hard press against my back and hands on my shoulders.

Steve pressed himself against my lathered back and rubbed his substantial cock against my ass spreading my cheeks with its girth. I was so turned on my knees got weak, but Steve had other plans. I had noticed the silver “ vibrator” shaped nozzle attached to a hose in his shower but was to naive to discern its true purpose. I was concentrating on Steve and his big dick and didn’t notice him picking it up or turning it on. He moved me over facing the shower wall and pushed me against it and down. I was only too happy to comply and bend forward, arching my back to stick my ass out and up. I thought he was going to rub me with his cock some more when he started rubbing the soap on my asshole. I felt a hard object pressing against my ass and looking back saw his hand. “Relax” he said, I started to turn around to protest but he grabbed my shoulder firmly and held me as if to say “ this isn’t optional, bitch, put your face on the wall”. “Relax” he said again.

Strangely, I was not scared but rather blindly obeyed and relaxed as he grabbed my ass with one hand and slowly penetrated me his finger. It hurt, at first. As he slowly massaged my tight little ass from within I started to get hard, and it started to feel good. “You like that don’t you?” he said in a low growl. I nodded a feverish yes. “You want it big and deep don’t you ?” he said as I writhed against the tile. “Uh Huh” I cooed as I nodded blindly. I gasped as he pulled out his finger and inserted the long slender chrome nozzle inside me and worked it around. In and out, left and right stretching my hole. I bit my lip when he turned on the water. I had never felt that sensation before - being inflated, filled by something, It strained my ass. He took it out and let me drain out when I complained. Then in and full again, and on like this until he was satisfied that I was clean enough inside to accommodate the hefty bulk of his tool. He tried to fuck me right there but he wasn’t fully hard and it just piled up against my ass so he returned to rubbing it between my cheeks.

I was worked, I asked him if we could soak in the hot tub before he fucked me because I was sore, and I was but I really just needed to relax. He agreed, possibly sensing that my first penetration had left me needing a break but more likely as a diversion to get me high so I would lose my “no”. It worked, he brought a joint as thick as my thumb to the tub and after seating me on his lap with my legs over his arms told me to smoke it which I happily did between kissing and tonguing his ear until I could feel that he was rock hard again. We stayed in the hot tub for what seemed like hours making out and grinding against each other while he force fed me what he later admitted was a “laced” joint. He never told me what with but hinted strongly at some kind of ecstasy. Whatever it was it worked. I was delirious, kissing, moaning, grinding against him. When he became concerned that my moans and squeals would wake the neighbors he led me upstairs to the bedroom. Leading me over to the bed he pulled me in front of him and pushed me onto the bed, slapping my ass as he did.

I giggled and crawled onto the bed laying my upper body on a pillow and sticking my ass up in the air. “MMM” he grumbled “ as he took up position behind me, rubbing his cock against my ass and pushing me into position. He lubed me up and rubbed some on his cock, kneeling behind me. I wanted it, bad and told him. He pressed the head of his swollen cock against my hole and pressed, failure. He told me too relax my ass, and when I told him I was he said “damn! Your tight”. More lube and another try, this time pressing even harder when I start to yell “ahh!, it hurts !” and he slowly forced it in, stretching my tiny asshole around his thick shaft. It hurt, I thought it couldn’t hurt any worse until he started thrusting into me. Not gently or progressively, all at once, hard. He looked down and realized he was hurting me and slowed down, a little. “Oh yeah!, Oh god!, you’re so tight!, Oh god your ass feels so good!” he yelled as he fucked me, hard and fast. I couldn’t speak, whimpering and panting was about it. He fucked me for maybe 2 minutes before Cumming.

When he pulled it out I collapsed and passed out. I woke up laying next to him, ass aching, still high. I got up and went straight to the shower. When I returned he was asleep and although I really just wanted to go home I knew he wasn’t going to hop out of bed and drive me so I curled up against him and laid my head on his chest, waiting for him to wake up. I must have dozed of because I woke up about 3 am and he wasn’t in the bed. The sound of a running shower filled the room and as I looked up I could see him through the bathroom door. He saw me looking and firmly told me to come join him which I did, partly because I love showers but mostly because I needed a ride home, my ass was way too sore to walk anywhere. He must have seen me walking funny because he was strangely tender when I got in, rubbing my shoulders and giving up the spot under the water. He said “you are so hot” to which I blushed and said “thanks” meekly. He lovingly washed my back, turned me around started washing my chest when I reached up and kissed him.

I don’t know what I was thinking, I just did it, and it felt good, I felt my cock stir as our soapy bodies rubbed together, caressing each other. He didn’t go for my ass at all, which was sweet considering how torn up it was from that monster of a cock. We had stopped kissing and were just rubbing each other tenderly enjoying the heat and steam. I felt his cock, it was hanging down but had begun to get hard and was trying to rise, pressing its head on my thigh. His hands were wandering around my back and shoulders and I grabbed one and put it on my ass, where it wanted to be. “mmm” he said and kissed me. I don’t know what came over me, my cock was rock hard, my breathing was heavy, loosing my anal virginity had been the most painful experience of my life and here I was, making him horny again. He released my waist and I turned around, pressing my ass against his cock and looking up at him over my shoulder. I thought for sure he was going to shove it in me again, but he didn’t. He reached his hand down and brushed a finger across my stretched out ass.

I inhaled sharply in pain and seeing this he said don’t worry I’ll be gentle. He soaped up his fingers and lightly rubbed my anus. It stung at first, but stopped soon enough as he started to slowly massage my beleaguered little ass. Slowly, gently he massaged me until it didn’t hurt anymore then slowly started to finger me. One finger slowly at first then as my comfort level rose another and then a third until the discomfort was almost gone. I was panting slightly and as the pain subsided, desire replaced it. I was fully hard, pressing myself against the shower wall panting while he fingered my hole, legs spread, ass out, I reached for his cock. It was rock hard, I soaped it up. I pulled it toward my ass and he asked me “are you sure?”. Yes, I was, I think. He was a totally different animal this time, tender, patient. He placed his cock against my soapy hole and let me slowly push my ass onto it.

Once the tip was in, I slowly worked it in and out a little at a time, each time taking a little more of his shaft as the pain dissipated. My ass was stretched around his thick shaft like a banjo string and as I neared the halfway point he was grunting with pleasure every time I pushed it in. I wasn’t sure I could take anymore because it started to hurt inside my ass before it hit its deepest point but he must have noticed because he grabbed my hips and wiggled his cock around a little inside me while pushing in. It hurt, but then I felt a pop and it slid in another 2 inches, I moaned but no more pain inside. I looked back at him to see if that pop was bad but he gave me an all is well look. I pushed his cock into me again moaning as I went, “oh god… you’re soooo big!” My ass was burning from the soap and the stretching as I pushed back on to him panting and moaning but the feeling of taking him inside me was amazing so I had no illusions about stopping. After about 30 minutes of slowly pushing and stretching I finally reached the base of his shaft and felt his balls rubbing against my ass.

I moaned and yelled “I love your big cock sooo much!”. With that he couldn’t take it any more, he grabbed my hips and started to thrust. Not as fast this time, thank god. He slowly worked up steam thrusting faster and harder till I told him enough and then stayed at that pace. The feeling of him thrusting in and out of me was incredibly intense, I felt a straining, burning feeling inside me building until I couldn’t take it anymore. I started to moan and grunt loudly and my tongue was hanging out of my mouth like a panting dog yelling “yeeeeees!, oooooh goooood!, yes!, oh my god!” as he stuffed me full of cock over and over again. “Oh yeah!, you like it big, don’t you?!” he yelled as he plunged it in deeper. “yes!, yes!” I said, “I love your big cock SO MUCH!!”. My ass started to spasm, squeezing down on his cock and he yelled “oh god that feels good!, oh my god your gonna make cum!” I let go of the wall and grabbed my cock, jerking at it wildly, Cumming over and over 5 or 6 times. “Ughh!” I heard him say as he thrust all the way in Cumming and held it there, throbbing inside me. We were fixed there for a few seconds, frozen in time. Impaled on his generous cock I leaned quivering against the shower wall, cooing euphorically.

He pulled out slowly after a few seconds leaving me feeling empty and sore. We showered absentmindedly and fell into his bed exhausted. He pulled me close to him and kissed me gently as we cuddled. Feeling secure I asked him when he could take me home. Monday he replied, I was going to stay there, he was going to spend the weekend stuffing my mouth and ass with his fat cock. I tried to argue but it was no use, He had spoken. It was going to be a long weekend for me, I could tell. My jaw was already so sore it hurt to speak and as good as it had felt the last time he fucked me, my ass hurt so bad I was sure it couldn"t take any more, but he was definitely not giving me a choice. Anxiously resigned to my fate I passed into unconsciousness draped across his sizeable frame. I woke up face down on the bed with a pillow propping up my hips, ass on fire.

He was fucking me again, hard. I guess I was out so soundly that I hadn’t woken up when he started, he had been at it for a while, I started to cum. The next 2 days and nights are mostly a blur of moaning, howling, choking, and cum as he relentlessly pounded my mouth and ass again and again. He never seemed to run out of steam. He didn’t allow me to put on clothes the entire weekend. Nude, overwhelmed and compliant, I was informed that I would promptly and dutifully satisfy any needs or desires he had for the rest of the weekend, In other words, I was his sex slave. I became a playground for his abundant manhood, I was either on my knees, lips stretched around his thick shaft, mouth bursting with swollen, hard flesh as he crammed my mouth, or moaning and groaning in delirium as he filled me to the limit with cock, fucking me in every room of the house. I softly complied, having totally surrendered my body to this large, strong and very dominant man, he moved me from room to room, fucking me on every surface in the house.

He laid me across furniture, held me in mid air impaling me or against a wall, anywhere, everywhere. When I gave him a massage, we both got covered in baby oil making our body’s slip and slide against each other, he loved it and told me he was going to keep me oiled up for the rest of the weekend, so he could slide me up and down on his cock more easily. Even when I was on top, he was so strong that I couldn’t have stopped him if I wanted to, tossing me around like a rag doll, stretching my ass around his cock until I was bursting at the seams with his meat, he pounded me until I passed out, stuffing my tight little ass with his huge tool day and night until I started cumming with every thrust, he even stopped caring if the neighbors knew. I wasn’t counting but he must have fucked me 15 or 20 times by Monday morning and I must have had 2 gallons of his cum in my stomach and ass.

I was so sore I could barely walk by Sunday and after he fucked my mouth and ass for an hour or so on the back lawn in full view of anyone in the neighborhood who wanted to look, I passed out laying in the soft grass, cum dripping out of my mouth and gaping, stretched open ass, I lay there for an hour or two for the whole world to see while he made dinner. I shoveled it down fast, he took his time. I found out why when I was done, under the table I went. While he ate his vegetables, I drank cum from his throbbing cock. He practically had to carry me to the car by the time it was over. I hadn"t showered in 24 hours and was covered in cum, lube and baby oil from head to toe.

Ass still stretched wide open, rubbed raw, red and gaping, torn skirt half covering my bruise covered ass, ripped T shirt hanging off me I looked, and felt, like I had been gang raped by an entire army. As I walked the few blocks home in broad daylight, people gawked, staring at the raw, gaping hole between my bruised red cheeks as I painfully tiptoed home, punch drunk, with my well fucked ass hanging in the breeze . I avoided my house till after my parents were gone. I hid in the bushes nearby to avoid being stared at by everyone who passed. I showered and fell asleep, my ass was never the same again. I didn"t even think about sex for at least 2 weeks... until Steve called me again.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dark Side of The Moon part 7

I went downstairs with Jimmy and Chase so that I could have a normal dinner with people and actually sitting at a table. My mom and Karen were treating me like they did before it happened and Connor was kinda sullenly ignoring me. But I’ll take that over yelling and shit.

I really miss Connor. That must sound weird cause of all the shit he’s dumpin on me but it’s true. He’s a little strange but mostly it’s been a good strange, at least from my point of view. I mean he’s somebody that everybody’s always saying, “Well, that’s just Connor,” or “Well, you know how he is.” It’s like Connor’s gonna live his life with an asterisk next to his name. Like see below for the things you gotta take into consideration when dealing with Connor.

He is kinda hard work but every once in a while he’ll do something that so totally nice that it’ll like floor ya and you’ll think that maybe you never really did understand him.

And for another thing he’s probably the best looking person in the family although when he’s being mean that’s like a kinda sick joke. It’s like you can’t believe that shit came outta somebody so hot looking. In a way it surprises me that he’s having so much trouble with the whole gay thing. I mean I know sound strange but if I had to pick someone other than myself who might have understood it’d a been Connor. Not that he’s ever said anything pro-gay but unlike most guys I never heard him say anything bad about gay guys. But then Connor’s like that, he’s always a surprise.

Connor was also the one who understood a lotta the things that nobody else seemed to, like when I couldn’t throw out a dead plant because I thought it’d feel bad. He was the one who sided with me and made me not feel quite so stupid. Or like when our dog Ralph died and Connor came into my room that night and told me that he knew how much I liked to talk to Ralph and that I could always come and tell him whatever I woulda told Ralph. It was like he was sayin that he knew I told Ralph secret shit and it’d be okay with him if I wanted to tell him that stuff, that he’d keep my secrets. Shit, I wonder what happened with that? Maybe Chase is right. Maybe Connor is pissed that I didn’t go and tell him all this stuff. Now I wish I had, it couldn’t be worse.

Finally I got tired of watching TV and went slowly up to my room to call my friend Carl. I was pretty sure that I knew how this conversation was gonna go but I knew that if I didn’t call I was always gonna wonder what woulda happened if I had called.

I was lucky that he answered before his mom cause at least I didn’t have go thru the third degree from her. She was kinda a gossip.

“Robbie?” Carl had caller ID.

“Hi, Carl.”

“Holy shit, Man! What happened to you?”

I snorted. “Guess I had a little problem.”

“Little problem? Fucking, Dude! That’s not a little problem!” He was silent for a couple of seconds and then said quietly, “Ah..Rob…did they do what everybody says they did?”

I didn’t want to tell him but I didn’t really see that I had a choice and besides if Carl didn’t understand then who in the hell would. “I dunno what everybody says, Carl but they did………..well, kinda rape me and beat me up.”

“Holy fuck! Did it hurt bad? Shit, Rob….shit! I can’t fuckin imagine………holy fuckin shit!”

“The thing is Carl, that I’m wonderin if….well….is anybody gonna gimme a hard time at school about this?”

“Fuck, Rob, I never thought about that! I guess I can’t imagine that anybody could be mad at you about it.” He was quiet a moment then, “I dunno, ya know how sick people can be. Maybe you’ll hear some jokes and shit.”

This next bit was risky. “Ya think people’ll still talk to me?”

He laughed. “Shit they gotta, Rob! They’re all gonna wanna know what happened.”

I groaned. “Carl, I don’t wanna have to tell anyone what happened.” Then I got a brainstorm that might even be true. “The cops told me that I can’t tell anyone what happened. So that means that you can’t tell anybody either. I know that everybody figures they know but maybe they’ll forget.”

“Rob, if you don’t want me to tell anyone then I won’t but I don’t think that they’re gonna forget, at least not for a long time.”

I sighed. I was so fucked. “I know, Carl. But just please don’t tell anyone, okay? Man I dunno how I’m gonna live thru the next four years.”

Carl didn’t say anything for awhile and then said quietly, “Maybe it won’t be as bad as ya think.” And I realized that I had really messed up, that I shoulda just kept my mouth shut about the whole thing. I shoulda gone home after they raped me and pretended that nothing happened. Like that guy said, never complain and never explain.

I felt so lost. I hadn’t really thought all that much about school, hadn’t really wanted to think about school. It’s weird cause I know that in the back of my head I knew that this is what was gonna happen but somehow my brain was able to hold off on dealing with that for quite a while. Kinda like without even talking to me about it it made this decision to not let me deal with something that it knew I couldn’t handle. But that meant that it figured that I could handle it now. I really hoped it was right but I just couldn’t see it.

I lay down on the bed and pulled my pillows over my head. They were soft and fluffy and the pillowcase was white and cool. I breathed deeply. I couldn’t think of a way out, well except one but I wasn’t gonna go there.

I don’t know how long I was laying there just like veggin out but the next thing I knew somebody was shaking my foot. I pulled a pillow off my face and Chase was kneeling next to the bed looking at me. There was just the suggestion of a smile on his face.

When he spoke his voice was almost a whisper but still deep like Chase’s voice is, “Waz up, Robbie?”

I really hate it that I’m the whiny, needy little fucking kid who can’t seem to get his shit together and who always needs someone else to bail his ass outta trouble. I tried to keep my voice steady and not let on how fucked up I felt.

“Just thinking about what’s gonna happen at school on Monday.”

Chase started to get up and said, “Shove over.”

I scooted to the side and Chase got in bed with me, his left side pushed up against my right. He felt really warm, almost hot. I could feel the hard rounded shape of his muscles thru his shirt.

He reached over and picked up my hand in his and just held it down by our legs. He didn’t say anything for awhile but then like he had given it a lotta thought he said, “There’ll be some shit for sure. I don’t think though that you’ll get too much crap from guys in your own class, the freshman. If you pick up any shit it’ll be from dudes in Jeff’s an my class, the Juniors. Jimmy an me’ll put out the fires that we know about….but I dunno what’ll get past us. It’d be a huge help if Connor got his head outta his ass.”

I laughed at that and it felt so good to do that. It also felt so good to be laying here with Chase holding my hand and being on my side. It’s really the shits when you can count everybody who’s on your side on one hand.

I stared up at the ceiling and said, “Chase, how’m I gonna get thru four years of this?”

“Robbie, the hardest part is gonna be this year but news gets to be old fast. You’re gonna make it thru this year because your brother’s are gonna help you and by next year nobody’s gonna care about this shit cause there’ll be new shit to get stirred up about. I’m not tryin to tell you that it’ll be easy caused it won’t but it’ll be something that you can do.”

I turned my head to look at him, there was something that I had to know, something that was haunting me. “Chase…..how come….how come you went from being mad at me to liking me again?”

Chase rolled slowly over onto his side facing me. He laid his right hand on my chest lightly and he took a while to answer. When he finally spoke it was very slowly.

“I…I was never mad at you, Robbie. I was confused though. When we came home from school that day and found you all beat up,” He sighed heavily, “when I saw you…all bloody…it’s like my brain exploded.” He started rubbing my chest. “But it was this weird moment cause just as that was registering you started to go…well, you started to get upset. I couldn’t get my head around it but Jimmy explained that what we did to that Ryan kid…that you were getting that mixed up in your head, thinking that’s what happened to you. Then later that night at the hospital, I wanted so bad to see you, to explain, but by then you were scared of all of us.

Chase was shaking his head slowly and smiling. “Dad ripped us a new asshole. Oh fuck, did he tear into us.” He groaned deep in his throat. “We had to apology to the kid. God I felt like an asshole. The kid was so scared and I was so fucking ashamed. I kept thinking about him going home that night….maybe trying to explain to his mom what happened. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. But then I started to get pissed. Like I didn’t really feel like I had done anything, not really done anything. But here everybody was still pissed at me…at us. But as pissed as I was it was nothing to what Connor was….he was fucking insane. Finally he told me that he was certain that you were gay…well, he didn’t use that word but you can imagine.

Chase buried his face in my neck and shook his head. “This is weirdly embarrassing. Connor has always had this ability to get me to go along with him. I really don’t understand why because I know what a dick he can be….but anyway, he can. He totally comes in under my radar and before I know what the fuck’s happening he’s got me doin this bizarre shit.”

“So anyway, he knows that I’m confused and pissed and really trying to find some excuse to justify the crap we did. I know, I know, that’s totally lame but it was how I felt. And here comes Connor with this gay shit and how this was probably all your fault and cause you were gay you probably brought this all on yourself.” He was shaking his head again. “Don’t even say it, Robbie. I get it now. But at the time it sounded like it somehow bailed us out and before I knew what was happening Connor is giving his little speech to Dad.”

“Fuck, I wish I had a video of that! But anyway even before Dad springs the joke on Connor I realized how fucked up what we were doing was and then when Dad sprung it I thought, “Why the fuck did you listen to him?” “So Connor storms out and he tries to drag me with him but I just couldn’t. Dad is goin on about how the most important thing is that we’re all a family and how you really need us now and Jimmy is sittin there looking like he’s expecting me to do the stupid thing. It just hit me how right Dad was.” Chase rubbed my stomach. “I realized too that there was no fucking way that you’d be to blame for those guys doin that shit. I also realized that I didn’t give a flyin fuck if you were gay or not. I mean how did it affect me? Like not at all, that’s how.”

“Robbie, I wish there was some fucking way that I could make myself look like I was something other than a total asshole but there isn’t. This wasn’t not the coolest week of my life but I get it now and I fucking swear that from now on I’ll never not be on your side about this.”

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Peter the Dremer

Peter was new on campus; he’d been forced to go to school outside of the big city because of scholarships he’d won as an athlete. He’d grown up in urban America, and this was his first experience living in a rural area. It was hard enough being a gay jock in the city; he wasn’t sure how it’d go over here, so he kept a low profile. Pre-season soccer practices were double sessions, taking up four to five hours of his day, but it kept his mind off of his problems, so he went through every session determined to make the starting squad. Peter was a natural, he had no problem making the first team and it seemed he had no problem attracting the girls. Great, Peter thought, how would I survive this? By mid-season, Peter’s teammates noticed he wasn’t dating any of the girls who threw themselves at him. Peter started to get nervous. "You a fag?" one teammate bluntly asked. Peter didn’t answer; he just laughed and hit the showers. Trying to think fast, Peter searched for a way out. Then he felt something close around his dick. He looked down to find his teammate, the one who asked if he were a fag, sucking his dick. Peter jumped back, and his teammate jumped to his feet. "Wait, you’re not?" he asked nervously. Peter stammered, staring his mate in the face. "Are you?" "Well, no, I guess, but I like guys to fuck me." Peter laughed, a nervous laugh, a laugh of relief and told his new friend that he was indeed "a fag." "You think it’s safe in here?" Peter asked. "It’s safe if you dig gang bangs," announced the junior, "and I’d say it’s time for your initiation." Peter looked puzzled as the elder teammate left the showers, but shrugged and continued to clean up. In the distance he heard low chatter and the sounds of doors locking. As the chatter slowly came near, Peter turned to see 7 of his teammates entering the shower area. "You may have open gays in the city," one boy chuckled, "but we closet types have a lot more fun." With that, Peter was told to get on his knees, and Peter did so. Apparently, it was custom for freshmen to pass the oral test before they could move on to the next stage. While Peter sucked each teammate hard, he felt the hands of other teammates rubbing his back, grabbing and spreading his ass, cupping his balls and stroking his dick. Still blowing his friends, Peter was mounted from behind. He felt the thick meat of someone’s cock push inside. Rod deep inside Peter’s asshole, he could feel his ass cheeks being massaged feverishly, pulling, stretching, spreading him wider. He felt another dick poking his outer rim, then forcefully ramming inside. Peter felt as if he’d split in two, and grimaced at first, still trying to suck off the few guys he had left to do. He’d never had two dicks up his ass before, so it took a few minutes to get used to, but then Peter relaxed and found it was painfully enjoyable. Especially when they started to fuck him. It seemed as if there were a hundred dicks to suck and like a hundred dicks fucking him, each taking their turn. Peter wanted to impress his buddies, so he took everything they threw at him in stride….besides, he liked it! He’d always fantasized about the guys in high school, but the ones who probably were gay, hadn’t even realized it yet, so Peter never approached any of them. But now his fantasy had come to life. Peter remained on all fours as the 7 others mounted and dismounted, mounted and dismounted. He never been fucked so much at one time and wasn’t nearly ready for it to stop. The other guys raised his ass up to almost hip level, pushing his upper body close to his thighs. They took turns fucking him in short spurts, until one guy took charge and fucked Peter non-stop until he came. Peter reveled in the warm juices teeming in his ass and squirmed with delight as they took turns coming in his ass. After a while, it started seeping out and down the backs of his legs, but his mates didn’t stop. They fucked him until the last guy spooed, and Peter took it like a sport. When the last guy mounted Peter, another slipped down and sucked him off, swallowing each drop of Peter’s load until the ramming finally ceased. When all was done, the men showered together, congratulated Peter and "officially" welcomed him to the "team." Peter looked forward to the next shower.
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