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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

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Those of you that have been looking for that male material that is of good quality, but that has the average guy, because you are one of them; on their site? Well you have come to the right place because we are just Joe Blow ourselves on the net

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

David Becham From Amsterdam

My name is David Becham. Well actually it's not Beckham but that's close enough. At the time this took place or at least at the beginning of it I was 16, born May 1st 1982 in a fairly small town in Amsterdam. I am or was at the time 5'8" and 140 pounds with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Yeah I was pretty small but my body was toned and I had a great ass. Well at least so I was told. Actually at that time I guess I never really thought of myself as being good looking, I was just me. I was an only child and have a wonderful mom and dad. My dad is an engineer and works in a larger town about 15 miles away and my mom is a nurse and works for a local doctor. None of the problems that I ran into were the fault of them, they really loved me and have always been supportive. I know a lot of guys don't get along with their mom or dad but mine are great. My mom, well, is a mom and my dad is a loving guy without a mean bone in his body. Maybe that's why I still feel so bad about what happened, they loved me and trusted me and I lied to them. My dad used to say, "Just tell the truth, if you tell me the truth I'll never be mad." Well, I didn't do that, I really didn't think I could.

I also have to tell you about my best friend Bob. Bob was born in the same hospital that I was born in and on the same day. That's kinda how we ended up knowing his family because we probably wouldn't have otherwise. They had a lot more money than we did and Bob's parents and mine didn't really move in the same group. But when we were little they thought it would be cute for us to have our birthdays together and since they only lived a few miles away we ended up being friends. Bob was the first person I ever remember meeting and knowing as a real little kid. I've known him forever and we spent as much time at each others houses as we did at our own. I don't have a brother but it was almost like that's what Bob was. He knew all of my secrets or at least the little ones. Bob grew to be a lot bigger that me. When I was 5'8" Bob was 6'1" and 175 pounds. Where I really sucked as an athlete Bob was great, really a winner at whatever he did. He was and is a big handsome guy who always seems to win but I found out that there was more to him than that. I guess everyone has their secrets.

The other person that really played a major role at that time was Dave. Dave was a deputy sheriff and when I first met him he was 33. Dave is a really big guy, about 6'4" and built with huge powerful shoulders, sandy brown hair, blue eyes and mustache. I don't know what he weighed but he was a big muscular guy. Dave lived in the same small town we did and he was married with 3 kids.

I suppose the lying began when I was about 13 and it dawned on me that maybe the reason that I liked looking at naked guys was because I was gay. Well who the hell do you tell that to? For sure not your dad and for damn sure not your jock best friend. So I buried it deep and tried to act as straight as I could. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it too and by the time I was sixteen I was certain that nobody knew that I was gay. I was wrong of course.

I had a job working at the local lumber yard home center after school and that was where I first met Dave. At the time I didn't realize he was a cop or I would have been more careful but he wasn't in uniform just jeans and it looked like he had a football in his pants. Geez I would have had to be dead not to look and like I said I didn't know who he was. Honestly I never even had a chance to really consider what I was doing but when he came down the aisle that I was working in I actually did a double take at that crotch of his. Well he caught that. He didn't say anything just smiled and I figured what the hell some guy catches a 16 year old kid looking at his crotch, big deal. I mean after all at that age it's like kids and adults live on different planets. What I didn't realize is that Dave saw it as an opportunity but he didn't say anything just kept walking. The planets were about to collide.

Before I tell you what happened with Dave I have to impress on you how close Bob and I were. I'm sure that you've had a friend like that in your life, someone who you share everything with, someone you see every single day. I guess, well hell I know, that I took Bob for granted. He was always just there like wallpaper or the tv. My mom and dad were crazy about him and I think he preferred my parents to his own. Even when we got in high school and he became this big jock guy we were still best buds and when he made more friends at school he drew me into that group and made sure that I was accepted.

Then came 1997 and I got my drivers license. My dad helped me buy an old beater and I was in heaven. I had wheels. This next part is the part that's really hard for me to talk about. I mean I know that I'm just writing words on paper but it was the start of a very stupid and exciting time for me but one that I'm pretty ashamed of on a couple of levels. Oh shit I guess I'll just write it as it happened.

Our little town rests in the middle of what at one time were great forests. Those have mostly been logged out now but the town is still pretty surrounded by dense woods, old logging roads crisscross these woods. On an autumn evening in 1997 I was driving back from a nearby town. I had the music blasting and really wasn't thinking of anything just kinda getting off on the tunes. Dave didn't turn his overhead flashers on until he had been behind me for a while I guess and it truly scared the crap outta me. Of course I checked the speedometer right away and I was going faster than I should have but I didn't really know what the limit was where I was. So anyway I pull over right away and wait for the cop. Looking in my rearview mirror I see this huge hunk of a cop walking toward me. Even in his cop outfit the bulge was huge. Anyway while I did notice the bulge my main thought was on how I was gonna explain the ticket I was gonna get to my dad. I had only had the car for two weeks or so and I figured that I was gonna be walking for at least a month. So anyway Dave saunters up to the car and when he sees me he rests his arms on the windowsill and kinda leans into the car his face just a few inches away and his hands even closer. I could smell him, a real male smell and I remember the hair on the backs of those hands.

So he asks me if I'm Billy from the Home Center and I tell him yeah and tells me to pull
the car off the highway on to this old logging road so that we don't get hit by a passing car or anything. Now you've got to understand that growing up in this little hick town I had been taught to obey the police like they were gods. It would never have occurred to me not to do what Dave was telling me. If I had thought about it I would have been aware of the fact that there were no cars on the highway we were in the middle of nowhere.

So after I pull off the road Dave comes over and rests his forearms on the windowsill and just starts talking about stuff like how do I like my new car and what working at the Center is like and stuff like that. Then he moves his hand towards my cheek and starts stroking it with the back of his knuckle. Well when he starts that I just like freeze. It's just like I have no ability to move. I'm staring straight ahead and saying nothing and meantime he's running his hands all over me and telling me what a fine looking kid I am and how proud my dad must be of me and how he wouldn't want to have to give me a ticket. Then he tells me to get out of the car and says he gonna help me out by not giving me a ticket but that I gotta help him out because his wife is having her period and he hasn't been getting any sex and shit like that. Then he tells me that he's seen me looking at his crotch and he's seen me around town and that he knows that I'm a homo. Now in my mind I'm totally freaking out that he knows my secret and I start getting this picture of my dad finding out about me and maybe losing my job at the center and inside I'm goin nuts but still not saying anything because like I can't.

The next thing I know is he's got my hand and is rubbing it around his crotch and I can feel this enormous boner in there and pretty soon his pants are open and he's pushing me down on it. Now I can't tell you that this didn't in one way turn me on and was like the greatest thing ever to happen to me but at the same time I was scared shitless. For one thing Dave had a pretty big m and I had never sucked one before not even a little one, so just having this huge thing being rammed down my throat was painful. Anyway after a couple of minutes he shoots this huge load into my mouth and it's running down my chin and the front of my shirt and god I feel like puking. Then the prick actually wipes his dick on my face, says "thanks Billy" gets in his car and drives off. At that moment kneeling in the forest with his cum on me and my jaw and throat aching I kinda felt like I had been raped. This is the point in this story where those people who have heard it tell me that I was raped but somehow I felt responsible for what had happened, like my wanting gay sex had made this happen. I mean I knew that Dave was a shit but I felt that my looking at his crotch in the store had triggered this whole thing and I guess in a way it did.

When you're a teenager and you've screwed up like I just did it's kinda scary going home. I mean my shirt was cum stained and I guess that I smelled of sex and even the knees of my pants where dirty from the forest floor. Well I cleaned myself up as much as possible, letting the cum dry and brushing off my knees, and I head for home.

When I get home I try to slip in quietly but of course both my mom and dad are home and I run into them both. My mom gives me a kiss and dad rubs my head (he does that sort of thing) and miraculously they don't seem to notice anything. Here I'm feeling like SLUT is painted on my forehead but everyone seems unaware of it. The thing is that all night long I'm tasting Dave's cum in my mouth and in my mind and while I was too scared to get a hardon when I was with him I'm getting hornier as the night goes on and I'm watching tv with my dad but really I'm reliving the experience with Dave. Well finally I kiss my dad good nite( I know, I know but that's the way he is.) and go to bed. Well needless to say my dick is in my hand as soon as I hit the sheets and after about 30 seconds of stroking I blow the biggest load of my life.

You have to understand that I wasn't living in Los Angeles or New York, I didn't have internet access and as far as I was concerned there was one faggot living in our town and that was me. Well sure there were the usual fag jokes at school but those were just things guys said and even when they said they thought someone was gay I thought it was just bullshit. It never occurred to me that maybe Dave was gay and actually I think what he did and then went on to do had more to do with a power and control thing than with sexual orientation but none of that occurred to me until after it was over. During all of my sessions with Dave he never reciprocated in any way, never a kiss, nothing.

Well as I've already implied Dave continued to have me service him. The next couple of weeks I blew him 5 or 6 times and then he started fucking me. The first time he fucked me I thought I was going to die. The pain was unbelievable and his cum was leaking out of me all the way home but again after I cleaned myself up and showered it didn't seem so bad and all the next day at school I could still feel his pole in me. I could still feel his sperm hitting the inside of my ass. Looking back on it I guess even in the beginning I was kinda getting off on this power that I had over Dave. I mean this was a huge risk he was taking although that wasn't something that I was really aware of at the time. That he wanted me as bad as he did was I guess an ego thing for me.

The next couple of years were strange and strained. Dave and I would get together generally about twice a week and usually around eight at night. This required a whole lot of lying to my mom, dad and to Bob. Thinking back on that time I wouldn't do it again for anything. Watching my mom and especially my dad losing faith in me was terrible. When I was nine years old I got very sick and while I was able to stay at home everyone was very afraid that I would get worse and I could have ended up the hospital or even I suppose dead. I don't have a lot of memories about that time because I had a bad fever for a long time but I remember practically everyday waking up and having my dad in bed with me. At the time he just said that he got up early and looked in on me but I found out later from my mom that he wasn't able to sleep while I was that sick and he slept with me because he wanted to be there in case I got worse. This was the guy that I was lying to when all he really wanted was the truth, but the real truth was the one thing I couldn't give him. Everything suffered, my grades my relationship with my parents and my friendship with Bob. All of these things were priceless to me but I guess I was willing to trade them all for dick.

Anyone who likes to get fucked will know that while the first few times might be painful it gets better real fast and once I started buying lube that really helped. A month after I started getting fucked by Dave it was feeling pretty good and in three months I loved it, six months later and I couldn't do without it. I thought about that massive rod 24/7, I was a bitch in heat. Well aside from all the emotional damage I was doing to everyone, most of which I was oblivious to, things went along pretty well. Well as time went by and my need for Dave's dick increased so did my feelings for him. I was a total blind idiot because he didn't give a shit about me but I convinced myself that I was in love with him and that he would fall in love with me or rather that he should fall in love with me. Now had I been thinking objectively I would have realized that after 3 years Dave was looking for the cleanest way out of this "relationship". I didn't take any of the hints he dropped about ending things and when he just stopped calling me I called him constantly. I was probably becoming quite an embarrassment. Eventually he got things down to about one fuck every two to three weeks and he bitched and moaned about that. Needless to say I was going out of my fucking mind. I thought that I was losing my lover and I was totally addicted to his dick.

Late in 1999 something happened that was to have a profound affect on my life. My dad brought home a computer and we got internet access. My dad said that I could go on the internet but I knew that I had to be careful and tried to confine my online time to those times when mom and dad were in bed. That pretty much meant going online early in the morning and late at night but oh what a change it made. I couldn't believe the first time I went on a gay chat line it was amazing. I felt like I had finally found a place were I was understood. During these chats I eventually told some guys my story and began to get some feedback on what I had been going through. A few months later during the spring of 2000 something else happened that would turn my world totally upside down.

You have to consider that prior to Dave I was with Bob virtually every day of my life. Either he was hangin at my house or me at his or he was dragging me to some football shit or some jock party and of course this being the country we normally spent a lot of time fishing or hunting. This almost totally ended a few months after Dave came into the picture. For one thing every time I did see Bob he had lots of question about what I was doing and why I was being so secretive. I thought I handled these questions well but let's face it I wasn't thinking very clearly. Finally one Saturday in April he cornered me to go fishing with him and there just wasn't any way that I could get out of it without making a big deal out of it. So off we went bumping across old logging roads in his SUV headed towards a familiar fishing spot deep in the woods.

Well a half hour later and we were fly fishing in a wide shallow stream and making kinda idle chat about cars and shit. Then after a while an odd thing happened. Bob walked up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and kinda kneaded them, then he rested his chin on my shoulder and kinda quietly asked if I wanted to eat lunch now.
It was an intimate thing to do and something he had never ever done before. I mean I could feel his breath on my ear and the whole thing sent shivers thru me but I just kinda put it outta my head and after fishing a bit more we headed for home. Now I totally thought that Bob was straight, I mean you just don't get studlier than Bob. So when he did this it kinda threw me. Yeah we had had a couple of camping trip beatoff sessions years before but there was no way this guy could be gay. Bob was also very tight with my Dad. Dad had given up trying to get me to watch football with him and it wasn't unusual for Bob to come over on the weekend at watch with him. Bob's parents were pretty old or at least seemed that way to me. He had a brother Mark who was ten years older and worked in his dad's office and an older sister who had married some dude and moved away. Bob's mom and dad loved him I guess but they really never seemed to be there. If they weren't at the country club they would be traveling or some shit. This was kinda the one negative thing in Bob's life and now that I think about it he really treated his older brother like a dad. When Bob needed something like money or shit he would just call Mark and somehow it got done. Mark was a cool guy too, married but stud city.

Well that night I get a chance to go online and chat and some guy that I had talked to before asks me what's new with my life. Well this guy knew about the cop and all and I mentioned what had happened with Bob that morning. Well then this dude and a couple of others all started telling me that Bob had to be gay and was coming on to me and of course I said no fucking way but it did make me wonder about it. I mean Bob had stuck to me like glue even during the heaviest time with Dave when I was really treating him like shit and it wasn't like he didn't have other places he could have gone. He knew everybody on the planet and there were babes who would have killed just to have him say hello. The other thing that had been kinda working in the back of my brain were the looks that my dad and Bob were exchanging lately. Not big obvious looks but just quick glances this had been going on for a few weeks but I felt like they were planning something but my birthday was coming up along with Bob's and I guess to the extent that I thought about it I attributed it to that. Like I said my ass is my best feature not my brain. Well OK my dick is alright too, not huge but pretty. In defense of my stupidity I was so fucking in need of a sword of passion up my ass I was about out of my mind. The bottoms out there will understand.

Well the following Monday Bob corners me at school and says how much he enjoyed the fishing and that it was cool us hangin out like we used to and could we do it again Friday morning cause there was no school that day and of course I say yes. Well it turns out this turns into the week from hell because I'm calling Dave three and four times a day because if I don't get a Shlong up my ass I'm gonna go crazy. Dave of course by now is treating me totally like shit and tells me his wife is pregnant again and how he's gonna spend more time at home. The prick! I'm being a total asshole to everyone I run into and I can see my dad has this weird look on his face all week and I figure if he's still sane he's ready to have me committed to some fucking nuthouse.

Well I somehow manage to make it to Friday morning but my emotions are really kinda raw and Bob seems to pick up on this and is treating me like I could explode at any minute, which is pretty much, the truth. So anyway we go back to our same favorite fishing spot and we're just doing that and it's a really pretty morning. The sun is filtering threw the new leafs on the trees and there's a lot of new green all over the woods and there's this great smell of the earth, the way the ground itself smells in spring. Anyway I'm half talking to Bob but mostly thinking about what a sonofabitch Dave is when I realize that Bob is standing next to me with his hand on my shoulder and I kinda jump because it surprised me. I said, "What, what?" and he says "Dude I've been talking to you for five minutes and your like not here" and I just feel myself blush because I'm such a dufuss and I say that I'm sorry and like what were you saying.

Then he takes my fishing rod and his and lays them on the ground. Then he turns me around to face him and looks me right in the eyes. And we're standing there and his hands are on my shoulders and his face is just a few inches from mine and he says,
" Billy I know. I know about you and the cop."

Well I can feel these explosions going off in my brain and I'm seeing white flashes of light inside my head and I'm trying to pull away from him but he won't let me go and I feel like my body is crumbling, like my whole body is just falling apart piece by piece but Bob is still holding my shoulders and I'm pushing his chest to get away from him but like nothing happens cause he just hangs on and I know that I'm crying and where the fuck did that come from and then he pulls me in and just holds me tight to his chest while I cry. Geez I don't ever remember crying before except maybe when I was a little kid cause I'm not a crier but a fighter but my life has been such shit lately and I guess you can only take so much and now I'm like this crying machine and it just seems to go on and on but Bob just holds me really tight and then I feel him kissing my neck and rubbing my back and he says, "Why did you let that asshole touch you, why didn't you come to me."
Well this is a news flash! Were the fuck is that coming from? But I know a good thing when I feel it and just stay were I'm at cause he's so fucking strong and it feels so good to be in his arms.

Finally I get somewhere near getting my emotions under control and I pull back a little and say, "Why? What could you have done?" Remember, great ass no brains.
And he just looks at me for a few seconds then says, "Dumbass little fucker".
Bob always knew the right thing to say. Then he kissed me and I felt like that lady in that old movie who kinda lifts up one leg behind her when the dude is kissing her. Anyway this kiss goes on and on and his tongue is like six inches down my throat and it's now beginning to dawn on me that maybe Bob is gay.

Bob is saying, "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you about me but Billy you gotta believe I love you and babe I won't ever let anything happen to you. Just say we'll be together and I'll take care of everything else." Those beautiful green eyes are searching mine and I know somehow deep inside that this is how my life is suppose to be so I kiss him again and bury my face in his chest and I can smell him and it's comforting and sexy and I've never felt so safe in my life. So I nod my head yes and then say, "What do we do now?", and he says he's got a busy day planned for us but the most important part is right now and he grabs our fishing rods and takes my hand and we walk back to the truck. Bob pulls out a blanket and a bunch of food and shit and we head off for a little clearing on top of a nearby hill. Well I'm feeling a little like a virgin on her wedding night but as we're trudging up that hill his hand is on my ass most of the time and he asks me if it bothers me and I tell him it belongs to him and he can touch it whenever he wants and he just grins.


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

On The Internet

Now that the college in Amsterdam had changed its policy regarding certain newsgroups
which contained erotic material, and had even allowed anonymous ftp access
to certain remote sites which held archives of hot gay stories, Kevin found
that he was spending more and more time late at night in his local terminal
room, reading avidly. Tonight was no exception.

Kevin shifted closer to his terminal to hide his growing erection -- this
story was making him all hot and bothered. Glancing round, he realized
that he was alone in the room, so he coerced his problem into a more
comfortable position in his jeans. A sudden enormous yawn came over him (it
was two o'clock in the morning, and he had been somewhat busy on Homesteaded
Heath the previous night).

He stretched his long, lean body to ease the tension, and leaned back
precariously on two legs of his chair. To his horror, the back of his head
met soft material -- someone was standing behind him, reading over his
shoulder. Anxious that he might be expelled for conduct likely to bring
disgrace to the computer, he looked upwards to see who it was, but failed
to see behind him.

When Kevin's head struck his groin, Andy's own erection, which had been
steadily growing as he too read the story on Kevin's terminal, jumped and
stiffened. Thinking that Kevin might fall over backwards in alarm, Andy
moved closer to the chair, sliding his hands over Kevin's shoulders.

The sight of two erect nipples disturbing the outline of Kevin's t-shirt,
and the prominent view he now had of the bulge in Kevin's jeans, made Andy
shiver in anticipation. His hands stroked downwards until they encountered
two tight love-buttons, which he first of all flicked several times, and
then squeezed gently. Kevin moaned, giving himself up to the ministrations
of this unknown admirer. Even the thought of being expelled didn't seem so
important now.

He moved his head from side to side, rolling the back of it round the
girth of Andy's cock, pleased to feel the expected response. Wanting to see
his new lover, Kevin tried to pivot forwards on his chair, but was
prevented by a firm hold on both nipples, which hurt just enough to make
him sweat a little, and want more.

Andy bent down slightly, moving his crotch away from Kevin's head, and
slipped his arms round the younger man's waist, untucking his t-shirt from
the waistband. Slowly his rather cold hands slipped up under the edge of
the t-shirt, crossing over in front of Kevin's sensitive waist, and reached
up for the nipples again. They were so hard that he could feel the slight
corrugations on their surface, and when he teased them and squeezed them
Kevin's jean-clad bulge began to look distinctly damp.

Andy hugged the fine slim body closer to him, his beard tickling the side
of Kevin's neck, and began to kiss his neck and nibble his earlobes.
Kevin's mind erupted into a red haze of passion, but he was helpless to do
anything about it because of his unbalanced position on the chair. This
feeling of insecurity and dependence on someone else was exciting, so he
relaxed into the warm glow of lust.

One hand worked on a nipple, the other slid down over his chest and navel
to the waistband of his jeans, which opened up sufficiently to allow the
hand access to his by now thoroughly wet cock head. Andy's fingers circled
just the tip of this treasure, using the slippery pre-cum in a rotating
motion which made Kevin gasp and writhe. Then the whole hand slid down
over his throbbing tool, pressing it tightly to his belly, and began to rub
up and down steadily with the ever-increasing flow of pre-cum as lubricant.

Kevin closed his eyes and began to gasp and buck, as the force of his
rapidly approaching orgasm filled his body with tension and flashes of
fire. Suddenly he was there: two-hours-pornographic-reading-build-up of cum
began its explosive journey towards the ministering hand and the inside of
his jeans, but was impeded by strong pressure applied to the base of his
cock by strong fingers. Waves of orgasm swept over him and he thrashed
around in ecstatic convulsions, but not a drop of cum was released by his
tormenter. Andy had plans for that load which certainly didn't include
wasting the precious love juice on unfeeling denim ...

When Kevin's moans and convulsions had died down, Andy carefully lowered
the back of his chair down to the floor, so that he was lying on his back,
head pressed against the carpet tiles, with his knees up over the now
upright chair-seat. From this position, he had a rather odd view of Andy,
looking up past his bulging crotch, past his neat Grey beard and smiling
mustache to a pair of startlingly attractive eyes, glinting down at him
with amusement and lust.

"That will teach you not to believe you're alone when you're reading sexy
stories, won't it?" Andy's resonant voice had a slight accent which Kevin
couldn't place, but it sounded very pleasant and friendly.

"How did you know I was here?" wondered Kevin out loud, "and who are you

"Don't you recognise me from my picture in the motss archive?" Andy
replied. "I know that my hair looks different this long, but the essential
features are the same!"

Suddenly it dawned on Kevin that this strange man must be Andy from
Norwich, the one who had been sending him sexy email over the last year.

"You must be that weirdo from Norwich who sends me sexy messages in the
middle of the night. But why are you here?" he asked, "and how did you know
where to find me?"

"As to finding you, that was easy -- I just asked the first person I saw
using a computer terminal to search for you in the list of current users.
And as for why I'm here, have you forgotten what day it is?"

Kevin scanned his mind-diary, but nothing relevant struck him at first.
Then he realised that although it was the middle of the night, it was
already past midnight and was in fact his birthday. He rolled off his chair
and stretched to his full length, finding that he was almost exactly the
same height as Andy, even though Andy had looked very much taller standing
over him while he was on the floor.

Hunting for a name to go with the face, Kevin came up with it at last.
"Andy, you're Andy, aren't you?" He scanned the features of this unusual
man who had entered his real life at last, having been part of his fantasy
life for ages. They had first made contact when Kevin replied to some
casual enquiry Andy had sent to the gay newsgroups on the net.

During their electronic conversations, Andy had described himself
briefly, but Kevin decided that this description didn't do him justice.
His hair was grey, certainly, but was long, soft, and very strokable. His
eyes were absolutely riveting -- each time Kevin gazed into them to find
out their colour, his mind was diverted by an almost hypnotic effect, and
each time he had to look away and blink. Under his pink, open-necked shirt
the swirls of hair round his nipples were evident, and his broad shoulders
and long arms made Kevin ache to be held tightly.

Although he was not usually attracted to men a lot older than himself,
Kevin had become fascinated by the stream of unsolicited mail messages
which reached his mailbox, and had found himself quite turned on by the
sort of double-blind-date relationship. After a while, he began to look
forward to the unexpected quirks, innuendo, and explicit sexual advances
which tumbled onto his screen, and responded in similar vein.

For himself, Andy had formed a mental picture of the young man, based
partly on what Kevin had actually told im, and partly on wishful thinking.
The reality didn't disappoint him. Although Kevin was tall, and very thin,
he had a wiry body which promised a great deal of energy, strength, and

His face had very well-defined bone structure, emphasized by the light
stubble of his unshaven cheeks, chin, and upper lip. A rather olive
complexion was complemented by magnificent brown eyes, with long dark
lashes, and surprisingly sensuous lips outlining very white teeth. Neither
of them had thought to put Kevin's clothing to rights, so his white t-shirt
was still bunched up, leaving his lightly-furred belly and hairless chest
exposed. His stamina was noticeable because the bulge in his jeans had
remained throughout their mutual appraisal.

To break the ice, Andy stepped forward and gathered the young man's lithe
body into his strong arms. Their lips met, a little tentatively at first,
but then more strongly as their passion grew. Chest to chest, body to
body, crotch to crotch they pressed, and Andy began to feel hot and dizzy
with an overpowering lust.

Noticing the effect their embrace was having, Kevin pulled away, switched
off his terminal, and said quietly, "I think we'd better go to my room,
before anyone else comes in and sees us." By this time Andy didn't really
care if the whole department was watching, but he followed Kevin across the
campus to a small block of students' rooms, each with its own bathroom.

"This is much better than the dormitory accommodation that's provided for
the first- and second-years," Kevin remarked, switching on the lights in
the bathroom and small kitchen area, but leaving the main light over the
bed off. The room was small, though quite comfortable, and remarkably tidy
for someone who wasn't expecting a visitor.

Kevin kissed Andy lightly again, then bounced onto the bed, sitting there
looking up at him eagerly. "Now I want to have a really good look at you,"
he murmured, "let's see what's under those clothes."

Needing little prompting, Andy began to strip. Off came his shirt,
revealing a fairly furry chest with swirls of hair round his nipples, and a
broad line of darker hair disappearing into his trousers. His skin was
quite dark, almost Mediterranean in appearance, and he had obviously
recently been on holiday somewhere sunny. He slipped off his shoes and
socks, and stood with his feet planted wide apart, gazing at Kevin with a
challenging, mocking look.

"Lovely," said Kevin, licking his lips, "more, more!"

Undoing the clasp of his trousers, Andy unzipped himself, spread his
flies open wide, and let his trousers slither down round his ankles. He
stepped out of them gracefully. Kevin's eyes were riveted on his crotch,
which was just at eye-level, and his nose detected a strong but extremely
sexy man-smell from around that area. Reaching forward with his mouth
open, Kevin pressed his forehead against the tip of Andy's throbbing,
oozing tool in is tight underpants, and licked underneath his
cloth-covered balls. He was rewarded with an extra strong throb, and more

He worked one finger of each hand inside the leg-bands of the underpants,
below Andy's balls, and scratched lightly on his perineum and ballsack.
His prey groaned and sagged slightly at the knees, but stood upright again
as Kevin head-butted him gently in the stomach. Kevin's roving fingers
rolled over the tight balls, tickled at the junction between ballsack and
thigh, and slithered up the slippery cock until they reached the very tip,
which was liberally leaking fluid all the time. Sliding some of the
wetness onto his finger, he began to rub insistently on Andy's exposed
frenum, until he saw that his handiwork was having too great an effect. He
didn't want this sexy man to come yet, and the trembling in Andy's legs
showed him that the time was near.

"What do you really like doing?" Kevin asked, smiling at the sight of the
man before him panting with unfulfilled lust.

"Suck me, quick, suck me! You've got me so worked up, I can't stand it!"

Instead of answering, the younger man just reached up for Andy's erect
nipples, seized them between thumb and forefinger, rolled them round quite
firmly, and then pulled steadily. A strangled moan came from Andy's parted
lips, and his cock jerked upwards again, still confined in the damp
material. He almost fell forwards when Kevin pulled his nipples, but
braced himself against the extremely erotic tugging pressure. He was
breathing very heavily, and the muscles in his stomach rippled with the
effort he was making.

Gradually Kevin's grip on the nipples became less intense, until he
released them but continued to flick the sensitive zones with his
fingernails. Then he ran his hands down Andy's furry chest and stomach, and
round to the ticklish spots on his sides, above his hip bones. The skin
felt smooth, warm and inviting. Putting his hands round behind Andy's
hips, Kevin pulled him closer until he could rest his cheek on the
sprouting stomach fur. In this position, each twitch and ripple of the
concealed muscles transmitted itself to his face, and the hot funky
man-smell assailed his nostrils delightfully. But still he didn't suck the
hard prick so clearly visible just next to his mouth.

He leaned back slightly and looked up at Andy, who by now had a somewhat
pained expression on his face.

"Cock-teaser!" Andy muttered through clenched teeth. "You're not going to
leave me like this, are you?"

With a smile of cherubic innocence, Kevin answered, "Well, I might ...
After all, you stopped me coming earlier, didn't you?"

"No. If you remember, you certainly came properly -- I just didn't let
you lose any spunk. They say that if you don't spurt, you can keep going
for longer, and have many more orgasms."

"I don't think I have any problems about keeping going for a long time --
and most of my lovers have been quite satisfied with my five or six orgasms
in a session. They're quite intense, too, especially after the first
couple. Of course, I'm a youngster, and I'm supposed to be able to manage
these sexual marathons, but you should have tried me when I was nineteen

Andy's mind reeled at the idea of this sexy young man as an even more
lusty teenager, remembering a night long ago when two teenagers at a gay
festival in Sheffield had dragged him (not unwillingly) into their room and
included him in an orgy of bodies which required unbelievable stamina. He
was still perfectly capable of keeping up with most of the men he
encountered, and he regretted that nobody had taken him in hand when he was
a teenager.

This reverie was interrupted by Kevin turning him round to face away from
the bed. A hand slipped down the back of his underpants, tickled down the
valley between his cheeks, pressed briefly against his sensitive puckered
hole, and grabbed his balls tightly. The other hand stroked round the
front of his cloth-covered erection and gripped it firmly through the

Gentle tugging and squeezing of his balls, and the slow strokes of
Kevin's hand round his tool, soon brought Andy to a peak of pre-orgasmic
pleasure. He was moaning and panting, and felt that his whole being was
concentrated in the tip of his cock, just waiting for a final ecstatic
outpouring. Kevin stopped moving his hand, but squeezed the glorious
erection tightly, and just continued lightly caressing the hairy, ridged

A rising sound between a growl and a groan began to emerge from Andy's
throat as he felt that wonderful point of no return being reached. His cock
pulsed and throbbed, and grew even more erect. With a yell, he came.
Spurting out through the sodden material of his underwear the first spray
of spunk appeared, followed by several more powerful spasms which were
trapped by the confining cloth. And still Kevin squeezed and kneaded the
firing tool and hot balls, working the creamy spunk round the taut skin,
milking the most from the luscious orgasm.

Andy began to feel the acute sensitivity which his cock developed just
after he had come, and pulled away from the ministering hands. Turning
round, he thrust his soaked bulge into Kevin's face. Kevin licked it
eagerly. Taking the young man by the shoulders, Andy lowered him back onto
the bed, with his feet still resting on the floor at the end of the bed.
Quickly he pulled down the jeans and damp underwear, smiling at the
wonderful sight which met his eyes as Kevin's cock, so long confined, leapt
up at him. Like its owner, the tool was long and thin, but powerful and
fully erect, and leaking copiously from the tip.

Kneeling down between the strong, slightly hairy thighs, Andy touched the
opening of Kevin's tool lightly with his tongue, and was rewarded with an
extra-large glob of juice, which he lapped up eagerly. He closed his lips
round the head and sucked hard. Kevin moaned. He ran his tongue all over
the sensiive cock-head and tickled the young man's frenum until Kevin's
gasping and thrashing body showed him that he was near the limit, then he
slid his mouth right down the shaft until the tip entered his throat and
his mouth met up with very sexy-smelling fur. Very gently and slowly he
started working the muscles of his throat, stimulating just the tip of
Kevin's meat, at the same time scratching his balls to make them contract
and writhe.

For Kevin, the last straw came when Andy reached up with both hands and
found his exceedingly sensitive nipples, gripping them firmly and pulling
them towards him. Locked between Andy's hands and his mouth, Kevin just
began to let out shouts of astonishment and delight as his tool simply
exploded in his sexy lover's throat, and kept on firing spasm after spasm
of love juice, which Andy eagerly swallowed.

A final nipple squeeze and a strong tug on his balls brought a final
ecstatic outpouring onto Andy's tongue. Both of them collapsed onto the
bed, panting with satisfaction. Kevin pulled Andy's hot sticky body close
to him and hugged him firmly, kissing his sensual lips which were fringed
by his moustache. Andy reached down and patted Kevin's cheeks.

"I bet you never thought when you started to study computing that we
would end up like this, did you?"

"What do you mean -- end up like this?" replied the young man, smiling,
"the night is still young, and I see that we're both ready for more, so
what are we waiting for?"


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Saturday, August 11, 2007


I was thinking, a little wearily to myself, it’s never easy to come out of the closet. Whether you are 20 or 50, it’s always hard. There are always consequences.

I think, that for all her intelligence, my daughter is not very smart. The evidence for that is sitting on a chaise lounge next to me, William, her ex-boyfriend. William would have made the perfect son-in-law. He’s dashingly handsome with thick chestnut-brown hair, warm brown eyes, a sly, movie-star grin, and a chin that people pay surgeons to duplicate. His physique matches his face well. He has a gymnast’s build: lean and sinewy, broad shoulders and strong arms, perfectly developed pecs, abs right off a Greek statue, narrow waist, and (so I can stop gushing) great legs. He’s got a brain to go with that body, and he’s such an astute young businessman that I’m very lucky to have him working for me. Don’t get me wrong. I am proud of Emily. She is a smart and talented young woman, but to throw away this fine specimen of manhood was just foolishness—and my luck to catch him.

He was a wreck when I found him pounding on my front door at two o’clock in the morning. A thunderstorm was rumbling through, lightning flashed and it was pouring. William was standing on my front porch, screaming "Emily!" at the top of his lungs. It was a good thing I drove up then or the neighbors would have called the police. It was raining and he was soaked. Apparently, he’d been there for a while. I took him inside and directed him to the bathroom. I ordered him to take off his clothes, then went to my bedroom to get him a robe. I had seen William only a few times while Emily dated him. They started dating three years ago when both of them were in college. Emily studied art and William was going for his business degree. I met him when I dropped by for a visit. They hadn’t known each for long and, in fact, she had introduced him simply as her friend. I was attracted to him, but he was awfully young then and I thought he seemed straight as an arrow. By the end of that school year, things had gotten serious between them. Emily told me she was in love with him, so I asked her to invite him up to spend the summer at our place in West Point. He said that he could only spend a week there because he had an internship with a management firm in Chicago coming up. I got a first look at his body when he went swimming. His body wasn’t as defined or as hairy then, but still youthful and a little soft. I was attracted, but immediately dismissed any thought of doing anything because of my daughter, mostly, and I simply considered him too young for me. Something inside told me that a fifty-year-old man should not pursue a nineteen-year old boy.

When I returned with the robe he was naked, drying his hair with a towel. His face was covered so he didn’t see me checking his body out. His nipples were erect and his cock and scrotum had contracted and looked cute. "William," I said, and he quickly draped the towel in front of his crotch. "You can put this on." I handed him the robe. "Thanks," he replied, sniffling. He turned away to put it on and I took a quick look at his ass. Perfection. He looked quite dashing in my luxurious, burgundy-colored Dior robe, even though his thick hair was tousled and his eyes were bleary from sobbing. "Would you like a drink, William? Pop, coffee, a cocktail? Anything." He thought a moment then said, "Scotch with a splash?" I was a bit surprised at his choice. Scotch didn’t seem like a young man’s drink. "Sure thing. Come, let’s go to the living room." I led him to the living room and offered him a seat on the sofa. Then I went to the bar to fix us each a scotch. "So, do you feel like talking about why you were in my front yard screaming in the rain for my daughter?" I poured our drinks, then stepped over to the sofa and sat down next to him. He took a sip of his drink then put it down. "I’m just guessing here, but I gather she dumped you."

He sighed, and said, finally, "Yeah, she dumped me. I don’t know why. I thought everything was going well." He broke down crying and leaned over on my shoulder. In between sobs he told me about the last few weeks in their relationship. It was almost a play-by-play of the last weeks of my marriage. William was concentrating too much on his career; Emily felt neglected, then they grew distant. Then, a few nights ago, she told him she was seeing another guy and that their relationship was over. William begged her for another chance but she rejected him. Then he drove all night to get here because he thought she was here. What could I say to him? I had no clue that she was breaking up with him. I stroked his head, hoping that would be enough to comfort him. "Listen, William, you can stay here tonight." He sniffled "Thanks." "Sometimes my daughter doesn’t know what a good thing she has until it’s gone. She gets that from her mother. Come on." I stood up. He looked up at me with a grateful expression and smiled slightly. He took his drink and gestured for me to lead him upstairs. I led him to the guest bedroom. He sat down on the bed and took a few more sips of his scotch. "Will you be all right in here?" I asked, while eyeing his chest that was showing through the opening of the robe. "I’ll be OK. Thanks for letting me crash. It’s a long, lonely ride back to Palmdale." "Think nothing of it. Just have a good night’s sleep." He looked up at me again with that grateful look and it seemed as if he wanted to say something else. "Thanks, Mr. Hatch." "William, call me Jonathan." He smiled and said, "Thanks, Jonathan."

I went to bed thinking about the handsome young man sleeping in the next room, replaying in my mind the sight of him standing naked in the bathroom. If I had less self-control I would have gone down on my knees and started sucking his cock right there. I remembered back to about a year ago. It was an odd bit of luck that I got to tickets to the ballet in Chicago. I knew that Emily hated the ballet. I had learned that William loved classical music while he was at West Point so I decided to invite him along. I’m sure he thought it was a good way to score points with his girlfriend’s dad. Our "date" went well. William enjoyed dinner and the ballet, but he seemed very nervous. I didn’t know whether it was just being with me, his girlfriend’s dad, or if it was from some of the looks we were getting at the restaurant and at theater. I supposed that they thought we were a gay couple, which I found ironic. After the ballet, we hit a few bars and we got toasted. We took a cab back to my condo apartment on State. It belongs to the company and my top people and I use it to entertain or accommodate important guests. William surprised me by stripping down in front of me as he got ready for bed. He was still fairly tipsy and unsteady as he struggled out of clothes. He stumbled trying to get his pants off but I caught him. He laughed, slightly embarrassed, then stood up. When he was stripped down to his shorts and socks he tottered off to the bedrooms. I was chuckling when he turned to ask for directions. I walked over to him and escorted him to his bedroom. We walked to the bed and he flopped down. He fell asleep almost right away, without getting under the covers. This gave me a chance to take a good look at his body. I was not usually attracted to younger guys, but I certainly made an exception for William. I committed every inch of his sculpted physique to memory. I was tempted to strip off his briefs but an image of a horrified Emily flashed in my mind. I walked out of his room to mine. I admitted to myself that I was falling in love with him. That night was the most fun I’d had in years. William was such wonderful company, and then to see him almost naked. The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been if we had made love. That night I masturbated for the first time since I was a kid. I fantasized that William and I were making love on the lakeshore at West Point. I wanted to kiss him passionately. I wanted to feel the strength of his muscular body. I wanted to taste his cock and watch him devour mine. I wanted to shove my cock in his ass then feel him penetrate me. I blew my wad in a matter of moments, with the image of William on his back, legs up, with my cock pumping in and out of his tight hole.

A year later, I was in exactly the same position, fisting my cock as I fantasized about making love to the young man lying naked in the next room. "Jonathan?" I froze. I didn’t hear William open the door. I looked over to the door and saw his silhouetted form standing there. He was leaning against the doorjamb and I could tell that he was nude. "Jonathan, are you awake?" He was being polite, I was sure, because he must have been able to discern in the darkness that I had been jerking off. I reached for my bedside lamp, not exactly sure if I should turn the light on. "Wait, Jonathan. Keep it dark. I need to tell you something." I leaned back as he stepped toward me. A fleeting image of what I wanted to happen next flashed in my head. I tried to say something but I couldn’t. All I could manage was a throaty "Yeah?" which sounded pathetic. William knelt down by the bed and I could see his eyes in the dim light that filtered in from outside. "Jonathan, I sort of lied to you. I didn’t come here because I was upset about Emily. We did break up last week but I had expected it. She told me she was in love with someone else, some garage mechanic who fixed her car. Then I told her that I was in love with someone else." He sighed and ran his hand through his beautiful hair. "I’m in love with you, Jonathan. I have been since we were in Chicago last year." I thought I was dreaming. "Say that again?" I wanted to make absolutely sure I heard him correctly. "Oh God, Mr. Hatch, I’m sorry. I didn’t, I mean, oh God, what am I doing—" He scrambled to his feet and started to leave. "William, wait!" I reached out quickly and grabbed his hand. "It’s OK." He must have misunderstood me. I pulled him back to the bed then took his other hand. "It’s all right. Listen, I know what you mean and it’s OK. I just wish I had your guts so I could have told you the same thing, William. I couldn’t because of Emily. I thought you were straight and I thought your relationship with her was serious. I couldn’t steal my own daughter’s boyfriend." "I wasn’t stringing her along, Jonathan. I was just trying to force myself to be straight. My mother could never accept the fact I’m gay. She’s depending on me to carry on the Johnson name. And my job, a company like that is not very open to alternative lifestyles." "Christ, William, we’re more alike than you think." I tugged him forward to sit him down on the bed. I stroked the side of his face, rough from a few day’s stubble. "I know exactly what you’re going through. But I made the mistake you’re avoiding." "What mistake was that?" "I got married. But I shouldn’t call it a mistake. I have a beautiful daughter. But I put myself and her mother through such trouble when we got divorced." "Do they know?" "Rowena knows, always did, I figure. But she went along with my little delusion. Maybe she thought she could ‘straighten me out.’ Emily? She might suspect something...." "She doesn’t. Well, she never talked to me about it. I asked her once why you and Rowena split up and why you never remarried, but she put me off. Maybe she does know." "I’m going to have to tell her sooner or later." "Let’s not talk about her. Jonathan, do you remember that night in Chicago when we went to the ballet?" "Of course I do, William. It was the best night of my life." "God, I wish I’d known you were gay then. I wish I hadn’t gotten so drunk. Maybe we’d be together now." "We are together." I leaned over and kissed his lips. As he wrapped his arms around me, we fell back onto the bed. His tongue danced with mine in our open mouths. My hands ran all over his strong, masculine chest as his hand stroked my thigh. Soon he began kissing my neck and moved lower, laying kisses down my chest and stomach while his hand cupped my balls. With his face now at my crotch I heard him inhale deeply, then felt him take hold of my rigid cock. He licked along the underside my cock up then stopped at the glans to suckle on it. I held his head in my hand and stroked his hair. It felt so good to have a mouth on my cock and apparently someone taught him how to give great head. He massaged the tip in his mouth, using his tongue until I couldn’t hold back and released a gush of cum into the young man’s mouth. He pulled back and let my juice spurt onto my chest and stomach. "Oh God, William," I groaned. "That was fantastic!" He crawled up next to me and lay back with his cock in his hand. He was jerking it slowly as I fondled his chest. I loved the feel of the hair on his chest. Most young men his age don’t have hairy chests, either by nature or by choice. I wanted to fuck his ass, but I didn’t know for sure if was too soon for that. I brought my head down to his crotch. I might as well return the favor, I thought, but I’d never sucked a man’s cock before. "Let me take care of that, kiddo," I said, taking his hand off his fat cock. "Jonathan, you don’t have to." "I want to, William." Then I engulfed his cock with my mouth. I did my best, licking the shaft, massaging the glans, just as he did with mine. William moaned softly and put his hand on the back of my head. He started stroking my hair. "Oh yeah, Jonathan, suck my cock," he whispered. He spread his legs apart, so I started licking his balls. I took each one into my mouth and rolled it around. He moaned again as started to lick below his balls. Then he raised his legs, exposing his asshole to me. It was something I’d never thought I would do, rimming. But William had other ideas. Maybe he was more experienced in man-to-man sex than I thought. "Do it, Jonathan," William said softly. I licked down from the base of his scrotum and headed for his hairy, puckered hole. He was clean so I immediately dove in. William growled as my tongue burrowed into his tight hole. I have to fuck this ass, I said to myself, as I continued rimming him, but only if he asks. I could hear him jerking his cock. "I need something bigger in there, Jonathan," he said huskily. "Fuck me. Ram your hard cock in my tight asshole, man. Fuck me hard." Even though my tongue was enjoying the probe into his ass, I needed something more. I got up and looked at him. He was so sexy then, with his legs up like that. "Are you sure. kid? I mean, it’s a pretty big step." "I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life." I leaned over and kissed him, deeply. Then I reached over to my night stand and pulled out a condom and a tube of lubricant from the drawer. "Do we really need that?" William asked. "I don’t think so but it’s more to protect you." "Really?" He looked at my slyly. "What have you been up to since your divorce?" "After the divorce, during the marriage, it was just a couple of times, but you never know." I unwrapped the condom and put in on the head of my dick. Then William took my hand away and unrolled the rubber down the shaft himself. "Are you ready for me, baby?" "Every inch, man." I moved back a bit, while William spread his legs even wider. I squeezed a glob of lube onto my fingers and spread it onto his hole. I shoved a finger into him, then another. He gasped a bit and I felt his sphincter tighten around my fingers. Lord, I could have come right then shoving my fingers in William’s tight asshole. My dick pulsed with my quickening heartbeat, as if to tell me it was time for him to take over. I lined up my sheathed cock to his waiting hole. Leaning forward, my throbbing pole slowly penetrated him. William gasped and tensed a little. His head went back and a low growl came from his throat. We both moaned as his asshole tightened then relaxed and my cock sank to the hilt easily. "Fuck me, Jonathan! Fuck me hard!" William growled. I leaned down to him and kissed him deeply as I started to grind my hips slowly into him. The tightness of his asshole felt so different, so invigorating that my pelvis seemed to have been under the control of my cock. "I want it all, man!" my yuppie lover growled. I showered his beautiful face and strong shoulders with kisses. I plunged into him slowly, my cock savoring each thrust into the tight. William mumbled my name over and over as he jerked himself off. I could feel his anus spasm, gripping my cock. Within seconds, my head was swimming deliciously as I shot my load into William. William cried out as he spurted his cum in between our torsos. It felt delightfully warm against the skin of my stomach. I kissed William again. I realized what it was like to kiss a man, I mean, how we kiss. We kissed passionately, almost forcefully, as if we each had something in our mouths that the other must have. It was not delicate but there was tenderness.

So here we are on the balcony of my—I mean, our—villa on the Greek coast, drinking Champagne and watching the men in skimpy bathing suits go by. Next week, it’s off to England and then Norway. We like to think of it as our honeymoon. Cheers!

Copyright © 1998 by SIC

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First Gay Experience

I recently lived out one of my long-kept-secret sexual fantasies. I'm still so excited by the experience I thought it would be fun to write about it and share it on this site. No doubt, there are at least a few men (maybe some women, too?) out there that can relate to my position.

I'm a 38 year-old straight man, I've been married 12 years, I love my wife, and I'm committed to our marriage. I don't get turned on by men, but think about sex constantly and exclusively with women. There are a lot of guys out there, I know, gay, straight, or somewhere between that are open to discreet sex with other guys. But, never have I had any sexual contact with another male, and I was convinced I had no plans to do so - particularly not in a park restroom or a stranger's car. However, I'm certainly not homophobic, and in the back of my mind, I had thought that if somehow everything was perfect and I had some new, strange attraction to a particular man, well, maybe I could... think differently.

My wife and I graduated in the same high school class, and our twentieth reunion was a few weeks ago. We had plans for a Friday night mixer, Saturday picnic and golf, and a formal dinner/dance on Saturday night. On Friday night, we connected with lots of old friends and caught on the years, pretty much socializing separately. One guy I really enjoyed talking with was Brad, who had really just been an acquaintance in school. I found him very friendly and intelligent, and he had certainly aged better than most of the guys. I had heard he was gay and ran a small, high-end hair salon about 30 miles from our hometown. As the "gay thing" didn't bother me like it obviously did some others, I talked with him for over an hour. Before I left, we exchanged numbers with a plan to talk more in the future.

The next day, my wife was set on going to the picnic, but I wasn't. She was alright with that and set out by herself with plans to meet me later for the dinner. I had Brad on my mind. As soon as she left, I nervously called his number, not knowing where it might lead. I honestly wanted to get to know him better and, yes, there were some vague sexual ideas. He was really glad to hear from me, wasn't going to the picnic, and invited me over to his house for the afternoon. My mind raced as I made the half-hour drive to his place, stiff cock throbbing in my shorts.

Brad welcomed me, put a beer in my hand, and gave me a tour of his house - a beautifully decorated Victorian-era that was way too big for one. As I admired the details of his home, I was struck by Brad's very attractive personality, his subtle, nice "gayness", and his very well-maintained body. We sat for another drink on an ornate porch. I knew at this point I wanted him, but didn't know what to do. Brad got up and, before getting us another drink, he leaned over the couch I was on, gave me a quick but soft kiss on the lips, and told me not to be shy. My heart thumped as he walked away and I realized I liked the kiss.

I stood up when he returned and tried to explain something, but he embraced me, ran his hand up the back of my thigh, and gave my ass a firm squeeze. "Want to play?" he asked. I nodded, we hugged tighter, and I instinctively wrapped my legs around one of his as he did the same to me. Clenched together below the waist, he leaned back and slowly pulled my shirt off, then peeled off his own. My hands were drawn to his chest, strong and mildly hairy, nipples erect. I leaned in and kissed one of his nipples, and breathed in his clean, masculine scent Suddenly, I felt awkward and explained that in my excitement to call him I had forgotten to shower after the morning yard work I had done. He just laughed and asked if I wanted to shower before we played.

Brad led me to his bathroom, which was as beautifully decorated as the rest of the house, filled with mirrors, expensive soaps, shampoos, and lotions. He handed me a towel and cloth, and left me alone. As I lathered up in the shower, I had to be careful not to stroke my stiff massive meat - I was afraid I would come. As I washed, I saw Brad's figure, now wearing just boxers, through the glass shower doors. He opened the door a crack, and set something down on the edge of the tub. He smiled and said, "This is something I like when I want to feel refreshed". It was a small, hand-held enema, with a pink rubber ball and a slightly curved black tip. Next to it was a small bottle of lube. While I had no plans of our play going farther than touching and oral, my mushroom cap throbbed. It kept throbbing while I douched my ass, making me think some anal play might be nice...just fingers, of course.

After toweling off, I ventured out of the bathroom nude. I found Brad on a loveseat, cock bulging out of his boxers. Inexperienced, but knowing what I wanted, I knelt in front of him, slid the boxers off his ankles, and admired his cock...and the rest of his body. I'm about 6-1, 200, and in decent shape - fairly firm, and no gut anyway. Brad is bigger, about 6-4, and a bit more muscular. His mushroom cap is a bit bigger than mine, too. Not wanting to rush, I kissed his thighs, hips, and lovely, firm but not distinct, abs. I loved taking in his body with all my senses, stopping to rub my face in his small patch of dark pubic hair, enjoying its feel and slightly musky smell. I took his cock slowly in my mouth, being careful to wet the whole shaft with my tongue. When he was well-lubed with saliva, I held the base of his rod with one hand and took it as deep as I could in my mouth. I knew my first blowjob was going well when Brad started to moan. He held my head down with both hands, not in a rough way, but so there was no doubt what he wanted. He thrust his cock gradually deeper into my mouth as I relaxed and allowed him to go in almost to the hilt. After a couple minutes I needed to breathe more, so I let the mushroom cap out with a "smack" and began licking balls.

I alternated between massive whanger and nuts until Brad told me to stand up in front of him. He skillfully took my hard-on in his mouth, as deep as possible with mouth open, then enclosing with lips and tongue for the outstroke. Once fully lubed, he ran the length of my cock in and out of his mouth, applying just a little suction and thoroughly enjoying. He pulled me out for a moment and showed me I was oozing pre-cum, licked the thick drop off my slit, and resumed his blowjob.

After a bit, my leg muscles started to shake, and I told Brad I was close to coming. He and I switched places, me on the loveseat. Rather than kneeling down to suck more, Brad lied down on top of me. I was really turned on by this beautiful, strong man pressing his chest against mine, legs against mine, and cock against mine. Being slightly smaller than Brad, I felt slightly submissive. He kissed me deeply, our tongues played, and I lifted my legs, knees toward my chest, but outward, giving in to his domination. His whanger naturally pressed on my ass, and I loved it. I knew I wanted to be fucked by this man, but didn't know if I was ready. "I think we need some lube", he said between wet kisses.

I asked if we could go to his bedroom, and we grabbed the lube on the way. I climbed onto the extra-high bed and, on all fours, put my ass in the air. Brad put two big pillows under my tummy and helped me relax by straightening my legs a bit. He said doing it right might take a while for me, so I should be comfortable. Having never had any anal play, I felt really vulnerable having this man and his big mushroom cap over my tight ass - but it was wonderful.

Brad asked if I had used the enema, and when told him I had, he ran his tongue between my ass cheeks. He spread my legs wider, licking from my balls to the small of my back, making my asshole twitch with excitement. He reached under me and pulled my cock out, pointing it straight down toward the mattress, and massaged it firmly while he licked my balls and ass. Then, through a spurt of lube, Brad slipped one finger into my bung hole , working slowly so I could relax.

When my butt was nice and loose around his finger, Brad reached into a nightstand drawer and pulled out a vibrator. It was about six inches or a bit longer, very skinny at the tip, but flaring out much thicker at the base...maybe as thick as Brad's cock. He slowly worked the vibrator into me, slowing down when I told him the thick base hurt. With a gentle touch, Brad gradually loosened me to the point where the vibrator could slide all the way in and out with no pain - only pleasure.

I reached back to move Brad's hand from the vibrator and worked it in and out myself, then pulled it out completely. I put the vibrator aside, and when I reached back to my dirty penny, Brad's cock was there, lubed, hard, and ready to fuck me. His whanger was thicker than the vibrator, but it felt wonderful. I rocked my bung hole back onto Brad's hard-on, and he held my ass firmly against him while my tight hole relaxed more. He began to slide in and out very slowly, then gradually with firmer, longer thrusts. I could only moan as he asked how I liked his cock deep in my ass... it was incredibly sexy.

I asked Brad if I could turn on my back so I could see him laid me. He slipped out, stepped to the floor, and I turned over. I pulled my legs back, showing my hard whanger and what felt like my "pussy". Brad grabbed my hips and slid my ass to the edge of the bed. The extra mattress put me at the perfect height to fuck - probably not coincidence. Totally in control, and a little more firm now, Brad worked his cock back in - he was getting close to coming, I think. Once in to the hilt, he leaned over to kiss me while he started to pump my corn hole again. My legs were in the air, and I felt his strong chest on the backs of my thighs. Our chests pressed together, and I held his shoulders while he kissed me sweetly, and deeply. I knew what I was doing was risky, but it was so beautiful. As we kept holding, kissing, and fucking, my cock kept throbbing. Then, without even touching my stiff sword of passion , I squirted my load of fresh jizz between us. The longest shot came above my nipple, and Brad licked it off me. He hesitated for a second, but seeing my open mouth, he went back to kissing me, sharing the warm, salty cum. Then Brad asked what I thought he would any second, "Can I cum in your ass?" I had originally thought I would draw the line at that, but the moment was so beautiful I just gasped "Yes!" On the next thrust, he tightened and moaned, I held him close, tongue in his mouth. With spasms, he let out at least four spurts of cum inside me. I imagined I could feel the heat of his load as it filled my ass. I loved it. And yes, I tend to find more men attractive after that experience.

End Of The Story...


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Monday, August 6, 2007

The Slave Boys in Amsterdam

I am 28 and have a friend who is 30 years my senior. We have just discovered we are both into wild things including piss and cum. On my last visit he gave me a first quick session as a parting treat when he pissed and came on me just before I left to go home. I now looked forward to my next visit when I agreed to write down a fantasy I had had. My next visit started as usual and I gave my friend a hand written document outlining a fantasy I had. He looked surprised at what was written but read it with interest. My visit progressed as usual and we both soon dissolved into our chosen mode of relaxation which was to enjoy life in the raw. It has become second nature to be free of clothes altogether and enjoy the days both indoors and out as only those who share in this pleasure can appreciate.

We had a nice meal and spent the evening watching films until it was time for bed. My friend is well endowed and as we both went down the corridor (still naked) to our bedrooms I suddenly had the urge to look at and enjoy his manhood. I knelt down before him on the hall rug and took it in my mouth. As usual it enjoyed the experience and became firm and grew to fill my mouth. Then and quite unexpectedly I noticed a warm experience in my mouth as this object of my desire started to produce a stream of piss. My friend then pulled his member out and proceeded to piss over me. My body shuddered as it was covered with the warm fluid. I faced into the stream and savoured the taste as the liquid flowed over my tongue and splashed against the back of my mouth. The excess poured out over my lips and over my already wet body. We had both had enjoyed ample alcoholic beverages during the evening which lead me to discover my friend had a peculiar skill when full of liquid. Rather than expel all of the piss in one go he is able to produce a useful stream and then after a short pause yet more. For the next twenty minutes or so my body was on a different planet as it was subjected to regular streams of the amber liquid and even when I sucked on his cock I was treated to yet another mouthful. Eventually I could hold back no more and spent my load on the piss soaked rug I was kneeling on and my piss soaked body gave one more shudder. My friend then said I was to experience my fantasy during my visit and that from now on whenever we both needed to have a piss we were to save it. Over the next few days I obeyed his wish and we both proceeded to fill some demijohns he had provided. As this was not part of my fantasy I had no idea of what he was up to but the sight of all of that piss accumulating was a real turn on.

Then one day when I got up and went to the kitchen as usual and found my friend had been shopping as there was a large pack of beer, some fresh bread and Weetabix among other items. He then said he was going to the garden centre to purchase a pond liner and would I go with him. I said yes and thought again of his shopping trip, quite normal but putting two and two together and remembering my fantasy I began to wonder.

While in the car it became clear that today I was in for an experience which was confirmed when he said the pond liner had to be for a pool large enough for a person like me. On our return I removed my clothes as usual but he did not remove his. He told me to remain naked in the house and wait for his return as he had to go out again. I started to feel a peculiar feeling inside as I waited and crawled into bed to get warmer. He eventually returned!

He had already stripped off when he came into my bed room and his normal gentle style had been replaced by an assertive style I had not seen before. He expressed his displeasure that I had gone to bed and not remained stark naked, waiting and ready as instructed. Although it was cold he ordered me out into the garden to help him with something. I do not enjoy the cold but the circumstances gave me a rush of excitement as I was lead out into the garden totally naked and feeling vulnerable as I was not certain what was to happen. Round the side of the house I saw a large metal drinking trough like you see on farms. This is what he had just been to collect. I was then ordered to help him bring it into the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen he proceeded to follow my designs for a fantasy pool. The trough was lined with the pond liner and chairs were placed round the edge and under the liner to form a platform with a chair at the head for the future incumbent to rest in. My design was to prevent the kitchen getting wet in the event of any splashing or spillage. Little did I know how much he was to take advantage of this fact and that I would not be given much time to use the chair. I was given a beer to drink and my friend was already onto his second can.

My friend, who was already in full control, became the master I had imagined. I was ordered to kneel in the trough as my wild fantasy started to unfold. I was reminded we had not had breakfast and I was now to have mine. He placed two Weetabix into a bowl but said I was not allowed to have milk but should piss on them instead. This I did when he placed the bowl on the bottom of the trough. I was then ordered to get on all fours and eat them doggy fashion. It was hard work but I did my best and ate most of it. He was not at all happy that I was taking so long and told me to sit up and pass him the bowl. He asked me why I was taking so long but as soon as I opened my mouth he poured the remainder of the liquid mush into it.

I was then ordered to lie down flat in the trough and piss over my self which I dutifully did. He then climbed over the trough and enhanced my stream of piss with his. In my fantasy I had imagined lying there pissing on myself and being pissed on plus a couple of further ideas I had had. He had other ideas. He left the kitchen and returned with one of the piss filled demijohns. He proceeded to bring it to body heat in warm water. I thought he is being kind as it would be so cold but while it was warming he retrieved another demijohn. He poured the whole cold contents over my supine body making certain that no part of me was spared from the deluge. I had not imagined such humiliation and degradation. He told me to thank him which I dutifully did and he asked me if it was cold enough and would I like more. I shivered and said yes master. He then pissed on me again and told me to do the same and asked me why it felt different. I said it was because it came from a warm body. He then told me to shut my eyes and said now imagine and enjoy the piss of many when a warm stream of piss smelling liquid poured over my body. Oh god now I know why he had warmed the piss as it felt like a whole football team had let loose on me. My humiliation was complete or so I thought.

He had other ideas. I was ordered to put my legs over my head and piss into my mouth and as soon as I did the rest of the demijohn was poured onto my exposed arse so that it cascaded over my face and body. I was then ordered onto my front when he pushed my face down into the piss puddle that was forming in the trough. I was ordered to remain with my head over the piss so that I could experience the odour. Now I was on my back again and being ordered to ask for more. He put a funnel in my mouth a told me to blow it like a trumpet but before I could he poured more of the saved piss into it. I held it but he told me to open my lips so that it ran into my mouth and overflowed onto my face.

He moved to the kitchen work surface but I could not see what was happening until he showed me a slice of bread he had cut. He put the bread on my stomach and ordered me to play with myself and come on the bread but every time I nearly came on it he stopped me and told me to start again. .He told me to keep doing this which got me very excited and while I did he lay down beside the trough on the ledge and proceeded to toss himself off. Before he climaxed he took the slice of bread from me and then came all over it. He folded it into a sandwich and gave it to me and ordered me to eat it filled with his cum rather than mine as I had suggested. I was so degraded that I got very aroused, as was his plan, I was then told to cum over myself. As I was about to cum he cupped his hand under my spurting cock and caught the whole load in his palm. I was so excited I filled his palm. He then ordered me to open my mouth and poured it all in to my now greedy mouth and wiped his hand over my face and body.

He then let me lie for a while as my body was half submerged in the piss filled trough making me turn every which way to get my whole body totally wet. My master then had another beer and asked me if I wanted one to which I said yes. He drank his from the can but poured mine into a glass. He drank his down very quickly and told me that I was being too slow as my glass was still half full. He knows I can only drink water quickly being slow with anything fizzy. He ordered me to drink up quickly as we needed more piss but I could not so he said would I like water. I said yes but his idea was to water the beer down so he made me piss into the half empty glass of beer until it was full and then waited until I had drunk the entire cocktail.

My master remained very inventive and kept me performing in the piss. He added more and more of the saved piss until I was covered except for my face. He kept scoping up the piss and throwing it over me especially on my face to keep it wet. I asked to sit in the chair I had set up as I was quite tired. As soon as I left the piss filled trough I started to feel cold and asked to abandon my fantasy which was met with total disapproval. He said what’s wrong and I said its cold but he told me to stay where I was as he would decide when I had had enough. I started to shiver and he said it was warmer in the piss but it was my fault I wanted to come out to which I was forced to say yes. To my relief he said I was cold enough and I needed to warm up. My ordeal was over or so I thought until he told me to get warm and told me to get back into the piss to do so. He said I could come out if I got totally wet in the piss. I was made to roll around and get soaked in the piss we had both saved. He told me I had to become a complete slave to our body fluids so he made me lie down absolutely flat, put my head under the surface and totally immerse myself in full submission in the piss bath. I was totally degraded and my fantasy was fulfilled and exceeded and what a sight it must have been as I submitted to my masters desires over the last 90 minutes.

My master had previously told me of a fantasy where a slave is required to give him pleasure in piss and come. As I finally got up out of the trough I thought of the feeling of all that piss and come while my master reminded me of my experiences. I was buzzing again and did not wait for my masters orders but remembering his fantasy, suggested he should get into the trough. With all that piss it seemed the ideal time to be the dutiful slave and thank my master for my punishment. Secretly I was now getting my second wind and wanted to enjoy the piss some more. To his surprise I told him to get into the trough which he did and proceeded to pour the now cooling and smelly liquid over him and even made him drink some from a bowl. Then I lay down in the piss with him and we both became immersed and got thoroughly soaked. With piss running over my body I was on a roll so I sat over his face and made him rim my soaking arse. I was soaked in piss, my master was soaked in piss. In a peculiar way it was quite interesting to be in the piss at the same time so I remained in the trough and straddled him and pissed into his mouth. I then got a slice of bread and pissed all over it and gave it to him to eat which he did with difficulty. I was getting a hard on and played with my self over my master. He told me I was getting too dry and he wanted to see me glistening in piss so I scoped up more of the liquid and poured it all over myself. The feeling of the piss covering my body again made me become quite horney causing me to climax and shoot all over my master.

Looking at my master lying there in the piss I wondered if he should have been the slave. I was so gentle with him as he seemed not to be too happy but now I realize he wanted it and was gagging for it but was scared to say yes and admit to it. Maybe we have another story coming on but after what he did to me he had better watch out especially as he has told me that like me he has fantasies and what they are.

I am not certain I want to go through my fantasy again as I have tried all I wanted too and more. The only regret is that we did not film the event as it would be fun to see it from my master’s point of view. At 90 minutes it would have been an epic. Maybe my enjoyment of piss and cum which I think I still have will enable me to act out some of the scenes in front of the camera for my ultimate pleasure but who knows. I would love to watch it as would you all!

By kinkyynot

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

After a long hot day at work it is nice to come home and have someone do some 'chores' part2

My technique, as many will tell you, is perfect as I felt hands gripping
my head as my new friend started to fuck my face. I matched his rhythm
as it would get more of his delicious sword of passion into my mouth as he pulled
to my ears. I used my free hand to reach around up into his bung hole and
slip a finger into him. I pulled him into me even more which drove him
to force his massive shaft of life down my throat.

Soon, I though as I watched his balls tighten and his pace increase

"UG...." he moaned and unleashed a thick ropey stream into my mouth. I
pulled back so that I could feel his Fresh Warm cum spray on my tongue as he pumped
into me. Shot after shot slugged into my mouth dripping down my chin
as I swallowed as much as I could. I pushed my finger a little deeper
into his corn hole to coach out a little more and pumped his huge shaft to get all
of his salty goodness. I licked and sucked until I had a limp spent
cock between my lips.

"Mummm....nice" I murmured transferring a lost droplet off of my chin
into my mouth. I stood up running my hands over the muscled torso in
front of me.

"My turn" I rasped and spun him around. I pulled his shirt off to
marvel at my now nude plaything. I pushed him over to the AC unit and
bent him over. I played a little with the muscles on his back as I
worked my way down to his taught ass. I pulled apart the cheeks and
re-inserted a finger while my other hand freed my cock from my pants.
I pushed another finger up into him then bent down to lick the sweat
off the crack of his hard ass. I popped my fingers out and danced my
tongue where they had been. Again I heard a low moan and I probed a
little deeper.

I was dripping with pre-cum but I still spat on my hand and rubbed it
over my cock to give him a little more lube. I ran my shaft a few
times up and down his crack before lining up my bulbous head with his
hole. I began to push my nine inches of thickness into him as I
grabbed a cheek in each hand. His breathing was short and raspy I
wondered for a second if he had many cocks as big as mine in him. That
thought disappeared as I focused on pleasuring myself in this hot tight
ass. I drew my cock in and out of him slowly fucking him to my full
enjoyment. I pushed my cock right up to its hilt so my balls were
resting up against him.

Fuck he was hot and it took everything not to spunk right there looking
at my cock in his hot bod. I dove into him again and again watching
his muscles ripple as my shaft pierced him again and again. I breathed
in the heavy sent of sweat and sex as my engorged head pumped into him.

I tried to put off cumming as long as possible but I was too excited and
I soon felt a load rising inside of me. I pushed even deeper and built
up my tempo. My fuck buddy must have know I was close and even pushed
back meeting my thrusts. I pulled out at the last second to send thick
hot gobs all over his ass and back like some cheap porn star. I
watched as jet after jet roared out of me coating his muscled back.
Spent, I lent back against the wall, knees weak from my performance.
He must have enjoyed it as I looked over to see his delicious Stiff Cock hard


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After a long hot day at work it is nice to come home and have someone do some 'chores'

I was hot and tired. It had been a long day at the office and it seemed
like an even longer ride home in the auto . It was hot and humid out and
all I could think of was relaxing on my deck with a cool drink. I
parked the car and raided the fridge for a cold beer.

Kicking off my shoes, I loosened my tie, threw my jacket off and sat
back into a deck chair finally feeling myself unwind.
Sipping my beer
I enjoyed the piece and serenity of my back yard paradise. I took off
my shirt and felt the warm sun on my chest taking all of the days cares
away. Starting to slip into a trance like state I was extremely
annoyed to hear a loud crash from the front yard. I realized that it
was the yard maintenance people unloading their mowers and gear for the
weekly trim.

I braced for the onslaught of noise from movers, weed-whackers and
blowers that would unset my relaxation and put me back into my funk. I
waited...and waited...expecting the din to start any second but nothing
came. I opened my eyes and scanned around the garden but no workers
seemed evident. Now curious as to what the crash was I grabbed my beer
and walked around to the front of the house.

Alas the gardeners truck was sitting in the driveway surrounded by his
tools of the trade but no workers to be seen. I then heard a low
grunting followed by a sickly gasp of a lawn mower refusing to start.
I followed the sound round the other side of the house to find a
frustrated figure grappling with an uncooperative lawn mover. I
stopped the instant I saw his taught lanky body pull the mower cord.
He was in fanatic shape, muscles accentuated by the sweat, grease and
dirt of a hard days work. I felt my shaft stir as I looked him over.

"Piece of crap" he cursed kicking the machine. He stood and turned as
if he was to get something from the truck but instead found me.
Fantastic porn moment I thought standing there in only my office
trousers holding a beer as the hot sexy gardener ‘mows my lawn'

"It has been giving me trouble all day" he said gesturing to the mower.

"Well, you could just say to heck with it and join me for a beer" I said
still a little lost in my ‘porn moment' daydream.

He looked me over as if he was playing out scenarios in his head and
then made his decision:

"Sure, why not" and with that he walked right up to me and took the
beer from my hand. He tipped it up to his lips but his eyes were
locked onto mine as if he could read my devilish thoughts.

I am not normally this forward (or this slutty) but the heat must have
gotten to me (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it) and I reached
out to grab his hard pecks and draw him up against me. He dropped the
beer bottle onto the lawn and grabbed me around my waist grinding our
hips together. We kissed as I pinched his nipples though his sweaty
t-shirt. His sent was of heavy sweat and grass that made my meat
swell. I felt him stiffen against my leg and reached down to play him
but instead pulled at his shorts.

I pushed him up against the wall of the house and dropped to my knees
pulling his shorts down as I dropped. I was now looking at a thick
sweaty Rod swelling right in front of me. I grabbed his shaft firmly
at its base and set to work devouring my favorite candy. I popped him
into my mouth and sucked the sweat off of him. After a few bobs up and
down I released him and used my tongue to lick him all over. I started
at his clean shaven nuts travelling along the length of his shaft and
then back again. Up and down his now solid eight inches tracing the
pulsing veins from root to tip. After a delicious few minutes it
focussed my attention on his sheathed tip. I pulled his foreskin back
and licked forcefully on his piss slit.

I was rewarded with a drop of salty pre cum that was accompanied with a
little moan. I sucked and licked my sweaty lollipop toying it in my
mouth teasing drop after drop of sticky sweetness out of it.
Sufficiently lubed with spit and cum I now used my hand to start
jacking off this massive Shlong. Using my hand and mouth I knew that I
would soon get my tasty treat.


by: timmy

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